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Waiting another day might have resulted in another cloudy, cool hike on return, and I wanted sunshine for my exit so I could really enjoy the larches and views around the meadows. So, if you’re hiking out you can either hike out via Assiniboine Pass and Bryant Creek, or take one more exceptional trip and hike out via the challenging Wonder Pass and Bryant Creek. This campground is only, The route is clear as you pass below Quartz Hill and then down to Howard Douglas Lake (, Continue on the trail from Citadel Pass. I had food and supplies for 5 or even 6 days so I was feeling it by the time I started seeing signs for the Assiniboine Lodge, Naiset Huts and finally the Lake Magog backcountry campground. Pass Watridge Lake turnoff after 30-45 minutes and follow the logging roads and the abundant signing to Mount Shark Trailhead. As I mentioned earlier, my last water source of any kind was below Citadel Pass where Citadel Creek crosses the trail on the Sunshine Meadows side and this situation continued for the entire length of trail to Og Lake – at least 13.5km with absolutely no water sources of any kind. Apparently the Mount Assiniboine area larch season has been well documented on social media, mainly 500px and Instagram. Eventually I exited the narrow valley and started a high level traverse around the SW end of Golden Mountain. Drive 8.2km on this lovely road to Sunshine Village ski resort. The route eventually climbs the shoulder directly above the foreground trail that comes off of Quartz Hill which is buried in clouds at right. It took us 9 hours with some stops but nothing crazy. Shark Trailhead. After a few days of peak bagging and hiking around the Mount Assiniboine area, I was ready to leave. (Note: In 2018 the Sunshine resort started running the gondola on weekends which is more convenient than the bus.) Nice afternoon lighting looking past Cascade Rock (R) towards Mount Mercer. Book your tickets through Assiniboine Lodge. Mount Shanks on the left with Verendrye on the right. As a section of the backpack all the way over to Assiniboine, it is a scenic and moderate section of the 52+km one-way route. The fragile alpine ecosystem of this magnificent region draws many visitors each year … Sunshine Village to Mount Shark is a 34.5 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Staying at Sunshine Mountain Lodge also allows you to get an early start the next day. I’ve crossed the Sunshine Meadows before, on skies, and I knew there was a number of ups and downs along the way to Citadel Pass and thought I was ready for them. In addition to the Sunshine Meadows high alpine wildflower/larch viewing trails, Sunshine Village serves as an alternate starting point to hike to Healy Pass (via Simpson Pass) and Mt. We start with a day and a half in the core area around the base of Mount Assiniboine before heading out on a three-day backpack trip to Sunshine Meadows. I was prepared for the long Valley of the Rocks and Golden Valley roller coaster so that section of trail no longer wore me down as much as it did on approach. Also note that whether you’re using Citadel Pass as an entry or exit to the Mount Assiniboine area, the total height gains are about the same – you will work just as hard going out as coming in. I enjoyed a great conversation with Inge and her friend as I drove them to the Mount Shark trailhead. I was hoping for a covered shelter like the Hargreaves at Berg Lake in Mount Robson Provincial Park, but the shelter at Magog is wide open to the elements. Assiniboine Park; Banff National Park; Castle Provincial Park; Crowsnest Pass; David Thompson Country; East Kootenay; Elk Valley (BC) Ghost Wilderness; Height of the Rockies; Jasper National Park; Kananaskis Country; Kokanee; Kootenay National Park; Robson Provincial Park; Waterton National Park; White Goat Wilderness; Yoho National Park; Galleries; explor8ion; Contact; Home»Trip Report … The historic and incredible Assiniboine Lodge is a bucket-list place to stay. The trip to Niblet takes about 2 hours return and provides an iconic view of the area. With the shuttle, your first day is as easy as driving to, Go slower, and camp at Og Lake Campground, a, Do a half-day hike and stay at Porcupine Campground (, If you can’t start until after work, consider getting the last gondola or bus up Sunshine (6pm) and stay at Howard Douglas Lake. Many folks made multiple trips up the Nub each day to get that one iconic shot. I did meet a few other two-way hikers at the Og Lake campground as I hiked back along it. I thought long and hard about taking the bus from the Sunshine Ski Resort parking lot up to the upper Sunshine Village because I detest using motorized assistance when there’s a perfectly good trail / route, but in the end I had put a lot of km’s and elevation on my body over the past few weeks and I knew it would be prudent to save myself the 6.5km of distance and 500m of height gain. Sunshine Meadows is one of the most popular hiking and sightseeing destinations in Banff National Park, a stunning natural garden covered in a carpet of wildflowers. You can also fill your bottles here as it’s dry for the next 15.0km. Not to brag, but after hundreds of kilometers of hiking and scrambling over the last half of the summer, and a TON of elevation gains, I was in pretty darn good shape. The trip to Niblet takes about 2 hours return and provides an iconic view of the area. Over the next, From Og Lake, the walk to Magog Lake is a short one, only, Once you’ve settled into your campsite, you have the afternoon to explore