Get Your Grill On This Summer!

The first official day of Summer is June 20th. While many people are in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are many ways to enjoy the summer while being at home! Get ready to cook some delicious meals this summer!

Cook some of your favorite dishes this summer with a Cal Flame BBQ Grill! You will be amazed by all the delicious foods that you can cook with this grill!

Cal Flame Grills are designed to cook any type of food! Attach a barbecue grill accessory and grill foods like rotisserie chicken, pancakes, and fries! Watch this video here to learn more about Cal Flame BBQ accessories, so you can enhance your outdoor kitchen and cooking!

Aside from cooking tasty food, these grills look aesthetically pleasing! Cal Flame BBQ Grills are designed for lasting durability and quality constructed out of premium outdoor-rated materials. In addition, these grills have base designs that are made with ameristone stucco. Ameristone stucco is weather resistant and you can choose any color stucco that will match your backyard oasis! Turn up the heat and grill some food today!

Enhance your viewing experience with an outdoor entertainment center! With room for a large television, your friends and loved ones will be begging to gather around and watch their favorite movies and programs! Four side LED lights highlight easy access storage areas. In addition, there are two temperature controlled refrigerators, giving you the space you need to store beverages and food! This is the perfect edition to your backyard oasis!

Keep your summer nights going with a Cal Flame Fireplace! A Cal Flame outdoor fireplace instantly adds a warm glow to your home resort, creating a calm, inviting, and ambiance. Cal Flame fireplaces can be customized to fit your personal taste and complement any backyard landscape. These fireplaces are built to withstand any outdoor element. Turn up the heat and enjoy the warmth of a Cal Flame Fireplace this summer!

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