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Cal Flame BBQ Brochure 2014

Cal Flame Owners Give a Great Review of the 5 Burner Convection Grill

I got the 5 Burner Convection Grill shortly after it was first introduced, back in 2008. We built a concrete station with natural stone to hold it. The unit has worked great 5 years and no hiccups other than the halogen bulbs burning out recently. The grill will not rust as promised and if you purchase the cover it will stay looking great. Finally I have a grill that is easy to clean, due to the stainless components. I grill, brush lightly when done. Let grill cool and next day come back and brush the grease away. The drip tray makes for easy cleaning. The only thing I would say that may be a drawback to some, is until you learn the grill it has hot spots. Near the right back corner and cool spots in the first few inches of the grill across the front. I mostly only need the right 2 burners but for my big parties I need all 5 burners and I am glad I have them… .Matthew Benedict, Coral Springs, FL

 (pictured below in the Cal Flame Grand Pavilion GPV3032 outdoor kitchen island) 





Cal Flame Found 3 Secrets to Perfect BBQ!

Chris Lilly of Big Bob Gibson BBQ and Ray Lampe of Southern Hospitality share
3 Secrets to Perfect BBQ!
Men’s Health Magazine

Everyone loves ribs. But most folks have no idea how to cook them at home. So when the National Pork Board invited me to a cooking demo at Rib Fest 2011, I couldn’t refuse. Firing up the charcoal was Chris Lilly of Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q in Decatur, Alabama, and Ray Lampe of Southern Hospitality here in Manhattan. Both men are legends within the grill game and the stage was set for a serious pork throwdown.

Lilly started out by emphasizing the seductive allure of his ribs. “I could serve you pork ribs six days in a row, Monday through Saturday,” began Lilly in his quintessential southern drawl, “and on the seventh day you’d come in here and guess what you’d ask me for…”

You get the picture.

We had two different racks to choose from. Ray prepared the smaller, leaner Baby Back variety, while Chris grilled up the larger, more indulgent Spare Ribs. Both involve a three step cooking process that anybody can complete on their own grill:

Step 1: Season the rack.

Create your own dry rub starting with even amounts of salt and sugar and adding whatever spices you like. Don’t be shy. Use a charcoal grill whenever possible, wrap your wood chips in foil and place them on the coals. Keep the coals to one side of the grill and the meat on the other for indirect heat. Never cook ribs over direct heat.

*Common Misconception: Rubs should be rubbed in. FALSE: you don’t need to grind seasonings into the meat. As a matter of fact both of our chefs simply sprinkled it on by the handful and moved straight to the grill.

Step 2: Foil the rack

After about two hours (less for the Baby Backs), remove your rack and wrap it in foil. Add a splash of apple juice, Jack Daniel’s or some other refreshing combination to moisten and tenderize the pork. Follow up with more of the rub (both sides, please). Wrap tightly and return to the grill.

Step 3: Sauce/Season and Serve

Give the ribs about 30-60 minutes in the foil. It’s important to note that if you leave the meat in the foil for too long, the added liquid will wash out that smokey flavor you worked so hard to impart in Step 1.  Remove from the foil, add more of your dry rub or homemade BBQ sauce, divide into serving sizes and dig in. A connoisseur will serve Spare Ribs as singles and Baby Backs in pairs.



A Grill Masters Dream!

The Grand Pavilion Outdoor Kitchen by Cal Flame is every grill master’s dream and completely stocked with everything you need to grill the ultimate meal.
Photo: The Grand Pavilion Outdoor Kitchen by Cal Flame is every grill master's dream and completely stocked with everything you need to grill the ultimate meal.

Outdoor Man Cave

Let’s face it; every man wants their own private sanctuary away from the stresses of everyday life. This private escape, also known as a “Man Cave,” is what every working dad or busy bachelor wishes for. For those outdoor enthusiasts or grill masters, the ideal outdoor man cave is finally within reach with the help of Cal Flame.

Cal Flame’s Grand Pavilion Outdoor Kitchen is every grill master’s dream and is stocked with everything a man needs to hang out with his buddies and grill the ultimate meal. It is customized to fit every man’s needs and offers the following man cave options:

  • Grand Pavilion GPV3100 Barbecue Island
  • 5 Burner Convection Grill with five (5) 15,000 BTU burners and 1,000 sq. inch cooking surface
  • Two 30” Double Access Doors with a paper towel holder and room for spice racks
  • Beer Tap Refrigerator for on-demand drinks during game day festivities
  • Pizza Brick Tray, the easy way to cook a pizza on a grill
  • Deep Fryer Accessories Helper Set for preparing tasty fries or other fried favorites
  • Three (3) 20-inch Drop Down TVs with Marine-Grade Stereo for watching the game with your buddies or listening to your favorite tunes!

The Outdoor Man Cave by Cal Flame is the perfect fit for any man looking for their own “man area” and private escape, right in the comfort of their own backyard!

To learn more about Cal Flame products, please visit: www.calflamebbq.com

The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

The Grand Pavilion Outdoor Kitchen by Cal Flame is every grill master’s dream and completely stocked with everything you need to grill the ultimate meal. This state-of-art BBQ island offers the perfect blend of uncompromising design and functionality and is the eye-catching centerpiece of your backyard Home Resort. Best of all, the Grand Pavilion outdoor kitchen can be customized to fit your needs and backyard. You can choose the size, shape, colors, grill and hardware of your dreams – the sky is the limit! Turn your backyard into the ultimate outdoor kitchen with the Grand Pavilion barbecue island by Cal Flame!

For additional information on Cal Flame products, please visit: www.calflamebbq.com



Top-of-the-Line BBQ Island

The Grand Pavilion™ barbecue island is the perfect blend of uncompromising design and practical function and the centerpiece of your Home Resort. Choose from several models featuring the most unique configurations available including raised bar seating, split islands and angled returns. Select from a number of base colors and countertop designs – from gorgeous porcelain to natural stone tiles – and add the grill and hardware of your dreams. Presenting the Grand Pavilion™ BBQ island by Cal Flame – where the only limit is your imagination!

To learn more about Cal Flame products, please visit: www.calflamebbq.com