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By clicking "LOGIN", you are Use a larger variety as a dramatic backdrop in a mixed border, along a wall or fence. Your plant(s) will ship to the garden center you chose within the next 21 days. document.write(theDate.getFullYear()) Full sun to light shade; bloom and foliage color is best with at least 6 hours of full sun. Loropetalum chinense, commonly called Chinese fringe flower, is a white-flowered broad-leaved evergreen shrub of the witch hazel family. * Required FieldsWe will never sell or distribute your email to any other parties or organizations. Plant in a woodland border in combination with regional natives for a natural landscape that supports insect pollinators and wildlife. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. For a unique look, train a small-medium sized loropetalum into an espalier along a trellis or fence. These include Spilled Wine® weigela, ‘Royal Purple’ smoke bush, Summer Wine® ninebark or ‘Crimson Pygmy’ barberry. Plant around the edges of shade gardens or at posts of overhead arbors and patio covers. With a size similar to Purple Diamond®, the raspberry-colored flowers accentuate the burgundy and green foliage. Container planting with Jazz Hands Variegated® loropetalum, 'Limelight' hydrangea,and Snow Princess® sweet alyssum beneath. Loropetalum chinense is commonly known as loropetalum, Chinese fringe flower and strap flower. Get planting advice, garden design tips and trends, monthly checklists for your area, product specials and more in our weekly newsletter. In spring, plants are smothered with white blossoms, an effect that looks like fallen snow. ‘Chang Nian Hong’L. Lightly prune after flowering to encourage new red growth. Plants will flower and retain color best in full sun. The showy new deep burgundy foliage matures to a lovely bronze-green, maintaining a purple tinge as it as it ages, creating a colorful year-round accent to the landscape. Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina); Lilyturf (Liriope); Kohuhu (Pittosporum); Juniper (Juniperus); Camellia (Camellia). ‘Irodori’ — Buy now from Proven WinnersLoropetalum chinense, Upright bushy habit, 4 to 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Evergreen Shrubs for All-Season Interest chinense, Mounding bushy habit, 3 to 4 feet tall and wide, White flowers; new foliage is chartreuse, fading to emerald green. In alkaline soil with pH above 7.0, plants may develop chlorosis, a nutritional deficiency that causes yellowing of the leaves. Suggested companions include ‘Goldflame’ spirea, ‘Gold Mop’ cypress, ‘Kaleidoscope’. Size… $25.00 $ 25. Photo by Proven Winners. Works well for containers, borders, and foundation plantings, as a single specimen or in groupings. Loropetalum needs little or no supplemental fertilizer once established. Height/Spread: Upright bushy habit, 4 to 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide. chinense, Upright arching habit, 4 to 6 feet tall and 4 to 5 feet wide, Mid-spring, with sporadic re-bloom throughout the year, Deep rose pink flowers; new foliage is burgundy, fading to green. Fill in the hole with soil, tamp down gently to remove air pockets, and water well. This will make the colors stand out more against each other. Loropetalum chinense. Each April, bright pink clusters of fringe … In spring, it produces abundant clusters of slightly fragrant, hot pink, spidery flowers, each with narrow, twisted, inch-long petals. Specimens have reached 35 feet (10.7 m.) tall over 100 years. Mounding bushy habit, 4 to 5 feet tall and wide, Mid-spring, with sporadic re-bloom into fall, Pink flowers; new growth is ruby red, fading to deep green. Add aluminum sulfate to increase soil acidity. The plants may be as tall as 10 feet (3 m.) but are usually small trees of 5 feet (1.5 m.). Use as hedging, privacy screening or foundation planting. Color: Hot pink flowers, variegated foliage. Plant in rich, well-draining soil that is amended with compost or other organic matter. The spreading, weeping form of this groundcover type is different than any other variety. Water regularly - weekly, or more often in extreme heat or containers. Heat tolerant, this small evergreen shrub is a subtly beautiful addition to small gardens and containers. Provide