Holiday Dinners with Convection Grills

Holiday dinners are perfect to cook using a Cal Flame Top Gun Convection Grill. So you may be wondering, what do Convection Grills do? Well, high velocity fans are used to distribute hot air throughout the entire cavity of the grill when the grill hood is shut. Gourmet recipes are ready to serve faster with convection cooking.

By circulating hot air, the cooking times are enormously reduced and food is cooked steadily. Convection grill offers faster pre-heat times, reduced gas consumption, and increased cooking control compared to regular gas grills.

As your meal is cooking, high velocity fans located at the rear of the grill circulates hot air. Allowing the chamber to create an overall ambient temperature. Bake even and cook Ham or Turkey to perfection inside the Cal Flame Top Gun Convection Grill.

Cal Flame Convection Grill reduce cooking times up to 30% and use 25% less fuel than traditional barbecue grills. Enjoy the convenience of grilling a wholesome meal in outdoors including savory vegetables and seasonal poultry.

Made of solid 304-stainless steel, our burners emit up to 95,000 BTU with our 5-burner grill (75,000 BTU – 4-burner grill) and have a ten-year warranty. Cal Flame Convection Grills are also equipped with exclusive features and premium value.

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