Spring is Coming!


Cal Flame is ready for Spring! Fire up the grill and start enjoying the delicious cuisine that only a Cal Flame can provide! Enjoy taking in the warm weather as Spring begins.

You’ll love everything Spring has to offer and be even more excited to get outdoors when the weather starts to warm up! Enjoy everything that there is to appreciate about the amazing warm weather so that you and your loved ones can enjoy food how it was meant to be tasted: out in the Spring air!

Don’t let this chance for some great memories pass you by! You’ll love relaxing in the Sun with your Cal Flame and eating the delicious grilled, baked, broiled, or barbecued food!

Warm Weather For Better Food!

Winter is coming to a close and Spring is on its way! That means you get to enjoy more time outdoors with your favorite Cal Flame kitchen island or grill. Enjoy the cooking experience that only Cal Flame can offer!

The final weeks of winter mean that the weather will be more enjoyable and temperate. This will allow you to host more outdoor meals and parties with your Cal Flame cooking up the delicious cuisine! So don’t let this be the last time you can enjoy the winter weather without incredible cuisine that can only be cooked on a Cal Flame.

If you are trying to lose some weight this year then grilled food is the best option for you since it lacks the high fat content of fried and even baked food! Fat literally melts off of food grilled on a Cal Flame. Your tongue will love it and so will your waist line!

So make this a month you get everything you can out of your Cal Flame grill!

Cal Flame is Ready for 2017

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou’ll love getting ready for the new year once you have a new Cal Flame grill!


Well, it’s simple. A grill means fun.

A grill gives you the chance to gather around friends and family. Together, you’ll enjoy feasting on delicious cuisine with the ones you love. This allows you to have an incredible time with the people you care about so you can create the most special of memories.

Life is about the memories you create each day, week, month, and year. With the incredible memories that you’ll be making in 2017, it just makes sense to gather around a grill and feast with the ones you love. Part of the reason that you face the new year with hope is because it can give you the chance to make new decisions.

Make the decision to get a Cal Flame and unlock the ability to start making beautiful memories sharing food, laughter, joy, and love.



Cal Flame BBQ Is Great In The Winter!

gpv3100_env-1024x682Winter is upon us, which means it’s time to warm yourselves up with some great grilled food! Grilled food doesn’t just taste great, it’s healthier than other alternatives like fried food!

Now that the December holidays are approaching, you’ll need to be able to entertain guests. There’s no better way to entertain guests than by gathering them around the kitchen island for a fun grilling experience! Prepare the feast together as you make great memories sharing laughs and old recollections.

Holidays aren’t just about giving gifts. They’re about sharing also. So remember to share your kitchen island and the great food that you can make with it! Don’t be locked in your home during the holidays! Enjoy your grill and all of the delicious flavors it can give your holiday meals!

5 Ways To Incorporate Grilling Into Your Fall Cooking

Just because the leaves have started to turn doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up the grill and say goodbye. Sure it’s easy to get excited about using your oven again without making the whole house sweat, but your grill can take you all the way into winter.051111071-01-chicken-peach-sweet-potato-kebabs-recipe_xlg


Thanks to Kitchn for these delicious recipes:

1. Roasted Vegetables: Although we love to roast any vegetable we can get our hands on, popping them on the grill is an easy to eliminate most messy clean ups. You can halve a squash (of your choice) and give it a rub down with the olive oil, salt and pepper and pop it straight on the grill. The best part is, no heavy or awkwardly large roasting pan to clean up later! If you’d like to use a grilling tray you can or even make a boat out of foil to hold in a little more oil if you so desire.

2. Chutneys & Salsa: So you’re looking for a warmer more fall taste to your burger, right? Try grilling up the basics to chutneys and salsas before mixing and combining. That extra blast from the grill can make both sing and add a flavor to them that nothing else can! avo4

3. Pie: Are you starting to get a hankering for apple pie yet? You don’t need a holiday to have one, so toss one together and slap it on the grill. Use a grill thermometer to ensure you keep the same temperature as your oven and sit back with a drink! Add a piece of sharp cheddar to the top before removing and it is quite possible, the pie will never make it back inside! Pies with crust do this most successfully though other pies with a high fat content (we’re looking at you cheesecake) also do great.

See the rest of the recipes here.

Labor Day Weekend

familyfun2-07The weekend is upon us make sure to spend some quality time with friends and family. Shut off all electronics and enjoy each other’s company – all while in your Cal Spas hot tub. Labor Day Weekend is known as the unofficial send off to Summer, before the kids go back to school and routines go back to normal.

