mpeg4 stream analyzer

The MTS4EAV7 Closed Caption analyzer is intended for Closed Caption compliance testing and for debugging Closed Caption problems when captions do not appear over video. Section Repetition Interval graph – Displays the interval between two sections of a table on a particular PID. The Program view provides a fast overview of the Transport Stream contents in terms of program content, bit rate use by each program and DVB TR 101 290, ATSC A/78, or ISDB test results. For Ethernet Packets, the RTP/UDP header information is displayed in both real and deferred time and can be used to display packet header information and payload. SI information for "other" transport streams is decoded as well. This is particularly useful in test situations where the effects of varying parameters, such as individual repetition intervals, may be quickly ascertained. The number of days of EPG events displayed are broadcaster dependent, but are not limited by the analyzer. Additionally, certain video codecs such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (AVC) or HEVC (H.265) may contain buffer parameters within the ES itself. Streams can be rebuilt into a larger multiplex stream and new SI/PSIP tables can be customized and added safely with built-in compliance checks. Duration and start/stop times can be changed by “drag and drop” or numerical entry. When looping a Transport Stream to simulate continuous playout, errors can be generated at the loop point caused by discontinuities in timing information. A new ISDB-T Single Segment mode is added in version 3.1. Free software OS: File size: 603KB Portable version Old versions. It can handle PAT, NIT, PMT, BAT, SDT, TOT, TDT, EIT and CAT MPEG-2 … TS Analyser is a free software that allows deep analysis of MPEG-2 transport streams in DVB digital television.. From a file in .TS or .MPG format, the TS Analyser loads the transport stream and displays it in a tree structure with the PSI/SI tables. This allows you to monitor all of the programs in the stream at a high level and then quickly go to lower levels as necessary to locate a problem. The software’s built-in knowledge of table syntax and descriptors ensures compliance and high-quality output of the final multiplexed Transport Stream. [email protected]. This program helps understanding the content of MPEG-2 Transport Stream by displaying its structure and content in a tree based view. Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities including semantic trace view to determine Frame-by-Frame and Block-by-Block encoder decision making. The IP interface enables both generation and capture of compressed video with two modes of simultaneous operation. The MTS4SAV3 software runs on computers with the Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, 64-bit operating system, Separate packages are available for deferred-time transport stream compliance analysis, real-time video over IP transport stream compliance analysis, transport stream multiplexing, elementary stream analysis, PES and buffer analysis, data broadcast carousel analysis, and data broadcast carousel generation, The industry's fastest analysis engine enables reduced time to insight, rapid development, evaluation, deployment, and diagnostics of next-generation DTV and IPTV systems and services, Both transport stream compliance analyzer packages offer the CaptureVu® technology and PCR measurement and graphing capabilities. Version 8.0 enhancements have integrated the previously separate Tracer utility into the Buffer Analyzer application. Enables rapid time to insight when diagnosing at which layer a fault was introduced. Subtable Repetition Interval graph– Displays the time between receiving one complete subtable and receiving the next complete subtable. Elecard Stream Analyzer is a professional video analysis tool for syntax analysis of encoded media streams. With this generation capability, files created by video editing software can be directly used as reference and test sequences for picture quality measurements. Expert mode lets the user set fields and table pointers to illegal conditions for stress and robustness test of network elements and STB decoders. Standards compliance is ensured through built-in customizable scripting supporting the broadest ranges of ratified and evolving DTV standards, including ATSC, DVB-C, DVB-H, DVB-S, DVB-T, ISDB-S, ISDB-T, and MPEG. The Tests view enables you to isolate errors to the specific tests that have been applied to the Transport Stream. From the main window, you can access the following views: CaptureVu® technology captures and analyzes system events in real time and deferred time to debug the intermittent and complex problems that traditional analyzers miss. Whether developing a new codec chip, integrating a codec into professional or consumer equipment, or integrating different vendor’s equipment when rolling out new services, the ability to verify the compliance of an Elementary Stream is crucial. PIDs can be remapped as required. The SI/PSI and PSIP tables view displays the service information tables contained in the analyzed stream which comply with the selected digital video standard. Give us all info about MPEG-2 Program Stream Itself and detailed info about MPEG-2 video. Application software for real-time analysis of transport streams. The one to use by the receiver is signaled within the Elementary Stream itself. dvbsnoop - DVB analyzer / MPEG analyzer program to monitor, analyze, debug, dump or view dvb/mpeg/dsm-cc/mhp stream information (TS, PES, SECTION) (e.g. The Trace view provides details of the buffer movements for in-depth analysis of the results. Free recorded webinar ►. The MTS4SAV3 Transport Stream Analyzer offers significant enhancements over traditional software-based MPEG analyzers when operating in deferred time (stored streams). In addition, a display of the mean IP Packet Interarrival Time (PIT) histogram is available. Syntax analysis of encoded media streams. It also contain a bitrate viewer