some afternoon shade in hotter climates. Large, rounded, evergreen shrub to 8 15 feet tall and wide. . Fine-textured foliage comes in shades of burgundy, purple, chartreuse and green. Use as a stand-alone focal point, in mass plantings or as a container accent. Its blooms are similar … The Ruby Loropetalum shrub, also known as Chinese Fringe Flower shrub, makes for a delightfully bright addition to any landscape. Water more frequently during extreme heat or dry spells in summer. Loropetalum China Pink Its dense and spreading habit looks spectacular mass planted amongst courtyard and containers, requiring little if any maintenance. It's one of the first plants to bloom at winter's end. LOROPETALUM CHINA PINK 50mm Pot Loropetalum ‘China Pink’ (Loropetalum chinense) is an evergreen shrub with ornamental reddish-purple foliage. This showy little dwarf plant fits easily into residential landscapes … Jazz Hands Bold® Chinese fringe flower. The name Loropetalum refers to the shape of the flowers and comes from the Greek loron meaning strap and petalon meaning petal. Use as hedging, screening along a property line, as a background element in a mixed border, or massed in a bed or landscape. Jazz Hands Dwarf Pink Loropetalum has cool purple foliage with a cranberry undercurrent. Photo by Proven Winners. Grow in a sunny to lightly shaded site in a container or landscape. Size of the Shrub The fringe flower shrub is native to China, Japan and parts of Southeast Asia. Grows up to 1-3 ft. tall (30-90 cm) and 3 ft. wide (90 cm). chinense, Mounding bushy habit, 2 to 4 feet tall and wide, White flowers, plum and variegated foliage. Many varieties have deep purple or burgundy leaves, a unique trait not typically seen in evergreen shrubs. Razzleberri®, syn. This page is preserved for informational use. Loropetalum is somewhat drought-tolerant once established. However, it is capable of greater height as evidenced by the 100-year-old specimens in Aiken that are 35 feet tall. Use as hedging, in a mixed border, or as privacy screening along a property line. Spot into your shrub and perennial beds to make them pop with color. Loropetalum chinense ‘Plum Delight’ Fringe Flower Boething Treeland Farms grows over 1,200 varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials and specialty plants on ten California nurseries to serve the wholesale … Chinese loropetalum, the official name of the plant, is an evergreen, multi-stemmed shrub of the broadleaf variety that's part of witch hazel family. Loropetalum chinense 'Shang-hi' PP18331 Combining colorful flowers and foliage with controlled growth, Purple Diamond® is a gem. There are no significant pest problems, but they can be susceptible to spider mites if kept too dry or in too much sun. Clusters of rich, pink, fringed flowers bloom repeatedly throughout the year. At other times of the year, the l… Monrovia's Sizzling Pink Fringe Flower details and information. Discover unique garden products curated by the Garden Design editors, plus items you can use to solve problems in your garden right now, and best sellers from around the web. Loropetalum chinense 'Pipa's Red' Sku #4020 Long, narrow, very rich burgundy foliage on beautiful, tiered, fountain-like branching is the perfect backdrop for the hot pink, fringe-like flowers. ... Average landscape size: Moderate growing; reaches 4 to 6 ft. tall, 4 to 5 ft ... Loropetalum is native to China … Choose a dwarf variety such as Jazz Hands® Dwarf White or Crimson Fire™ to grow in a decorative container and display in a key area such as an entryway, patio, or deck. Mulch around the rootball with 2 to 3 inches of organic matter such as compost, straw, or aged wood chips to suppress weeds and retain moisture; avoid covering the trunk and stems with the mulch. Sizzling Pink LOROPETALUM (Chinese Fringe Flower)-Burgundy Foliage, Pink Flowers. This versatile cultivar can be used in small spaces, containers, mass and foundation plantings, as hedging along a pathway, or in a mixed border. This … © 2020 Monrovia Nursery Company. A larger upright specimen can be trained into a small tree by removing the side branches from one or more of the main trunks as it grows. Whenever you connect with nature, connect with us! Jazz Hands Mini® Chinese fringe flower. Select