4 Ways to Choose the Perfect Fireplace Feature This Summer

Fireplaces and Firepits are becoming fairly popular in outdoor patio designs. Bringing much value to homeowners and expanding living spaces. Perks include a focal point for entertainment, a relaxing atmosphere, and place to breathe in the fresh breath of nature.

When you are choosing a model there are a few things to consider.

Convenient Features – Fire Pits will carry a 4-piece 16” log set with lava rocks. Each burner output comes with 55,000 BTU, powerful enough to be seamless and effective. Including an 18” vertical door you are able to store liquid propane to keep the area safe and organized. Additionally, you can hook the fire pits up to natural gas as an option.

Smart Technology – Never use a match with Cal Flame; all products come with the Piezo and blowtorch system. Just a simple turn and you can light up the night. With the Piezo and Blowtorch technology, you are able to light the Fireplace or Firepit with no match in sight. Cal Flame brings the fire so you don’t have to.

Luxurious Design– Your design, and your choice! Customize with the options of Porcelain Tile and Ameristone Stucco and finish in 5 different colors and 8 stone veneer styles. Create the perfect backyard oasis by coordinating the stylish finishes.

Built with Strength in Mind – Cal Flame captures that magic of fire in every firepit, which is constructed with 16-gauge galvanized steel and Hardibacker tile backer board for support and moisture resistance. Cal Flame firepits offer lasting and vibrant nighttime entertainment that can’t be beaten.

Whether it’s a campfire in the woods, a bonfire at the beach or a firepit in the privacy of an outdoor Home Resort, people have enjoyed the relaxing and meditative properties of an open fire.

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