Entertainment For Your Home with Cal Flame Luxury Goods

Outdoor entertainment for your home is a true luxury and completely worth every penny. When you turn your home into a place where you have a center for entertainment, relaxation, and delicious cooking your life automatically enhances. Your mindset increases and your overall well-being is elevated.

Cal Flame luxury goods are fully customizable by design to give you exactly what you want for your home. Built to your taste with design aspects, features, and functions that you want to make your life easy!

We have more options and variations than any other manufacturer in the industry.

Our grill heads can be placed on any custom island and they are made to be versatile with drop-in accessories such as the charcoal tray, motorized rotisserie, deep fryer, the griddle, and more!

Cal Flame Modular Kitchen are one piece units that can be combined with a total of 6 Mods to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen with thousands of variations.

Cal Flame BBQ Islands are then dressed in Hardibacker ceramic tile backer board for added durability and moisture resistance. Additionally, your BBQ Island is finished in the material of your choice and fitted with the cooking equipment you selected. Best of all, with premium electronic options to choose from, you can build a complete entertainment center outdoors! Available Designs: 6’ Base Designs: 8’ Base Designs: 10’ Base Designs.

Cal Flame LBK Kitchens turn your backyard into a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen with the Cal Flame LBK BBQ Island Series! This breathtaking barbecue island series allows you to choose the size and color options that best fit your lifestyle and backyard landscape. You pick the size, shape, design, and equipment that meets your needs and satisfies your desires.

Cal Flame Outdoor Fireplaces add a sense of enchantment, magic, and nostalgia to any backyard or garden. Homeowners will enjoy the beauty and dynamics that a fireplace brings to their Home Resort while guests will appreciate the year-round nighttime entertainment. Every Cal Flame fireplace is constructed to the highest standard, utilizing a 16-gauge galvanized steel frame and reinforced by Hardibacker tile backer board. Your fire fixture will be a source of elegance and entertainment for years to come.

Cal Flame Fire Pits are so peaceful whether it’s a campfire in the woods, a bonfire at the beach or a firepit in the privacy of an outdoor Home Resort, people have enjoyed the relaxing and meditative properties of an open fire. Cal Flame captures that magic of fire in every firepit, which is constructed with 16-gauge galvanized steel and Hardibacker tile backer board for support and moisture resistance. Cal Flame firepits offer lasting and vibrant nighttime entertainment that can’t be beaten.

If you are interested in Cal Flame, go to your local Cal Flame Dealer, and start living BIG today!