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With Fall only a few days away, there’s no better way to enhance the look and feel of your backyard experience than with a warm and cozy fireplace. Fireplaces help to create a second living space outside your home instead of within. It provides a warm gathering place for friends and family to sit around and enjoy a nice conversation while enjoying the outdoors. However, there are a few things to take into consideration to have a perfectly placed fireplace outside your home.FRP908 Environment

Placement – Where you put your fireplace has more of an effect than which fireplace you get. Because of their size, fireplaces become a focal point in your backyard make sure to place the fireplace against a wall or corner which won’t take away from other focal points in your backyard or patio.

Codes – Different cities, have different fire codes and regulations. It’s best to decide a placement for your fireplace after familiarizing yourself with your city’s fire codes.

Privacy – Since most fireplaces are enjoyed from the front side only, they are great to use as a “privacy screen” between you and your neighbor. Create an intimate private space by setting matching patio furniture in your backyard around your fireplace.

Wind Direction – Take into account the way the direction blows in your backyard. Use the fireplace as a wind break so create a warmer environment during cooler weather. It will also help the fire stay lit.FRP-906 Environment

Find the perfect fireplace at for your backyard this Autumn. We also offer firepits and barbecue grills and islands to enhance your backyard Home Resort. Cal Flame helps you spend more time in the home with family and friends. To find a Cal Flame Dealer near you, click here.FRP910 EnviromentCelebrate the Fall in style with your very own Cal Flame Fireplace!


Stay Cool with an Outdoor Fireplace

Early fireplaces, or fire pits rather, were more of a necessity than a luxury in the early days. Fire pits were used for warmth and cooking when traditional stove-tops were yet to be invented. People would set up fire pits in the center of the room so people would gather around the fire to socialize. As time progressed, fireplaces replaced fire pits, and are now used mostly for the relaxing ambiance they create. Cal Flame offers a variety of outdoor fireplaces that provide the same sense of enchantment, magic, and nostalgia to any backyard.FRP910 EnviromentPeople have come to love the beauty and dynamics that a fireplace brings to their Home Resort while their guests appreciate the year-round nighttime entertainment and relaxation a fireplace provides. If you enjoy entertaining guests in your backyard or patio, a Cal Flame outdoor fireplace is for you. Over dozens of models are available and each fireplace is able to be customized to fit your backyard style and design.FRP-906 EnvironmentEvery Cal Flame fireplace is constructed to the highest standard, utilizing a 16 gauge galvanized steel frame and reinforced by Hardibacker tile backer board. A Cal Flame outdoor fireplace will be a source of elegance and entertainment for years to come.FRP908 EnvironmentTo find out more about Cal Flame BBQ and products, click here.

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Celebrate the Season with an Outdoor Holiday BBQ Cookout

By Angel Beltran

Whether we’re ready for it or not, the holiday season is rapidly approaching. That, of course, means family, friends and food!

Due to the dip in temperature during the fall and winter seasons, holiday dinners are typically hosted within the home. However, a non-traditional form of holiday fare can take place in the backyard or patio.


Entertaining guests in the backyard or patio encourages a more laid back atmosphere. Combine that with good food and company, and you’ve got the recipe for a successful holiday dinner party! Most outdoor/patio gatherings occur during the daylight to prevent extreme cold from ensuing on your guests. If the party continues into the night, a bonfire or fire pit provides heat and visibility for your guests, as well as an excuse to make s’mores!

Decorating amongst natural foliage can enhance the look and feel of your outdoor holiday get together. Hanging twinkling lights from your patio will have a dramatic effect at dusk. You can also make your own garland by attaching cut outs onto a string: bat shapes for Halloween, leaf-shaped cutouts for Thanksgiving and snowflakes for Christmas. Simplicity is key!

Outdoor umbrellas don’t only provide shade during the day, but also help define your outdoor dining room space. If wind is an issue, you can weight dishes by placing a treat on your guest’s plates as a welcome gift, try a candied apple for a Halloween party! Setting up tables in different locations throughout your patio or backyard with food on one table, and drinks on another, will encourage guests to roam and be more convivial. Simplicity will make your holiday dinner a success and take the stress out of hosting a formal dinner.


The best part about hosting an outdoor holiday fare is the ability to grill your meal on an authentic grill. Several traditional holiday recipes have been given the rustic treatment and translated into barbecue. Favorites such as corn on the cob, sweet potatoes and even whole turkeys can be prepared on an outdoor grill.

Cooking on an outdoor grill will give you more versatility than cooking on a traditional stove top oven, which is essential while preparing a holiday dinner. The direct heat and indirect heat an outdoor grill produces allows for a variety of cooking styles to occur at once. Direct heat is identified with cooking meats, while indirect heat provides the ability to steam or even bake some of your favorite side dishes. Imagine cutting down your holiday cooking time in half! That means more time to spend with family and friends!


Whether you enjoy a succulent steak fresh off the grill, or seek comfort next to a cozy bonfire, Cal Flame can help you host your next gathering. Cal Flame has the ability to customize its wide range of hearth and barbecue products depending on the need of each customer. Ranging from barbecues, to fire pits, and fireplaces, Cal Flame offers products that will entertain guests and turn your backyard or patio into a “Home Resort.”

