6 Tips for Grilling Turkey in High Altitude | Cal Flame

Food takes longer to cook in high altitudes due to a lower temperature, and the evaporation effect. Therefore, you will need to add more liquids. Since there is not much moisture in the air your meat can cook more quickly, make sure to keep a closer eye on your food.

  1. Don’t tie your turkey legs together. You want as much airflow as possible and it will allow the heat to circulate more thoroughly.
  2. Stuffing Turkey is not the best idea due to high altitude. You do not want it to dry out the stuffing from the lack of moisture.
  3. Slowly cook the Turkey at a temperature lower than normal. The ideal temperature is 165 degrees F
  4. Keep the grill hood closed as much as possible to help retain moisture.
  5. Do not pierce the turkey, use tongs or gloves to turn your Turkey over.
  6. Let the turkey rest breast side down for 15-20 minutes to allow the moisture to spread throughout the bird.