Cal Flame Drop-In Sear Zone

Cal Flame Sear Zone is a great tool to caramelize your meat and make your meal more delicious than ever.

What is the sear zone? The Sear Zone creates more heat by emitting 15,000 BTUs to create a hot spot for your meat, fish, or poultry. It is a drop-in accessory that is placed inside your grill. Swap out the standard stainless steel burner and bring more heat by utilizing the drop-in Sear Zone Burner.

Simply start the Cal Flame grill as you normally would, preheat the grill, and get the sear zone started. Place the food that you want to be seared over the sear zone and cook for 1-4 minutes. Keep a close eye on your meat so it does not become too crispy!

Once you finish searing your meat, place it on a different part of the exclusive cooking grates where the heat is lower, and finish cooking.

You can also choose to cook the meat first, and then sear it the last 1-4 minutes.

Searing provides ultimate flavor and texture to make your BBQ taste even better. Your guest and loved ones will be impressed.

Add the Sear Zone and other drop-in accessories to your grill! You can go to a specialized Cal Flame Dealer or go to Quick BBQ Parts.