Backyard Frying Station

If you are a fan of tasty fried foods, then you will love the Cal Flame Deep Fryer Accessories Helper Set. This state-of-the-art deep frying set features two commercial-sized fryer baskets with extra long rubberized basket handles. It conveniently fits in the space of any two adjacent Cal Flame burners and features a built-in thermometer to help maintain the ideal temperature. The Deep Fryer Accessories Helper Set features basket hangers that allow food to drain and a lid that can be easily removed for cleaning, and closes and seals for easy storage – wet or dry. The Deep Fryer Accessories Helper Set is perfect for those backyard parties where fried food is on the menu. Add the Deep Fryer Accessories Helper Set to your Cal Flame grill and enjoy the fried favorites you love at all your backyard functions!

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