5 reasons to buy CAL FLAME barbecue grill

Wanting a new Barbecue Grill, but don’t know which grill to buy? Let us help you to choose the best one to create your dream outdoor kitchen. Here are 5 reasons why you should buy a Cal Flame™ Barbecue Grill:

1) Ultra-High-Quality Manufacturing

Our Cal Flame ™ Products are designed for lasting durability and quality constructed out of premium out-door related materials

Cal Flame™ BBQ Grills are thoughtfully designed to bring the joy of cooking with an emphasis on a usable counter workspace, ergonomic styling, and storage need. Cal Flame ™ products are built to last for years of entertainment!

2) Beauty

barbecue grill in outdoor kitchen
Stylize your backyard with our Luxury Backyard Kitchen BBQ Islands
Model in pic: LBK PV6004

Cal Flame™ BBQ Grills are truly gorgeous outdoor appliances. Each Cal Flame ™ BBQ Grill contains ameristone stucco that comes in different choices to complement any decor. In addition, our grills come with base designs that can come in any tile design – including trees, geometric patterns, and sea life. Stylize your Cal Flame ™ BBQ Grill to fit your backyard oasis!

3) Accessories

  • barbecue grill with pizza stone
  • barbecue grill with griddle feature

Cal Flame ™ BBQ Grills contain many accessories that are tailored to your cooking style. Some of the accessories include rotisseries, griddle tray, pizza brick tray, etc. Cook with ease and comfort when using a Cal Flame ™ BBQ Grill.

4) Tremendous Cooking Capacity

barbecue grill
With our Cal Flame ™ BBQ grills, you can grill multiple items at once! Grilling got a whole lot easier!
Model BBQ in Pic: Pavilion PV6016

Cal Flame™ has enormous capacity, which is ideal for your backyard bashes. You will able to cook everything on the menu at once, so everything is hot and fresh! Because everything cooks together, you won’t be stuck behind the grill all day while trying to keep up with the demands of your hungry guests.

5) Delicious Food

barbecue grill
Grill some chicken or other tasty food with your Cal Flame ™ BBQ grill today!

Cal Flame™ grills will make your food better tasting with our precise controls for better heat distribution and more predictably delicious results than you would get from a traditional grill. The food will cook up perfectly every time.

For more info on Cal Flame ™ BBQ Grills, please visit http://www.calflamebbq.com

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