6 Borderline Genius Grill Tricks You Can Try at Your Next BBQ Cookout

Barbecue is so much fun and exciting if you do it right. Because many people get frustrated if their food doesn’t come out right or stick to the grill, it’s not their fault, but they might not know these Borderline Genius Grill Tricks. Use these tricks and impress your friends and family with your CalFlame grill at your next cookout!! ?

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6 Borderline Genius Grill Tricks You Can Try

  1. Cut an onion in half and rub it on the grill to make it non-stick.
  2. Grill lemons or limes (or any type of citrus) to enhance the flavor, especially with a beer or squeezed or any fish.
  3. Add sage to your grill to keep the bugs away.
  4. Disassemble your grill grates, bake them in the oven at 500 degrees and wipe them down with a sponge for an easy clean.
  5. Shove an ice cube in your burger patty (allows the outside of the patty to cook while keeping the center medium rare)
  6.  Take your charcoal in a cardboard egg carton. It’s easier than lugging around a whole bag of charcoal, and it’s easy to light, too.

Let us know which trick is your favorite. If you’d like to share any of your favorite grill hacks, comment down below!