Throw an Awesome 4th of July Backyard BBQ


You can celebrate a fun and exciting 4th of July with friends, family and grilled favorites cooked on your Cal Flame BBQ Grill.  Plan a day full of tasty food, amazing activities and the thrill of fireworks.

Get Your Cal Spas Hot Tub Ready

Crystal clear water is the first step in preparing your backyard gathering.  It’s important to make sure your water has the right chemical levels and the filters are clean and working properly.  When there are a large number of people enjoying the hot tub bacteria is more likely to grow.  Cal Spas offers some of the best filtration systems in the industry to combat issues with water cleanliness and to ensure maximum protection against harmful build up.  The latest innovation is the Dually™ Pump System that uses 50% less energy with double the power.

The night prior to your event make sure jets are turned on and water is circulating to ensure your water is an inviting addition to the festivities.


Invite Friends & Family! The More the Merrier

The backyard will be a bevy of activity, so don’t worry about inviting more people than your hot tub can accommodate.  Make sure you have plenty tables and chairs to allow your guest to socialize while others are relaxing in the hot tub.  Since it is recommended that time in a hot tub is limited to 15 minutes, guest will be able to have a good time in and out of the water.

Card games, games of wit and interesting conversation will keep your guest involved with the party and give many options for their enjoyment.


Time to Eat

It’s time to break-out the grill and serve up a variety of delicious choices for your guest.  Cal Flame offers grills that do everything from grill fabulous meats to baking sweet desserts. Their product line-up also includes beautiful islands that make outdoor food preparation a breeze.  The skies the limit with what your menu can consist of.  Think outside of the box and give your guest delicious food that will keep your backyard party on their minds for the rest of the year.

Snacks and finger foods are a wonderful way to keep guest happy and in good spirits while the meat is smoking on the grill.  Mouth-watering treats are always welcomed and should be plentiful during the party. Prepping food a few days early will allow you to enjoy the party with your guest and make sure all of your detailed work is already completed such as seasoning and marinating meat, cutting vegetable and fruit, and putting together salads.

4th of july

Remember people love snacks so have plenty on hand. If you prefer, you could also keep some packaged foods, such as whole30 snacks, which are healthy and can provide some energy to guests as they wait for the main course. Backyard gatherings should always include some of the basics such as chips & dip, color themed candy, and fruit such as blue berries, watermelon and strawberries with whipped cream to make your table look colorful and patriotic.

drinks 2

Refreshing Drinks

It’s important to keep plenty of water on hand for your guest especially those enjoying the hot tub.

There are plenty of delicious party punches that can be served to keep the fun going and make the day a blast.  Also offer non-alcoholic fruit drinks, sodas and once again the ever important water!  If you really want to do something fun make refreshing fruit smoothies for minors or non-alcoholic drinkers and ad just a splash of liquor to turn up the recipe and create a delicious frozen treat with a kick.

It is recommended that you use plastic cups rather than glasses at a hot tub party; accidents happen and you don’t want anyone breaking a glass in or near your hot tub.


It’s Time to Party!

Now that you have invited your guest, created the menu, chose your games and activities and made your drink choice it’s time to get the music going and start the party.  Cal Spas hot tubs and CalFlameIslands offer state of the art sound systems that work with your iPod or iPhone to help create the perfect party environment.

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