the stunning hikes in the area. Rock Isle flowers s. Sept. 28, 2012. Better yet, book a night at Sunshine Mountain Lodge the night before and explore the area without a heavy pack. You’ll reach Wonder Pass approximately, At Wonder Pass continue on the path as it curves, and you pass into Banff National Park. Mt. 06 Rock Isle Lake And Mount Shanks From Sunshine Meadows On Hike To Mount Assiniboine. I shrugged into my heavier-than-normal backpack and set off up the trail to the Sunshine Meadows. The ride from Banff to Sunshine Meadows is only a picturesque 20 minute drive. The Sunshine Meadows are a natural garden set at an altitude of approximately 2,300 metres (7,500 feet). Part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park is a shining example of true, untouched wilderness. There’s a turn-off here for Porcupine campground, which is, From the base of Citadel Pass, where you have entered Assiniboine Provincial Park, follow the main path across a steep open hillside. There are many incredible hikes. I thought I’d be able to easily get water at Og Lake, but I didn’t feel like hiking all the way down to the water, so I decided to have a quick bite to eat and push on the remaining 6.5km to Lake Magog. Of course, I wasn’t. Right up front I窶冤l say that especially if you窶决e not using the approach bus, you should seriously consider * not * doing the entire ~30km approach from Sunshine Village in one day. Banff Sunshine Meadows to Mount Assiniboine Route Map – Add another 500m of elevation gain and 6km if you don’t take the bus or gondola to the meadows from the parking lot. Starting at Sunshine Meadows, we headed through craggy mountain valleys before ending up at the Lake Magog campground, right and the base of Mount Assiniboine. The one downer is the elevation gains and losses as the trail tries to make up its mind. The route is clear as you pass below Quartz Hill and then down to Howard Douglas Lake (5.7km). I cannot describe how beautiful it is. In the 1890s Peyto would guide tourists through the Sunshine Meadows to the base of Mt. I was surprised by the number of fellow campers at the Lake Magog Campground. 05 Mount Selkirk and Catlin Peak Close Up From Sunshine Meadows On Hike To Mount Assiniboine. As I told you a long time ago Banff is huge on my bucket list, Leigh! If you have the energy, the hike all the way up to the summit of the Nub is incredible! From the vantage point of Sunshine Meadows one has a clear view of Mount Assiniboine, the highest peak in the region at 3,618 metres (11,870 feet). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You’ll need to add on distance depending on how many days you spend exploring around Assiniboine. Continue on the trail as it re-enters the forest at the end of Marvel Lake and continue straight when the path splits, crossing Bryant Creek and then reaching the main Assiniboine Pass / Bryant Creek Trail (9km from Wonder Pass). Click here to see our 5-day 窶ヲ The first half of this trail is absolutely gorgeous and so green, as is the last 5 k through the meadows. H@H Tip: Assiniboine would be a reasonably challenging, long-weekend adventure. I’m not gonna lie. Some of the sites are right beside each other. Finally. After crossing a ridge underneath It is about 18km away from Banff. The shelter was a bit of a disappointment. Further along is the Bryant Creek Shelter. Our adventure starts at the Upper Alpine Village at the Sunshine Ski Resort on the Alberta/BC boundary. Take your water from Og Lake and treat it before drinking it. Most people hike out, especially if they are taking the shuttle bus back to Sunshine Village at 4:30pm. Larch brilliance from near Citadel Pass, looking back towards Mount Assiniboine in the far distance and Golden Mountain rising at left. I settled on some dates where the weather was looking pretty fine and reserved a seat on the earliest departing Sunshine Meadows Bus to save myself 500m of elevation gain and 6.5km of approach distance. A cold, cloudless morning at Mt. Oh well. Distance … You can also helicopter in and out of Assiniboine from Mount Shark. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and For those that don’t want a 26.0km+ hike out in one day, there are three sleeping options near the Warden’s Cabin. The campground was a bit different than I was expecting. The trail contours around Golden Mountain heading southeast until is plunges south directly into Golden Valley below. I slowed down slightly as I descended the steep and wet trail towards Howard Douglas Lake and campground. Dropping further you will enter the Golden Valley to reach the campsite below Citadel Pass for a welcome cup of tea. The 6.5km from Og Lake to the Lake Magog campground were long. Heading back through "the gap" to the Og Meadows with Nasswald almost completed melted off now. I met the two just in time to catch the 15:30 bus to the parking lot from the Sunshine Village. With the shuttle, your first day is as easy as driving to Sunshine Village Ski Resort and taking the Gondola or bus up to the base. Drive 7.7km west of Banff on Trans-Canada Highway and take the Sunshine Village exit. More than 9 km from the I was already at 200m gain and wasn’t even close to Citadel or Fatigue Pass yet! With the number “400” meters stuck in my head for total height gain, I was again surprised by a significant height gain over the NE shoulder of Quartz Hill. The poor Chinese party of at least 8, spent 7 days camping out, shivering in snow and waiting for the weather to finally clear enough to see Mount Assiniboine!

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