Rotisserie Cooking With Cal Flame

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When purchasing a Cal Flame grill, one of the most popular options is a rotisserie kit. But, what are the benefits of rotisserie cooking?


Grilling veterans have always known that one of the secrets to great outdoor grilling is a rotisserie. This process ensures that your meals are juicier, self basted and more evenly cooked.


When people think of rotisserie cooking they generally think of roasting a chicken or turkey, however, you can also get wonderful results for pork loin or leg of lamb. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even try cooking a pineapple for a healthy and delicious dessert.


The key to rotisserie cooking on your grill is a powerful motor. The motor makes all the difference in keeping the meat evenly cooked and the juices inside. The average cooking speed of 4-6 revolutions a minute should be perfect for most situations.


The beauty of using the rotisserie on your Cal Flame grill is that it requires less heat. Your rotisserie provides for indirect, even heating. Great news, when you purchase our new Premium Series Grill, the rotisserie is included with your purchase.