Since outdoor entertaining means simplicity, once guests have gone home or moved the party indoors, your patio or backyard will be a breeze to pack up. Pre-made desserts and holiday-themed cocktails drinks can be shared once the party moves inside.


Spending quality time with family and friends in a unique setting and Cal Flame products can create a whole new entertaining holiday experience!

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2014 Cal Flame BBQ Brochure Available NOW!

Check out the 2014 Cal Flame BBQ Brochure available for download on the Cal Flame website. Great new products available!

Cal Flame BBQ Brochure 2014

Cal Flame Barbecue & Hearth Products!

Cal Flame offers a full line of barbecue and hearth products to enhance your outdoor living space and make your summer the best you’ve ever had.

Cal Flame Product Line

Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen Food on grill



Cal Flame Shows Winning Product Line at HPBExpo

Cal Flame had a spectacular showing at the HPBA Show in Salt Lake City, UT!

Take a look at some of the pictures. 

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Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Island!

Cal Flame Master Chef Hearth Patio Barbecue Island

Cal Flame Master Chef Hearth Patio Barbecue Island

From entertaining guests to relaxing at home, transforming your backyard and patio into the ultimate home resort destination has never been easier with the Cal Flame Master Chef Outdoor Hearth, Patio, Barbecue Island. You can grill, cook, cool, store, and wow your family and friends with countless hours of relaxation and entertainment.

The Master Chef Outdoor HPB Island is the perfect blend of sophisticated style and innovative design that encompasses the idea – home is where the hearth is.  An illuminating countertop with raised bar seating allows for up to ten guests to sit comfortably and enjoy a wide range of eye-catching innovations.  Programmable LED lights add ambiance and décor while two cascading waterfalls, a luminous fire pit, and heart warming fireplace provide a calming therapeutic show that is sure to soothe the senses.

Under counter lighting and a large open cooking space also compliment the Master Chef giving any culinary enthusiast enough room and tools to prepare their favorite recipes while creating an environment that can be enjoyed by all. At the center of the island is Cal Flame’s exclusive Four-Burner Convection Grill – built to provide superior heat distribution and designed to reduce grilling times. The Cal Flame Convection Grill provides an 800 square inch cooking surface with (4) 15,000 BTU high powered burners that grill, simmer, and sear your favorite meats to perfection.

In addition to a grilling area, the Master Chef also includes an integrated kamado built into the island and accessible from the countertop. The versatile design and shape of the kamado grill make smoking meats and baking breads possible.

A complete beverage center rounds out the island, adding convenience and functionality. Cal Flame’s Stainless Steel Refrigerator and Ice Maker make entertaining guests easy while offering a storage solution for fresh ingredients and an ice solution for preparing exotic drinks and spirits replacing the need to visit your kitchen indoors.

The Master Chef HPB Island is also equipped with a state of the art iPod® dock, four 6” waterproof speakers and a fully integrated sound system that works with any personal Bluetooth® enabled device.

For added convenience, the Master Chef Island also includes a durable Cal Flame 30” Stainless Steel Double Access Door and recessed shelves which provide staging and shelving for condiments, accessories, and tableware.

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Cal Flame Reviewed by Patio & Hearth Products Blog

The Cal Flame FRP908 Outdoor Fireplace is made with a 16-gauge galvanized steel frame.

The Cal Flame FRP908 Outdoor Fireplace is made with a 16-gauge galvanized steel frame.

We are pleased to share with you that the Cal Flame FRP908 Outdoor Fireplace, and the Cal Flame FPT-G5000 Tempered Glass Fire Table Fire pit were reviewed by the Patio & Hearth Products Report Blog today.

The posting is entitled “Cal Flame Sets the Tone for Cozy Evenings Under the Stars.”.

Cal Flame outdoor fireplaces add a sense of enchantment, magic, and nostalgia to any backyard or garden. Homeowners will enjoy the beauty and dynamics that a fireplace brings to their Home Resort while guests will appreciate the year-round nighttime entertainment. Every Cal Flame fireplace is constructed to the highest standard, utilizing a 16 gauge galvanized steel frame and reinforced by Hardibacker tile backer board. Your fire fixture will be a source of elegance and entertainment for years to come.

The Cal Flame FRP908 Outdoor Fireplace is constructed to the highest standard utilizing a 16-gauge galvanized steel frame and reinforced by Hardbacker tile backer board, and sturdy one-piece construction, it also comes with a battery powered electronic-ignition On/Off switch, extended 18” high chimney, ETL approval and has a liquid propane/natural gas option. The beauty of the night will be enhanced relaxing in front of a warm fireplace.

Click here to view the Cal Flame Review by Patio & Hearth Products Blog

Cal Flame Dealers at the 2014 Dealer Summit

Cal Flame Dealers really know how to have a great time. Check out pictures from the 2014 Dealer Summit including fun shots from the Karaoke Contest at House of Blues

cal flame at the summit cal flame at the summit with matt11999394145_53fc631fd5_b11999754214_583722283c_bcal flame at the summit grills




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