Tips for Hosting Labor Day

Plan your meal – Feeding guests is not always easy and when you prepare your own food, there is always a risk. You want to find a bulletproof recipe so you know for a fact that your meal is delicious. The best plan is to find a grilling recipe that will accommodate your entire guest list with ease.

Keep it easy – The best things in life are simple. Preparing bite-sized food is always good to keep the guests happy and there stomach ready for the main entrée.

RSVP’s ONLY – No one likes the random person at the party that messes everything up. Plan to do RSVP’s so you know exactly who is going and how many people you need to prepare for.

Plan activities for hot weather – When the sun is out the heat gets heavy! Planning water activities that everyone can participate safely is always a good plan. However, if you are planning to open up your pool or hot tub for labor day, make sure that you have someone who has attended CPR training in North York, or wherever you live, to ensure that if any accidents occur, there is someone who can act immediately and can handle the situation whilst emergency services arrive. Children should also not be left unattended in the pool or hot tub.

Plan for windy weather – Most people do not think about the wind but it is an important factor. For Labor Day, finding or creating American themed weights to put on napkins, plates, tablecloths are key to a successful event!

Make your Cal Flame grill the centerpiece to your event – It is obvious that a Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen catches people’s attention quick in your backyard oasis. Your guest will want to see the grill features, the food that is grilling, and what smells so good. (Thank you smoker box). Cal Flame Grills have exclusive features that you cannot find anywhere else made with the heavy-duty components. Make it a centerpiece for your party and people will never forget it how good the food tastes.

Stock up the beverages – Cal Flame makes it easy to keep beverages cold. With 2 refrigerators and a beer tap option, your Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen will hold everything you need.

Chill Zones – You want to set up areas of your backyard for your guest to feel comfortable and have conversations. Have your guest sit around a Cal Flame fire pit or fireplace. Set up tables for guest to interact and even give them something to talk about.

Plan Pizza for the kids– Kids like to keep it simple. You can not go wrong with baking a pizza in a Cal Flame Convection Grill for the kids’ table!

Decorate appropriately – Labor Day is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes strength, prosperity, and well being of our country. Therefore, this holiday really means a lot to American workers so decorating is crucial on this day. The key to decorating is making your color scheme red, white and blue. STARS AND STRIPES FTW (for the world)!

Plan for when the sun goes and set the tone – Your Cal Flame Outdoor Kitchen may have lighting options that you want to turn on. Furthermore, light up the night by lighting up candles, fireplaces, fire pits, and string lights. If you have a Cal Spa Hot Tub or Swim Spa you can create more of an ambiance by turning the lights on to the spa. If you have a pool you can turn the pool light on as well.

Dessert is easy with Convection Grills! When your done cooking dinner, you can clean the grill and bake cookies or cake… yum!

Entertain your guest with the Cal Flame Outdoor Entertainment Center. Set up your TV and make it a movie night. Also, your Cal Flame grill may come with a stereo option, if so music really enhances the mood.