and a gop structure viewer. The combination of an innovative high-speed analysis engine and built-in intelligence allows ultra-fast pinpointing and debugging of intermittent faults in MPEG Transport Streams. They are far smaller than the original TS files and thus useful to add as e-mail attachments. Professional MPEG & DVB Monitoring Core Features: Decoding of all SI tables and descriptors defined in ISO 13818-1 MPEG-2; Decoding of all DVB SI tables and descriptors defined in ETSI EN 300 468 V1.15.1; Identification of HBBTV, MHP, MHEG-5 and OpenTV interactive Services; Monitoring and Downloading of DSM-CC Object Carousels The captured stream can also be permanently stored on the hard disk for subsequent reanalysis with the deferred-time TSCA application. Trace entries are included in the Synchronization feature for ease of diagnosis. The occupancy level for each buffer within the model (3 for video, 2 for audio, and 2 for PSI) is plotted on a graph for each PES being analyzed. Cross-layer timing provides the user with an at-a-glance view of timing at IP, TS, and PES Layers. Users can configure the TSCA software to display stream information in user-selected fonts. In addition to displaying a video thumbnail, the video format parameters from within ES headers are also displayed and can be checked for consistency with Transport Stream layer signaling of video parameters. Rugged portable analyzer for on-the-go troubleshooting . By quickly identifying different fields of interest, DVBAnalyzer helps developers, broadcasters, system integrators and field engineers during maintenance, development and testing of equipment, network and services. TSReaderLite - TSReader is a transport stream analyzer, decoder, recorder and stream manipulator for MPEG2 systems. The TSCA is also able to display PTS Arrival Interval graphing in real time or deferred time, and includes PTS-PCR and DTS-PCR graphs to detect possible Receiver buffer under- and overflow problems. The Ethernet port (standard with most PCs running the MTS4SAV3 software) provides 10/100BASE-T or Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for monitoring IP streams carrying MPEG video. The VQS1000 performs a full decode on the video stream that allows operators to determine the source of a problem (content source, network distribution, etc.). The user can then demultiplex this Transport Stream into its component PES. Consequences of these conditions are freeze frames and receiver resets. The EPG view allows at-a-glance checking across many EIT tables and can be set to any time zone from local time, UTC, or the Transport Stream time itself. This provides the maximum amount of useful information while keeping the screen from appearing cluttered. In addition, audio diagnostics allow operators to analyze audio loudness related problems to the ITU-R BS.1770/1771 audio loudness standard. Verification of the H.264/AVC HRD method is covered by the MTS4EA product. Link to StreamScope remote transport stream monitors. The TSCA software can be purchased to run stand-alone on computers with the Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, 64-bit operating system. The computer hosting the MTS4SAV3 software needs to meet the following requirements: At least one of the following options must be ordered. MPEG-2 transport streams processed by TSReader can come from a series of sources such as satellite, terrestrial and cable systems along with network streams in various formats such as UDP, RTP and HTTP as well as DVB-ASI and SMPTE-310M standards used in broadcasting. The multiplexer accepts any recorded Transport Stream as an input source. RTSP • Real Time Streaming Protocol • The protocol is used for establishing and controlling media sessions between end points • Similar to HTTP – DESCRIBE responses will show media type 8. Learn more. When you select a specific PID, MIP, or IP, session-only packets carrying that particular PID, MIP, or session are displayed. The error log is automatically filtered by the selected test, and can also be filtered by PID. MPEG-2 Transport Stream packet analyser enables decoding and low level analysis of ISO/DVB/AVCHD transport streams. Email us with comments, questions or feedback. 1Network traffic loading is specified to 600 Mb/s maximum bit rate. Application software for real-time analysis of SD- and HD-SDI signals. UDP sessions carrying MPEG TS traffic are indicated and may be selected for analysis and recording. Stream Analyzer. The MTS4SAV3 also introduces real-time Video over IP analysis and recording with the users' own Microsoft Windows PCs equipped with a standard 10/100 or Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC). This saves the user from having to use an external video source to apply any required video input to the device under test. New standards and proprietary tables can easily be catered for by loading Tektronix-supplied updates or creating your own custom scripts. The TSCA supports triggered recording, allowing the user to set up a sophisticated trigger condition. MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer. The combination of an innovative high-speed analysis engine and built-in intelligence allows ultra-fast pinpointing and debugging of intermittent faults in MPEG Transport Streams. By quickly identifying the problem areas, the TSCA software helps you save time during the development and test of equipment, networks, and services. Of critical importance among these characteristics is adherence to the buffer model. Elementary stream video decode and analysis for VC-1, H.265 (HEVC), AVC/H.264, MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 and H.263; Audio decode and waveform display of MPEG-2 Audio (ISO/IEC 13818 parts 3/7), AC-3, and MPEG-4 AAC; Closed Caption display and analysis Individual events are color coded and shown as blocks; each block (and its associated tooltip) displays event information extracted from the EIT. Scripting allows new or custom tables to be added. Real time multi function