Top Ten Must Have Products From Cal Flame

Cal Flame is an Award-Winning Hearth and Barbecue Manufacturer that is internationally recognized for high-end Home Resort Products. Made in the USA and manufactured in Pomona, California.

Add versatility with your Cal Flame BBQ Island by adding gourmet barbecue accessories. Turn any regular BBQ Island into a custom state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen. Cal Flame accessories add convenience to your cooking and will keep everything you use centralized and in one place.


The beautifully equipped U Shaped Island seats 8 – 10 people. Customize your LBK with a variety of unique features including 4 or 5 burner grills, deluxe double side burners, LED lighting, under counter lights, sound system w/ speakers, beer tap refrigerator, ice maker, hibachi grill, sink, propane drawer, and more.


The innovative Top Gun™ 5 Burner Convection Grill has been designed to fit any Cal Flame barbecue cart or island! Constructed of 304 stainless steel It features five cast stainless steel burners and an exclusive convection system that uniformly circulates heat throughout the grilling area.


The Cal Flame Kamado Smoker can be used to grill, smoke and even bake your favorite dishes year-round. Made from heavy ceramic, the Kamado Smoker allows for excellent heat retention and features a fireproof fabric seal to maintain heat within the vessel.


The tabletop is a 61” hexagon shape with a height of 45”. The height of the FPT-1050T is the same as a bar. The square firebox has a BTU output of 55,000 and comes equipped with an everlasting 4-piece 16” log set with lava rocks.


Each Cal Flame Fireplace comes standard with a chimney, and protective cap. The firebox is 36” wide built with a Stainless Steel burner emits 55,000 BTUs of heat and comes standard with a 7-piece (24”) log set with lava rocks on 18” Grate.


Turn your propane or natural gas grill into a charcoal grill or smoker with this removable charcoal tray. Load the removable tray with the charcoal of your choice and enjoy the flavor of charcoal on your gas grill. Once coals are hot, turn the burners off and cook like a non-gas grill.


Enjoy the full-bodied taste of rotisserie cooking with the Cal Flame rotisserie motor that mounts on left or right side of Cal Flame Grills. Imagine cooking entire hens on the rotating spit, utilizing the powerful 11000-BTU back burners of select Cal Flame gas grills.


Bake pizza with this Cal Flame Pizza Brick Tray. Keep the kids satisfied at every BBQ party. The Cal Flame Brick Pizza Tray combined with a convection grill will give your family a satisfying homemade pizza. Now you can eat freshly prepared 20 in. pizza together in your backyard.


Cal Flame Sear Zone Burner creates a hotspot browning, caramelizing or blackening flavor. Emitting 15,000 BTUs, you can sear your meat, fish or poultry hot and fast to seal in juices and flavor that will make mouths water.



Infuse meats with a tantalizing smoke flavor by adding the optional tray. Designed to fit almost anywhere on a Cal Flame grill, this full-length, stainless steel smoke tray keeps wood chips and ashes together for easy preparation and clean up.

Create the ultimate outdoor living space by pairing a Cal Flame BBQ island with a Fireplace, Fire Pit, or Outdoor Entertainment Center.

Pick your favorite styling finish or dress it up with your choice of porcelain tile or natural stone tile for the countertop and pair the countertop with ameristone stucco or stone veneer.

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