Complete Utility Set For Your Backyard Kitchen

You may see doors and drawers as simple storage. However, the Cal Flame Complete Utility Set is the ultimate storage for a backyard kitchen. This specific Utility set is convenient to store food, ice, cooking utensils and any other items you wish to keep tucked away in your outdoor kitchen. Here are the details:

  • 52½” x 20¾” x 20¾”
  • 430 Stainless Steel Construction
  • (4) Drawer Storage Unit
  • (2) Ice Bucket with Drain
  • Propane Storage or Waste Basket
  • Insulated to Keep Ice From Melting
  • Industrial Strength Hidden Hinge
  • Optional Paper Towel Holder
  • Optional Spice Rack
  • Extra Large Handles

The Cal Flame Utility Storage includes a drawer with a removable divider to store one or two different types of meat. Underneath is a drawer ideal for storing ice with a drain feature. In the middle drawers, two gliding stainless steel trays are perfect for storing pre-made food or utensils. Under the two trays is another drawer that is ideal for storing ice because of the drain that is found on the bottom. The drawer on the right is a sliding placeholder for the propane tank or a wastebasket. Additionally, you can add a paper towel rack or spice rack to the utility storage for more convenience.

When you add utility storage to your outdoor kitchen you are making a smart choice by adding organization and ease to your cooking process. When you get the utility storage doors added to your outdoor kitchen this means you have a 4-drawer storage unit, insulated ice bucket, propane and waste storage, paper towel holder, and extra large handles to pull the doors and drawers in and out. Save time running in and out of the house by keeping everything you need to be stored away in your outdoor kitchen.