Stay Cool with an Outdoor Fireplace

Early fireplaces, or fire pits rather, were more of a necessity than a luxury in the early days. Fire pits were used for warmth and cooking when traditional stove-tops were yet to be invented. People would set up fire pits in the center of the room so people would gather around the fire to socialize. As time progressed, fireplaces replaced fire pits, and are now used mostly for the relaxing ambiance they create. Cal Flame offers a variety of outdoor fireplaces that provide the same sense of enchantment, magic, and nostalgia to any backyard.FRP910 EnviromentPeople have come to love the beauty and dynamics that a fireplace brings to their Home Resort while their guests appreciate the year-round nighttime entertainment and relaxation a fireplace provides. If you enjoy entertaining guests in your backyard or patio, a Cal Flame outdoor fireplace is for you. Over dozens of models are available and each fireplace is able to be customized to fit your backyard style and design.FRP-906 EnvironmentEvery Cal Flame fireplace is constructed to the highest standard, utilizing a 16 gauge galvanized steel frame and reinforced by Hardibacker tile backer board. A Cal Flame outdoor fireplace will be a source of elegance and entertainment for years to come.FRP908 EnvironmentTo find out more about Cal Flame BBQ and products, click here.

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