cooler for gtx 1060

EVGA GTX 1060: Aftermarket Cooler. $30.55. Refund in 15 Days. This item is a video card fan replacement. It’s very hard to find any TDP info on these types of coolers … US $5.60. As a result, whenever I play the majority of my games, my temperatures are in the mid 80's and the fan noises are unbearably loud. Theeye12 , If you care about longevity that I would … The MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X with Twin Frozr cooler is roughly 5C cooler than the FE card, but our GN Hybrid 1060 is a full 19.6C cooler than the Gaming X. I figured if I can drop the temperature by about 10 degrees, therefore not needing the fans to be working over time constantly, then it would be much more bearable. Your options are limited to universal blocks since there are no dedicated blocks for GTX 1060's, maybe some 1070 blocks are compatible depending on your card. 75mm Twin Frzor III Fan Pld08010s12hh for MSI 670 680 7850 7870 7950 Video Card. It shouldn't need it. IMPORTANT: Please read the description … what can i do to try cooling … Idle temps and fan speeds however are wonderful. used geforce gtx 1060 cooler starts to rotate, close up and selective focus It shouldn't break EVGA warranty or anything. Cooling Fan For EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC GAMING Graphics Card Fan; Package Include: (The item include the parts shown in the picture.) The cooler may be fairly basic from the outside, but the fan is able to draw in more than enough cool air to allow … 95MM Video Card Fans Replacement for MSI GTX 1070,1080 Ti Gaming X, RX 480/580 Gaming X Graphic Card Cooling … Can you take a picture of the fins of the 1060, and are you sure it's the superclocked version and not the standard 1060 version as the standard one has a terrible cooler compared to fin stacks and heat pipes of the SC, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the pcmasterrace community. I bought an EVGA GEFORCE GTX 1060 SC 6GB GDD about two months ago which itself was about 3 weeks after I had a custom PC built at PCSpecialist. Please measure the fan dimension and the mounting holes distance, and make sure it will fit your video card. I've been looking at the Arctic series, however I don't know whether to go for the Accelero Twin Turbo II or III, or even the Accelero Xtreme III or IV. $23.73. T129215SU R9-fury GPU Cooler Video fan for Radeon sapphire R9 FURY 4GB HBM Tri-X OC graphics Card Cooling … That EVGA model should be more than enough. less than 2cm gap between it and the metal base. So i have heard that the main concern of gaming laptop is overheating issue due to the tight space of the device it does not allow more room for cooling. Ascend to a level that respects your eyes, your wallet, your mind, and your heart. Buy Used Geforce Gtx 1060 Cooler Starts To Rotate, Close Up by Ammatar on VideoHive. $259.97. 95mm Dual Ball Bearing Graphics Cards Cooling Fan for MSI GTX 1060 1070 1080 TI. This is NEW NEW … Fan curve at the moment is: sub-55c 0% fan speed, 60c 50%, 65c 60%, 70c 70%, 80c is 80% and then 85c 100%. I know that the mid 80's aren't the end of the world when gaming, especially when playing demanding games, but it's the sheer noise of the thing feels like a rocket taking off, even with headphones it's insanely loud. 2x Cooler Cooling Fan for MSI GTX1080 1070 1060 … Question. It comes with a tiny Intel stock CPU cooler … However, the problem seems to affect more on higher end graphic cards (e.g. Turns out this is the cheapest model available and has the crappiest cooling on it. $7.98 $ 7. Inno3D has announced the first ever GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card flaunting a factory-installed liquid cooling solution. Replace for Zotac GeForce N1060IXOC 6GD GTX 1060 3GB Mini ITX Graphic Card ! I'm not a massive PC gamer but I'd rather pay a bit more money and have something that does the job and if anything be a bit OP, rather than go for a cheaper option and still have the issue. Any and all suggestions/ideas are more than welcome, and as I said if you think I'm going about this the complete wrong way then please do say. Cooler Fan s For ZOTAC GTX 1060 1070 1080 Ti MINI GA92S2H 100MM GAA8S2H GAA8S2U. $36.16 New. Cheap Fans & Cooling, Buy Quality Computer & Office Directly from China Suppliers:2PCS/lot GA82S2H GTX1060 Cooler Fan For GALAX KFA2 GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics Cards as replacement Fan Enjoy … its a asus gtx 1060 dual oc attached to a asus h110m-r mobo generic non-brand case has a rear exhaust fan (noctua nf-a9) running at max speed. inRobert 88mm T129215SU Graphics Card Cooling Fan Replacement for Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti RX 480 470 570 580 GTX 1060 G1 Gaming Cooler (Fan-A) 4.3 out of 5 stars 46. 