How To Cook With A Cal Flame Rotisserie

Grilling with a Cal Flame Rotisserie is fun and delicious to cook the meat that is bound to give you a soft juicy texture that is rich in flavor. Below is a step by step direction on how it is done!

The rotisserie cooks with the infrared back burner, which provides intense searing radiant heat. The location of the rotisserie and burner allows the placement of a rotisserie-basting pan (NOT included) beneath the food to collect juices and drippings for basting and gravy. Before you can use the rotisserie, you need to mount the brackets and motor to the grill.

How to load food on the Rotisserie Rod

  1. Hold the handle firmly while sliding one of the fork assemblies (prongs facing away from the handle) onto the rod.
  2. Push the rod through the center of the food, then slide the other holder (prongs toward the food) onto the rod.
  3. Center the meat on the rod and push the fork assemblies firmly together.
  4. Tighten the thumbscrews.
  5. To secure any loose portions of your meat use butcher string (never use nylon or plastic string).
  6. Place a basting pan under the food to collect the drippings.

Cooking with the Rotisserie

  1. Remove the warming rack.
  2. Place the pointed end of the rotisserie rod into the motor and rest the threaded end on the support at the side of the grill. When the rod is pushed as far as possible into the motor, the grooved end of the rod should rest on the right side bracket.
  3. If necessary, to offset unbalanced loads, slide the counterweight on to the rod. With the counterweight lose, allow the loaded rod to rotate and come to a stop. Now rotate the counterweight above the rod in a vertical position and tighten the thumbscrew. You can slide the counterweight away from or closer to the rotisserie rod as needed for balanced operation.
  4. Light the infrared back burner. It will reach cooking temperature in about one minute. The orange/red glow will even out in about five minutes. The back burner flame can be adjusted to the level of intensity you prefer.

The rotisserie motor has an ON / OFF switch that controls the single-speed motor. The rotisserie rotates in both directions. You can change the direction by turning it off and turning it back on again.

Have a safe and happy time grilling!