What Do You Do With Your Entertainment Center?

We all have our own lifestyle that perfectly suits who we are and for a good reason. When I sit back and look at the ODC-1 Paradise entertainment center I wonder what one would do with it. How would we use it? How do we decorate it? What food can we store in it? And how functional is this for my lifestyle? Well, let’s talk about this together.

Imagine your beautiful backyard filled with a nice pool, a relaxing Cal Spas Hot Tub, a Cal Flame Fire Pit, and now you are able to put an ODC-1 Entertainment Center with your backyard oasis. First thing is first – putting the TV in the center! A TV is great for the whole family for each and every occasion. When it’s sports season, put on the game! If it is a kid’s birthday party, let the little ones sit back and watch their favorite movie! When it’s ladies night turn on a sweet comedy and relax in your backyard for an exciting atmosphere.

The OCD-1 comes standard with two stainless steel refrigerators. I can only imagine the endless possibilities of food storage that we can get with this. We can use one refrigerator to stock beverages and the other refrigerator will work perfectly for appetizers and desserts! The 30” Access Doors comes in handy when it comes to storing dry food, utensils, paper towels, cups, and anything else that you may need. When it comes to spending time in the backyard, the refrigerator and access doors are perfect for keeping everything centralized. Save your energy running in and out of the house because we are keeping everything in one location.

Ah, my favorite part of the ODC-1 Entertainment center is the built-in top shelves. Why you ask? Because we can do so much with it! You can choose to make smoothies and/or create a mini buffet in front of the TV for guest to come up and enjoy. You can also add plants and knick-knacks to enhance the décor.

No matter what lifestyle you live, you will find many great uses for the ODC-1 Entertainment Center in your backyard. There is enough storage space for large families and entertainment, interior electrical is standard and you will find under the counter lights for when the sun goes down. Live life to the fullest and make your dreams come true.