a dwarf or groundcover type that will fill in quickly, such as Jazz Hands Mini® or ‘Purple Pixie’, and mass along a bank or slope for erosion control. The simple, finely toothed to entire (smooth-edged) leaves are 1- to 2½-inches … Use to edge a pathway or as a divider between garden rooms. This broadleaf evergreen shrub or small tree has dense branching with small, opposite oval leaves 1 to 2-1/2 inches long. Loropetalum chinense is an evergreen shrub that generally grows to a height of 10 to 15 feet with a similar to somewhat smaller width. All Rights Reserved. The older common form has green leaves with white flowers, each with 4 narrow petals, clustered at the … Plant in a mixed border or along your home’s foundation in combination with other shrubs with contrasting foliage colors of gold, chartreuse, blue, or bronze. Mid-spring, with some re-bloom throughout the year. It can tolerate most climatic situations … If desired, fertilize in spring with a slow-release all-purpose fertilizer, or one that is specially formulated for trees and shrubs. Photo by Hort Pics / Millette Photomedia. Two forms of L. chinense exist; a white- (to pale-yellow-) flowering green-leafed variety and a pink … It grows best in the … Your plants are actively growing and we will only deliver them once they meet our rigorous quality standards, Discover new plants and design ideas for your garden, 817 E. Monrovia Place Azusa, California 91702-1385. New foliage has splotches of pink, dark green, and white, maturing to dark burgundy. Loropetalum Pruning Tips. If you want to keep your loropetalum a specific size… Mix purple-foliaged varieties, such as Jazz Hands Bold® or Purple Diamond®, with other green-foliaged shrubs or small trees to lend contrast and break up monochromatic color schemes. This witch hazel relative has softly crinkled evergreen foliage and profuse clusters of lightly scented, spidery flowers similar to its winter-blooming cousin. Ever Red®, syn. Loropetalum looks best when allowed to grow to its full size and naturally graceful shape, though it can also tolerate heavy pruning into formal hedging or topiaries. Plant a dwarf form such as ‘Daruma’ in a container and group with other containerized shrubs, perennials or annuals for a year-round color display. Details 'Fire Dance' is a selection of this rounded evergreen shrub with deep reddish-purple leaves, which may green in summer, and bright pink, slightly fragrant flowers from early spring. rubrum) 'Crimson Fire' … Due to its compact size, ‘Purple Pixie’ needs little or no pruning. Native to China and Japan. When planted in optimal conditions and properly maintained, loropetalum exhibits few, if any problems. Vibrant pink flowers contrast dramatically with the deep purple foliage. Native to woodland regions of the Himalayas, China, and Japan, Loropetalum blooms in early-mid spring, with occasional re-bloom throughout the growing season. rubrum. 'China Pink' Loropetalum chinense rubrum. The dwarf size makes this a versatile choice as formal hedging, as a divider between garden rooms, in mass plantings or containers, or as a stand-alone focal point. Plant during milder months of spring or fall to avoid shock from extreme heat or cold. Evergreen foliage and dazzling flowers brighten up the landscape, Sign up for weekly gardening inspiration and design tips. Grow a weeping form along the top of a low rock wall or on a slope to complement an Asian-style landscape. Unlike some other loropetalums that can swallow your house, this one grows 4 to 5 feet tall and wide… Heaviest in spring, repeating throughout the year. All parts of loropetalum are non-toxic to dogs, cats, and children. As the first variegated form of Chinese … The graceful, arching habit makes an elegant statement in the landscape. logging into shop.monrovia.com. Deer may leave loropetalum alone for the most part, though regional conditions can result in deer grazing on plants that aren't necessarily their favorites. Apply according to package instructions. Photo by Proven Winners. The unusual flower and foliage color combination is unlike any other type of ornamental shrub. Loropetalum (Loropetalum chinense), also called the Chinese fringe flower, is an ornamental evergreen shrub that produces delicate fringed blossoms in a variety