Modular Luxury Outdoor Kitchen. Your Style Built Your Way.

Cal Flame is announcing the Modular Luxury Outdoor Kitchen. It is the greatest innovation that has emerged on to the home and hearth marketplace by introducing an outdoor kitchen with a ‘lego’ concept. The Modular Luxury Outdoor Kitchen has a total of 7 components to complete the full set. Purchase each MOD separately, and effortlessly place them together in the way you desire.

Each MOD comes equipped with exclusive features that have everything you need. Including an Inter-locking Modular System, Leveling Casters, Air Vents, Halogen Grill Lights, Granite Counter Tops, Controls, LED Patented Stainless Steel Knobs, Dual Fuel Option, Outdoor Electrical, and Pantry with Granite Top. The Cal Flame MOD is built with perfection in mind. Serving you the highest quality, with the most functions, to make any meal you possibly want with the set up that you created.

Here are the different Mods to choose from:

MOD Kitchen Grill…………………….BBQ-MOD-19E05

MOD Kitchen Power Burner…..BBQ-MOD-19PB004

MOD Kitchen Griddle……………BBQ-MOD-19GR003

MOD Kitchen Corner Pantry…. BBQ-MOD-19CR008

MOD Kitchen Sink & Cooler…..BBQ-MOD-19BA002

MOD Kitchen Bar Top……………BBQ-MOD-19BT007

Choose over 1,000 different combinations to create the perfect design. Easily build your dream outdoor kitchen using a ‘lego’ concept. You can choose any shape you desire such as ‘L’ or round shape. Create the perfect ‘his and her’ combo. The possibilities are endless with the Cal Flame Modular Kitchen. Easily assemble the kitchen in your own way and start grilling! It is a revolutionary way to make cooking versatile, functional, and enjoyable.