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Laurie Strode: How about you? I would suspect the notion of being a predator, or the fear of becoming prey, keeps both of them alive. [Marches over to the bush] Annie: Hey, creep! Lynda: Calls my dad and tells him what I said. Laurie Strode: Strode. I thought you outgrew superstition. Jimmy: God, they should have handled him more carefully. Here are some memorable quotes by "Laurie Strode" (portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis) in "Halloween" (1978), a film by John Carpenter. Will Brennan: Oh, I like that. Browse more character quotes from Halloween: Resurrection (2002), after Michael shows her an old photo of the two of them; unaware he is her brother, it's just her and Michael left at the school, Laurie, Will and the kids have just survived from Michael, His mother won't let him go away on an overnight school camping trip, Laurie being held down by young Michael in her mind. The Skeptic: He doubts Loomis' claims that Michael is … He’s waited for this night… he’s waited for me… Laurie Strode: John! Annie: Look where?I don't see anything. [Laurie being held down by young Michael in her mind]. Well, I'll kill you if this is a joke. Cynthia Myers was the youngest of three children born to Donald and Edith Myers. Because I'm not afraid of you. ", "Everybody's havin' a good time tonight. Most of the best movie lines come from the psychotic mind of killer Patrick Batemen. Streetwise "You're doing it wrong! Laurie Strode: [Laurie stops struggling and whispers... ] I love you, Mommy. I’ve been preparing for this for a long time. You have no security system, Karen. Take off your clothes. I want you to go down the stairs, and out the front door. Will Brennan: I'm a counselor; I'm attracted to it. Dr. Sartain: I worked with Michael for years, but I’ve never seen him in an uncontrolled environment. Laurie Strode: Lindsay Wallace is coming over! I'm so fucked! View Quote. I killed him." Sep 13, 2012 - This Board is a tribute to my favorite Horror Movie character Laurie Strode. Will Brennan: That's terrible. Now, repeat after me: I love you, Mommy. Will Brennan: Okay. Laurie Strode. When she's tasked with protecting herself and everyone around her, she steps up to the plate. Annie occasionally babysat children in her neighborhood, which Lynda claimed Annie only did so she had a place to be with her boyfriend. But he's in a hospital somewhere! Laurie Strode: You said you'd listen. Laurie Strode: They locked him up for a long time, but he got out and...he came after me. Laurie Strode: [gasps] Why me? "There's no boogeyman, and if you don't stop all this, I'm gonna have to turn off the TV and send you to bed." I think Richie was just trying to scare you. Laurie Strode: My brother killed my sister... when she was 17. Take off your clothes. Annie Brackett: Look at me. How right they are. The one we all go through sooner or later. Laurie Strode:You’ve heard of the tunnel. Laurie: Tommy, Halloween night, it's when people play tricks on each other. In celebration of Halloween Month, we’re counting down the best quotes from our favourite folks of Haddonfield (Summer Glen, California too). Are you all right? I know that you get your smart mouth from my side of the family, so I'll cut you a break. - Laurie Strode: Evil is real.” Jamie Lee Curtis - Laurie Strode Judy Greer - Karen Jan 1, 2020 - Explore Ms Valentine's board "Laurie Strode(DBD Version)" on Pinterest. After this prologue, the story shifts to the old Myers house, where a TV reality show has enticed six teenagers to spend a single night in the spooky home. Laurie Strode, now the dean of a Northern California private school with an assumed name, must battle the Shape one last time, as the life of her own son hangs in the balance. Laurie Strode: [after Michael shows her an old photo of the two of them; unaware he is her brother] I don't understand! I want you to go down the stairs, and out the front door. Miss Tate. He was sent away following the incident. Tommy is told by a neighborhood bully that the “boogey man” is coming to get him on Halloween night. There's nobody out there. Laurie Strode: Okay, John. I mean, why *me*? ", "You mean, how did I get into your house? And waiting for you on the other side of that door is either Heaven or Hell. Are you tired of my bullshit? "I've kept my head down since birth." Don't get too scared... be like this final girl. Michael Myers. He wants to take you out tonight. But what about you? We want to know! And I want you to go down the street to the Mackenzies' house. Happy October! What did you, like, rat out the mob, or something? And I’m a basket case. Lynda: You know what that dried up fucking bitch did? Laurie Strode: You failed, Michael. Laurie Strode: [screaming and grabbing Tommy] IT'S THE BOOGEYMAN! When she was only two, her six-year-old brother Michael brutally murdered their teenage sister Judith with a butcher knife on Halloween. Will Brennan: Who hasn't? Take off your clothes. Laurie proves that she's the ultimate final girl, ready to face this terrible monster and finish him once and for all. Laurie Strode : [walking around the hospital] I-I need something for my head! John: [His mother won't let him go away on an overnight school camping trip] Dad would let me go. Toggle navigation. ‘Halloween’ 1978 vs. 2018. Plot Point Two I think Richie was just trying to scare you. 1 Was That The Boogeyman? At the end, there's a door. Laurie Strode: This is going to be a long night. It's Halloween. I've waited for him... Laurie Strode : Happy Halloween, Michael. View Quote [to herself] Well, kiddo, I thought you outgrew superstition. While Laurie is in class, she notices a Shape watching her. Laurie and Tommy visit the “spook house” where Michael used to live. Resurrection picks up the thread of Halloween: H2O, with poor Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) now in a psychiatric hospital and determined to shut down homicidal Michael Myers once and for all. The one we all go through sooner or later. Will Brennan: That's terrible. What took you so long? ", A post shared by Halloween Movie (@halloweenmovie) on Feb 13, 2018 at 4:11pm PST, "Michael Myers murdered five people. You're scaring Lindsey. Her family eventually moved to Haddonfield, Illinois, where she attended Haddonfield High School. It's Halloween. I want you to tell them to call the police.

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