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Cal Flame brings luxury to your outdoor patio with state of the art features and drop-in accessories that deliver a wide range of functionality to your grill. Cal Flame BBQ Grills include exclusive V-Grates with V-Grate design, Drop-in Griddle, Smoker Box, Cooking with Rotisserie, Sear Zone Infrared Burner, Pizza Brick Tray, Rotisserie Basket, Charcoal Tray, and much more. Learn more about accessories on www.calflamebbq.com


Let’s Get This Started –



Heat Distribution on the Cooking Grates
When you place food your Cal Flame grill, remember that the back of the grill tends to be hotter than the front. As your food cooks, you should periodically shift it to different spots on the cooking grates to ensure everything cooks evenly without burning.


Drop-in Griddle
Remove any two cooking grates for the griddle space and set the griddle in the empty space. You can the griddle to the left, center, or right side of the grill Light the grill and turn on the burners under the griddle to high for several minutes to heat the griddle. The griddle is slightly bowed in the center to allow grease to run off while you are cooking. To remove the griddle, wait until it cools down when done cooking. Use both hands when removing the griddle.



Smoker Box
Place wood chips or charcoal in the smoker box and place it on the grates. Ignite the burner under the smoker box and turn it up to high. Let it burn until the wood chips start to smoke. This should take 7 to 10 minutes. Then lower the heat to low. When you are finished grilling, let the smoker box cool before emptying the ash.



Cooking with the Rotisserie
The rotisserie cooks with the infrared back burner, which provides intense searing radiant heat. The location of the rotisserie and burner allows the placement of a rotisserie-basting pan (NOT included) beneath the food to collect juices and drippings for basting and gravy.




Sear Zone Infrared Burner
The Sear Zone infrared burner can be use in place of any regular burner. Producing intense infrared heat, it cooks quickly with searing heat to seal in juices. (Note: The Sear Zone infrared burner is NOT the same as the infrared back burner used with the rotisserie.)




Pizza Brick Tray
You can use your grill as a pizza oven using the pizza brick tray. Made of stone and stainless steel, it fits on any Cal Flame grill and is large enough to cook a large sized pizza. Set the tray on the grates, set the burners to medium heat, and heat up your grill for about 10 minutes. Place the pizza on the tray and close the hood. Depending on the size of the pizza, it will need between 10 to 20 minutes to cook.



Rotisserie Basket
Perfect for roasting vegetables or cooking fish, this rotisserie basket makes preparing these foods and others easy! Open the rotisserie basket and set your food inside. Close and clamp it shut, then slide the rotisserie rod lengthwise through it. You can use it with either the standard burners or the infrared back burner.




Charcoal Tray
The Charcoal Tray is designed and intended to be used with plain charcoal. Quick-light charcoal can produce excessive heat and may be dangerous. Make sure the drip tray is in the grill before you begin. Keep the hood up until you are ready to cook.




Charcoal Tray Instructions: 

  1. Arrange charcoal in the tray.
  2. Replace the grates.
  3. Ignite both burners under the Charcoal Tray and turn them up to HIGH.
  4. Let them burn until the charcoal remains lit without help from the burners. This should take 7 to 10 minutes.
  5. When the charcoal is ready, turn off the burners. 6. Lower the hood if you wish to use the grill as a smoker.


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