of colors. Loropetalum plants are native to Japan, China and the Himalayas. Loropetalum plants generally range from 10 to 15 feet (3-4.6 m.) high, with a similar width, but they can get much taller. Tassel-like flowers with strappy, ribbon-like petals occur in prolific clusters up and down the branches. Keep soil evenly moist, but not soggy. From tools to furniture, these garden products are sure to delight. Loropetalum prefers acidic pH between 4.5 to 6.5. Flowers are lightly fragrant. All Rights Reserved. May be smaller-growing than the species, often to 1m in height … This reliable standby has a more compact rounded form, making it a good choice for hedging, topiaries, foundation or mass plantings. Place in the planting hole so the top of the root ball is level or slightly above the surrounding soil. The species are: Loropetalum chinense - white-flowering variety up to 3.7 m tall, pink-flowering variety up to 1.5 m tall; Loropetalum flavum - yellow flowers; Loropetalum … As the first variegated form of Chinese fringe flower, the unique eye-catching foliage makes a stunning statement in the landscape. Plant a smaller specimen in a ceramic pot with a similar or complementary color echo and place as a focal point near an entryway. Amend planting area as needed with compost or other rich organic matter, making sure that soil is loose and well draining. There are many ways to incorporate loropetalum into your landscape. APPEARANCE: Tall-growing dense shrub with oval leaves, rich pinky-brown year-round.Vibrant pink tassel flowers during spring and summer. chinense, Upright bushy habit, 6 feet tall and wide, Late winter to early spring, with sporadic re-bloom throughout the growing season. Jazz Hands Night Moves® — Buy now from Proven WinnersL. Photo by Tim Ludwig / Millette Photomedia. It combines beautifully with the hot pink blooms. Chinese fringe flower (Loropetalum chinense), is an often-overlooked shrub for warmer climates. Mass along a slope for erosion control, or add a colorful foliage accent to a container, hanging basket or window box. This pink-flowered cultivar grows to 4 to 6 feet tall and spreads 4 to 5 feet across. Note: This plant is currently NOT for sale. Tease out circling roots or slash the root ball in several places if potbound. Tiny, capsule-like fruits are insignificant. The common fringe flower is a … "Purple Pixie" (Loropetalum chinensis "Purple Pixie") is a dwarf Chinese fringe flower cultivar that grows a mature height of 1 to 2 feet with a spread of 4 to 5 feet. The truest red flowers of any loropetalum, vivid spidery blooms stand out dramatically against the deep burgundy foliage. Here’s how: Loropetalum combines well with many other shrubs, trees, and perennials. Growing & Caring for Witch Hazel. Bloom Time: Mid-spring . 'China Pink' Loropetalum, Chinese Fringe Flower, Pink Fringe Flower, Chinese Witch Hazel Description A small to medium, dense shrub with attractive purplish-red foliage and clusters of pretty, pink… The leaves are oval and glossy … ... Ruby LOROPETALUM - Size: 3 Gallon, Live Plant, Includes Special … 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. The perfect alternative to fuchsia in colder regions, where it may stay in the ground year-round. Zones: 7-9. For colder climates where lorapetalum isn’t hardy, there are other purple-foliaged shrubs that can be substituted, though they will be deciduous. You can see the similarity of the flower to that of the … 'Ever Red™' has dark burgundy foliage and the reddest flowers of Loropetalum chinese var. On this page: Basics | Planting | Care | Choosing the Right Loropetalum | Pictures | Landscaping Tips, Upright, mounding, or spreading habit, 1 to 15 feet tall and 3 to 10 feet wide depending on variety. Dwarf weeping habit, 1 to 2 feet tall and 4 to 5 wide. Exposure: Full sun to partial shade. ‘Razzleberry’, ‘Monraz’L. Spacing depends on the variety. Ruby Loropetalum is an evergreen shrub in the witch hazel family that features ruby-red new growth in spring, which darkens to a deep burgundy color by autumn. Companions can include: RELATED:Shrubs 101 If a 1-gallon containerized plant can become a multistemmed … Possible diseases include mildew, anthracnose, root rot, or bacterial gall. Different varieties range from 1′ to 10′ tall, with