Enjoy one last backyard gathering – fire up your Cal Flame BBQ, heat up the Cal Spas hot tub, and relax…


Find more information about Cal Spas here. Find more information about Cal Flame here.

Cal Flame’s Friday Motivation

It’a the last Friday of August 2016, and it’s the last weekend before we’re officially in back-to-school mode. It’s time for one last final summer send off before returning to our normal day-to-day routine, and there is no better way to do so than with a one last summer cookout. 36a3689a92de35e4b08f4571397d39ea

For some Friday Motivation, look forward to having a cookout this weekend to celebrate the final days of summer. One last hoorah if you will, but of course you will still catch us grilling up a storm in the middle of a storm so no promises this is our last BBQ of the year. *wink*17_Family Cal Flame_Lg

Find more Cal Flame BBQ products such as state-of-the-art outdoor kitchens, fire places and fire pits to create a comfortable outdoor ambiance, as well as BBQ hardware and parts at www.calflamebbq.com.

End Of Summer Photo Contest – COMING SOON!

Summer is unfortunately coming to a close. Relive all your backyard memories with Cal Spas and Cal Flame by entering the #EndOfSummerPhotoContest! We’re looking for loyal Cal Spas and Cal Flame customers to share pictures with their products!

Photo Contest facebook 851x315

If you own a Cal Spas, ENTER TO WIN a Cal Flame BBQ Island.

If you own a Cal Flame grill, ENTER TO WIN a Cal Spas hot tub!

The most creative entries during the #EndofSummerPhotoContest will win a Cal Flame BBQ Island or Cal Spas Hot Tub.

Prizes: One (1) Prize winner of Cal Spas EC-735L hot tub, estimated retail value: $6,999

One (1) Prize winner of Cal Flame BBQ LBK-402, estimated retail value: $3,999

Models are subject to availability and cannot be redeemed for cash, credit or exchanged for another product.

What to Enter: Submit images of YOU enjoying your Cal Spas hot tub or Cal Flame BBQ Island. Send a group picture, a selfie or even a silly face picture of you and your Cal Spas/Cal Flame unit. Creativity is key! (Product must be visible in photo submission).

If Cal Spas/Cal Flame product is not clearly visible or if content is not appropriate and contains nudity, vulgarity, or obscene content, submissions may be disqualified.

How to EnterLIKE Cal Spas and Cal Flame OFFICIAL FACEBOOK Pages, and submit an entry form with attached image on Cal Spas OFFICIAL Facebook Page. Share photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #EndOfSummerPhotoContest. Submit multiple pictures to increase your odds of winning. One submission per day, submitting the same image may disqualify your entries.

Eligibility: Must be at least 18 years of age. Must currently own a Cal Spas hot tub or Cal Flame grill. Entrant must be a resident of the contiguous United States. Winners will be chosen based on creativity and originality of image. Winner responsible for delivery, installation and taxes.


Grilling Must-Knows

Grilling is an art form, it’s a skill that is learned and acquired through practice. If you own a Cal Flame BBQ grill, then you will most likely know the following grilling must-knows to survive the summer season. If you are a new to the grilling world, then follow us this way to simple tips & tricks to get the most out of your grill:


1. Set up 2 grill zones — one for direct heat, and the other for indirect heat. Use the direct heat to sear meats and veggies, and move them to the cool side to allow the food to finish grilling without overcooking.

2. Leave the lid off for ingredients that cook quickly like shrimp and vegetables and put the lid on for longer-grilling items like poultry and steak.

3. Season burger meat liberally with salt, pepper and canola oil. Allow cheeses to melt completely by closing the lid for a delicious melted cheesy goodness.

4. If you don’t have time to marinate your meats, a dry rub is a quick way to add flavor to grilling. Keep a well stocked spice rack for the kitchen and the grill! Double points!


5. Keep vegetables whole or in larger sections so they’re easier to manage on the grill and keeps them from falling through the grates. For smaller items, use water-soaked wooden skewers it makes transferring and flipping easier and quicker.

6. Do not open and touch the food too much. Let the grill do it’s job and let is stand a bit before flipping. If you check on the food and it’s sticking a little, it’s not done cooking. Turn the food only once and let the fire be your guide.Premium 4 Burner Grill

If you are a master chef, visit our website to become the lucky owner of a Cal Flame BBQ. Cal Flame offers a variety of patio and hearth products ranging from grills, islands and accessories to make the most of your back yard, this summer and beyond!