1600 Watts (4) ... CPU Closed Loop Cooler (4) GPU HYBRID Cooler … 85mm x 85mm x 10mm. What kind of fan curve do you have? 8400 GS (1) Power Supplies. Fan Dimension (L x W x H): approx. 5.0 (8) 23 Orders. is it too hot? Don't include Mounting screws, Heatsink orother. By continuing to use AliExpress you accept our use of cookies (view more on our Privacy Policy). GT 710 (3) GeForce 200 Series Family. You sure you put them right way? Get it as soon as … $21.99 New. Cooling Fan For EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC GAMING Graphics Card Fan. $9.99. Ascend to... the PC Master Race. I looked into it and I saw the NZXT G12 kit which lets you install an AiO on your GPU. The new product is … Water cooolers rely on water for heat transport, which is effectively cooled in a radiator. Do not purchase according to the graphics card model when you buy a graphics card  fan,because the same type of graphics card has a different fan,any question please feel free to contact me. Last one. MSI GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Gaming X Graphics Card w/ Original Box. Almost gone. no mounts for a side or front fan. I recently bought an EVGA GTX 1060 6GB Single Fan (non SC) and I guess I didn't do enough research about it. Due to my relative inexperience with building PC's, I only chose a case that has 1 intake and 1 exhaust and just a basic £19 cooling … I don't recommend buying AIO for EVGA GTX 1060. Passive graphics card coolers … 1 x cooling Fan. Money Back Guarantee You can adjust your Cookie Preferences at the bottom of this page. Re: GTX 1060 6GB Gaming Cooler 2017/11/20 12:40:28 EyeDeeNo There is only one GTX 1060 SC 3GB P/N: 03G-P4-6162-KR that I see. Thank you! GTX 1060 6GB (1) GT 1030 (4) GeForce 700 Series Family. They are calling it the iChoill GTX 1060 Black. Model: T129215SU. Due to my relative inexperience with building PC's, I only chose a case that has 1 intake and 1 exhaust and just a basic £19 cooling system. My case is the Coolermaster Silencio 452 Quiet Mid Tower Case so it would have to fit in there of course. gpu is located at the very bottom of the case. Bykski PC Water Cooling Full-Cover GPU Block for Graphic Video Card VGA Asus ROG-Strix-GTX 108… shipping: + $7.64 shipping. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. 1pcs x 85mm cooler fan. Last one . Welcome to the official subreddit of the PC Master Race. inRobert A Pair Cooling Fan for ASUS Dual Series GTX 1070 1060, RX 480 Graphics Card Cooler (T129215SU) 4.5 out of 5 stars 15 $24.99$24.99 Get it as soon as Thu, Sep 24 Something doesn't add up, I don't think EVGA SC GTX 1060 should get mid 80s? Last one . gtx … 98. Ha9010h12f-z 85mm 4-pin Video Card Cooling Fan Replacement for MSI GTX 1050 1060… Cooler Fan For ZOTAC GTX 1060 1070 1080 Ti MINI GA92S2H 100MM GAA8S2H GAA8S2U. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. There’s plenty of headroom for overclocking the GTX 1060 Founders Edition. Free shipping. I bought an EVGA GEFORCE GTX 1060 SC 6GB GDD about two months ago which itself was about 3 weeks after I had a custom PC built at PCSpecialist. 88MM T129215SU 12V 4Pin Cooling Fan For Gigabyte GTX1060 GTX1070 Cooler … In the two months I've had it I've only clocked up about 30 hours of gaming, so it's not like it's been used constantly for hours on end. My budget is about £75. The two fans I bought just replaced the stock ones - My case only allows for two fans, intake at front and exhaust at back (in hindsight I would've bought a case with 4 fans, 2 each for in/ex or at the very least a 3 fan case for 2 in/1 ex). If everything is okay but it still gets hot then I recommend changing the thermal paste. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Model: T129215SH. In this subreddit, we celebrate and promote the ultimate gaming and working platform. Free … If you have only air coming in but not out then the hot air will just spin in the case. $38.99. Hello guys, i am planning to get a 1060 laptop later around January. Above 50% speed, they make this noise that annoys me a lot, so I’m looking to replace the cooling. 