5 Food Items You Can Cook With A Cal Flame™ BBQ Grill

Cal Flame™ is an award-winning hearth and barbecue manufacturer that offers innovative backyard solutions for every home and budget. Here at Cal Flame, we focus on the long-lasting durability and quality of the barbecue grills. To make sure we construct our grills with premium outdoor-related materials. Did you know that Cal Flame™ BBQ Grills are designed to cook any food items? We have shared various recipes to cook on the gas grill. Here are 5 Food Items that you can grill with a Cal Flame™ BBQ Grill.

What to cook on the Grill

1) Pizza

what to cook on grill
Cook some pizza for your family or friends today!

With a Pizza Brick Tray attached to your Cal Flame BBQ Grill, you are able to cook delicious pizzas! Whether you’re cooking for your family or your friends at a BBQ party, everyone will be satisfied!

2) Rotisserie Chicken

what to cook on grill
Cook a whole rotisserie chicken with your Cal Flame BBQ Grill!

Enjoy the full-bodied taste of rotisserie cooking with rotisseries that can be mounted in the left or right configurations of your BBQ!

3) Pancakes and Breakfast Meats

Enjoy fried foods like eggs, bacon, etc. with this griddle tray that comes with its own storage that blends with your island!

Enjoy fried foods like eggs, bacon, sausage, and even pancakes when you attach a griddle tray to your Cal Flame BBQ Grill. Who needs to eat breakfast at a restaurant when you can cook the same foods with a Cal Flame BBQ Grill!

4) Fries

With your Cal Flame BBQ Grill, you are able to turn your grill into a deep frying station. Cook some delicious fried food like fries, fried shrimp, and fried chicken with a deep fryer helper set. You’ll love preparing tasty foods!

5) Meat

Cook some burgers or hot dogs with your Cal Flame BBQ Grill today!

Grill all kinds of delicious meats like chicken, steak, hot links, etc. with your Cal Flame BBQ Grill! All Cal Flame BBQ Grills contain features that allow you to circulate heat through the grilling area.

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