Should You Buy a Cal Flame Fire Pit?

There are many great benefits to owning a Luxury Cal Flame Fire Pit. Once you place a Cal Flame on your patio you will see the exceptional difference. Bringing a tremendous value to your home and expanding the living space into the outdoors. Functions that a fire pit will bring will enhance your lifestyle. The effect of a Cal Flame fire pit will give you space to entertain family and friends. It will also give you warmth while you reminisce by yourself or with good company.

Create a dreamy atmosphere by adding comfortable chairs, pillows, blankets, warm beverages, LED string lights, candles, and perhaps festive décor depending on the season. Marshmallows anyone? Using cooking/grilling tools over a fire pit is always exciting and super tasty. Roast a s’more or hot dogs over a toasty fire to create memories that will last.

Main Functions of a fire pit that you will love are:

  • Entertainment Area
  • Warmth
  • Decoration
  • Cooking/Grilling

So if you are still asking yourself if you should buy a fire pit the answer is YES! It will bring you warmth and happiness connecting with friends and family while enjoying fresh air, the night sky, and delicious treats in the luxury of your own home.

Here are the fiery details on Cal Flame Fire Pits….

Cal Flame has four models to choose from, you can customize with your choice of Porcelain Tile and Ameristone Stucco finish in 5 different colors and 8 stone veneer styles. Each Fire Pit includes a square firebox, except for the model FPT-RT501M, which is a rectangle curve.

Fire Pits will carry a 4-piece 16” log set with lava rocks. Each burner output comes with 55,000 BTU, powerful enough to be seamless and effective. Including an 18” vertical door you are able to store liquid propane to keep the area safe and organized. Additionally, you can hook the fire pits up to natural gas as an option.

The height of the FPT-H1050T is 45” inches which are relevant to bar height, including a footrest. The other 3 Cal Flame Fire Pit models are 25” inches, which is relevant to the same size as a coffee table. Therefore, you are able to comfortably enjoy a beverage or appetizers around the fire.

On selected models, you are able to add extra features including LED lighting, multi-setting light show or simply program to your favorite single color for any occasion.

Go to your Cal Flame dealer to get started today!