arching branches bearing soft 1-2 inch long leaves. Read on for tips on pruning a loropetalum. Bloom is heaviest in spring, with smaller, sporadic re-bloom at different times of the year. It has a loose, slightly open habit and a roughly rounded to vase-shaped form with a medium-fine texture. Makes a great patio, porch or balcony plant when grown in a big ceramic pot (avoid red clay, which will clash with both foliage and flowers). Species. Roundish, light green leaves are 12 inches long; … The pink Chinese fringe ( Loropetalum chinense) in the photo is only 7 years old, but it has already reached the eaves of this home. Purple Pixie™ Loropetalum chinense ‘PEACK’ Dwarf, weeping ground cover; Rich purple colour contrast; Description: Purple Pixie™ Loropetalum is a dwarf ground cover with rich purple foliage. Since loropetalum blooms on old wood, wait until flowers are finished in spring before pruning. It is native to woodlands in China, Southeast Asia and … Use as foundation planting around outdoor living spaces, where you and the hummingbirds will enjoy it up close. Showy pink flowers appear in spring that compliment the foliage beautifully. With a variety of foliage and flower colors, sizes and growth habits, this versatile shrub is a welcome addition to any style landscape. The striking lolly-pink flowers appear mostly … Mature specimens can develop exfoliating bark. ‘Shang-white'L. Until plants are established, continue to water once or twice a week. As the season progresses, new foliage that develops on the ends of the plum-colored branches unfurls in a variegated pattern of white, dark green and purple. Another attractive feature is its layered branching habit. More about the newsletter. * Required | We will never sell or distribute your email to any other parties or organizations. Moderate growing; reaches 4 to 6 ft. tall, 4 to 5 ft. wide. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Enter your email and we'll email you instructions on how to reset your Size 45 - 50 mm ( 1.8 - 2.0 in ) Additional Information The rough textured dark green ovate leaves are up to 50 mm (2 in) long with prominent venation and … No worries. Lightly shape as needed, or prune to desired size and shape. Ingestion of any plants can cause mild stomach upset in some pets. Ever Red® retains its rich foliage color better than most other varieties. USE IN: Ideal for … While I’ve been out working in the yard this spring, numerous neighbors have stopped and asked, “What is this beautiful pink tree?”Its gorgeous, frilly pink flowers are numerous and truly showstopping. var theDate=new Date() But they do live on a while longer in a pretty pink carpet on the ground where they fall.Emergent spring leaf growth is attractive, too — in hues of saturated red. Site in a key part of the garden such as a patio, deck or balcony. The sophisticated appearance belies its ease of growing and virtually maintenance-free nature, making it a suitable choice even for novice gardeners. It’s too bad they only last for a couple of weeks! The medium-sized stature and slightly arching habit gives this variety a regal appearance. Dig a hole 2 to 3 times the diameter and slightly shallower than the size of the root ball. Jazz Hands Variegated®, syn. 00. Emerald Snow®, syn. Loropetalum chinense rubrum 'China Pink'. Larger, quick-growing varieties will offer maximum impact. Neat, compact habit, with tiers of arching or drooping branches. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Loropetalum, Chinese Witch Hazel, Chinese Fringe Flower, Pink Fringe Flower (Loropetalum chinense var. Its beautiful hot pink flowers and ruby red purple foliage deliver lasting color in a compact bush. It's a double bonus with bronze foliage and bright pink flowers. Discover the right shrubs for your garden. Find a Garden Center that carries Proven Winners plants & products. Copyright password. The eye catching clusters of rich pink … Commonly known as the Chinese Fringe Flower, the Loropetalum chinense takes its name from the Greek word 'loron' meaning strap, and 'petalon' meaning petal. The layered habit, subtle color and dwarf stature makes it especially suited to Asian or contemporary landscapes. Trim out dead and diseased branches.

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