75mm * 75mm * 15m, 2pcs/set GA91S2H GTX 1060 EXOC 3GB GPU Cooler Fan For KFA2 GALAXY GeForce GTX1060 EXOC 6GB GeForce GTX1060 VGA Cards Cooling Fan, GA81S2U 12V 0.38A 75mm 4Pin Apistek GTX 960 Cooler Fan For ZOTAC GTX960 4G PCI-EDC Graphics Card Fan, 75MM GA81S2U GA81O2U 40mm GTX970 Cooler Fan Replacement For ZOTAC GTX 660Ti 650Ti BOOST GTX 970 Graphics Card Cooling Fan, 88MM T129215SU PLD09210S12HH 4Pin Cooling Fan For Gigabyte GTX 1050 1060 1070 960 RX 470 480 570 580 Graphics Card Cooler Fan, 2PCS/lot 85mm FDC10H12S9-C GA91S2U Cooler Fan Replace For Palit GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 1070 1060 1080 GTX1060 Dual Graphics Card, 3PCS/lot Original GA92S2U DC12V 0.46A RTX2080 Ti for ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2080 2080Ti AMP Graphics card Cooling fan, 2pcs/set95MM FDC10U12S9-C CF1010U12S CF9010H12S XFX RX580 GPU Cooler Fan For HIS RX 590 580 570 Graphics Card Cooling, 2pcs/lot P104-100 MINER GTX 1080/1070/1060 fan For msi GTX1080 GTX1070 ARMOR 8G OC GTX1060 Graphics Card GPU cooling Fan, T128015SH 75MM 2P 2Pin DC 12V 0.32AMP Cooling Fan For EVGA GTX650 GTX650TI Graphics Video Card Cooling Fan, FD10015M12D FDC10H12D9-C RX5700 ARGB Cooler Fan for Sapphire RX 5700 XT 8GB NITRO+ Special Edition Video Card Cooling Fan, 2PCS/lot P106 GA82S2H For GALAX GTX1060 Cooler Fan For KFA2 GeForce GTX 1060 OC Graphics Cards as replacement Fa, 2PCS/lot GA82S2H For GALAX GTX1060 Cooler Fan For KFA2 GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics Cards as replacement Fan, 2PCS/lot P106 GA82S2H For GALAX GTX1060 Cooler Fan For KFA2 GeForce GTX 1060 OC Graphics Cards as replacement Fan, 2Pcs/set P106 GPU Fan 75MM GA82S2H For KFA2 GTX 1060 GALAX GTX1060 Gainward GTX 1060 Chasing version Card Cooling As Replacement, 85mm FDC10H12S9-C GTX 1070TI GPU Card Cooler Fan Replace For Palit GTX 1070 GTX 1070 TI 8G Dual GTX 1060 Dual GTX1080 Video Card, New 85MM HA9010H12F-Z 4Pin Cooler Fan Replacement For MSI GTX 1060 OC 6G GTX 960 P106-100 P106 GTX1060 GTX960 Graphics Card Fan, Wafer Silicon Wafer Wafer Complete Chip Wafer Monocrystalline, VEINEDA Graphics Card GTX 1060 3GB 192Bit GDDR5 GPU Video Card PCI-E 3.0 For nVIDIA Gefore Series Games Stronger than GTX 1050Ti, Wafer Silicon Wafer Wafer Complete Chip Wafer Monocrystalline Wafer 6 Inch, Heatsink Heat Dissipation Aluminum Radiator M.2 NGFF Cooling Heat Sink Heat Thermal Pads for M.2 NGFF 2280 PCI-E NVME SSD, M.2 SSD NVMe Heat Sink Heatsink M.2 2280 SSD Hard Disk Aluminum Heat Sink Radiator Thermal Pad for Desktop PC Thermal Gasket, 4-Pin Power 6-way Cooling Fan Temperature Controller Speed Governor Cooling Kit for PC Fans 4 Pins 6 Ways, GD900 1/3/5/7/15/30g Thermal Grease Heatsink GD900 Thermal Paste For Cpu Processors Heatsink Plaster Water Cooling Cooler, CM-M7S M2 SSD Heatsink 5V 3Pin NVME NGFF M.2 2280 Solid State Drive Hard Disk Cooling Radiator Heat Sink Cooler Vest Thermal Pad, 2Pcs Connection Parallel Buckle Fixing Buckle For 8/9/12/14cm Chassis Cooling Fan. GF 210 (2) GeForce 8 Series Family. You said your bought few more case fans, how did you position them? shipping: + $5.99 shipping . Air coolers usually come with one, two or three fans and range from entry-level coolers to high-end solutions. New 88MM PLD09210S12HH Cooling Fan For Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RX 480 470 570 580 GTX 1060 G1 GTX 960 Graphics Card Cooler. Note: Accelero Xtreme IV is … ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme III - AMD/NVIDIA Graphics Card Cooler, Pre-applied MX-4 Thermal Paste, in… This graphics card cooler is compatible with the latest high-end graphics cards that include Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060/1070/1080 and AMD Radeon RX 480. 75MM T128010SU 0.35A Cooling Fan for Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1060 1070 1080 G1 GTX 1070Ti 1080Ti 960 970 980Ti Video Card Cooler Fan (Single) 4.6 out of 5 stars 14. 2 intake and at least 1 exhaust? I own a Gigabyte GTX 1060 Windforce OC 6G, and it has terrible fans. You don't see full cover … I bought two Noctua 120mm fans and installed them and they're doing great, however it's the GPU fan that is exceptionally loud so it would appear the best thing to do is buy a GPU cooler (please feel free to tell me I'm wrong if there's another method).

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