streaming video and SDI analyzer for continuous reporting of stream health to supervisory systems that can make instantaneous decisions about automatically switching in alternative resources to maintain quality level and enhance user satisfaction. Video thumbnails with video wall, summary, and ES header information views enable users to choose whether to see many channels' thumbnails simultaneously or view detailed descriptions of one at a time. Most, if not all, stream analyzers incorporate these tests to provide a common set of measurements. The services displayed will depend on the node selected in the navigation view. This shows the data bytes (in both hexadecimal number format and ASCII character format), for the selected table, version, and section. Audio decode and waveform display of MPEG-2 audio (ISO/IEC 13818 parts 3 and 7), AC-3, and MPEG-4 AAC are also supported. ... via simple double click on a program entry an appropriate IP streamer gets created to stream all relevant program data to another application, e.g. When you select a PID, the associated summary view provides a PID-oriented overview of the Transport Stream, displaying the relative data rates of all of the PIDs contained within the stream. Does dvbsnoop analyze MPEG video/audio stream content? IP Layer timing can be analyzed using statistical display of mean IP Packet Interarrival Time (histograms). Even if there is a similar one, vital components within it may be missing or suffer from a lack of SI (system information) or other tables, or are multiplexed to the incorrect Transport Stream rate for the application. In addition to the standard 1st, 2nd, and 3rd priority tests included in TR 101 290 standard, tests are available for PCR timing, IP Layer measurements, and program/PID bit rate. MPEG 2 Transport Stream analyzer. MPEG-2 Transport Stream packet analyser enables decoding and low level analysis of ISO/DVB transport streams. Copyright © 2020 Triveni Digital. VISUALmpeg ES / VQA / PRO VISUALmpeg ES/VQA/PRO is a software based analyser Suite for MPEG / H.264 compressed video files. GUI Gtk based, this program use a DVB tuner as TS source, written on top of Linux DVB API. All rights reserved. The analyzer combines the most important MPEG analyzer features into one single product: Decode all MPEG and DVB service information down to the descriptor level. The technical report TR 101 290 entitled “Measurement Guidelines for DVB Systems” is the basis for nearly all transport or MPEG stream analyzers. The program operates with MPEG-2 PS/TS and VES files with the following formats: MPEG-1 Video/Audio, MPEG-2 Video/Audio, AAC, AC-3, AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H.265. To keep analysis up to date, flexibility is the key. The T-STD method is based upon the DTS values within the PES header and can be used for any contained codec type. H.265 (HEVC) and H.264 Elementary Streams can also be multiplexed into a Transport Stream. The Packet view displays information about all of the packets found in the Transport Stream grouped according to content or for IP streams, Ethernet Packets can be displayed for the session. Errors that are detected at lower levels in the program stream hierarchy propagate up to the highest level. TV Viewer, ASN.1 Decoder, HLS Player, TS Player Real-time analysis can be resumed at any time. The analysis results are stored in a Buffer Model Results (BMR) file to save having to reanalyze the same file. The demultiplexer is an Elementary Stream diagnostic and can be used to extract H.264 and VC-1 Elementary Streams from a Transport Stream. Both packages offer CaptureVu® technology plus IP and TS measurement, logging, and graphing capabilities. The Packet Identifier (PID) view displays information about all of the PIDs found in the Transport Stream. A variability test enables you to test the changes in the bit rate of a specific PID. Design verification and debug/analysis may involve MPEG-2 TS testing as well as the evaluation of the elementary stream data. When the selected Elementary Stream PID contains PCR information, PCR trend analysis views are available, displaying graphs of: PCR accuracy, PCR arrival interval, PCR overall jitter, PCR frequency offset, and PCR drift rate. Qualify – AVC/MP2 video quality analyzer. The Event panel shows the events for one or more services, depending on the node selected. SdEye is a waveform analyzer for SD- and HD-SDI signals, while the StreamXpert is a transport-stream analyser. For simple, high-level information dumped to file, I can't help wondering if the most suitable thing is an instrumented decoder. MPEG-2 Transport Stream technology continues to thrive in a variety of applications including next generation compression H.264 or MPEG-4 encoders. The header associated with each PES packet is of particular interest, as it contains the decode and presentation time stamps (DTS and PTS) for the contained Elementary Stream. This cross-check enables the operator to verify that the format of the content in the stream matches the format that they have signaled. Information displayed for each session includes: For real time, data contained in the most recently received MIP is interpreted and displayed in a view depicting each field value. ProjectX - DVB demux Tool, not really for analyzing, more for demuxing and processing of various types of MPEG streams. Qualify is an elementary stream analyzer for MPEG-2 and AVC video and complements the HEVC analysis provided by Zond 265.. StreamXpert – Real-time stream analyzer. In addition, it both analyzes and displays a range of extended media formats, including ATSC Closed Captions, DVB Subtitles, and Teletext associated with video Elementary Streams. This includes ATSC PSIP, DVB, and ISDB service information and MPEG program-specific information. This allows connection to a streaming IP video source for Video over IP analysis with CaptureVu® technology. In addition to TR 101 290, there are many tests that are specific to ATSC A/78, ISDB-T, and ISDB-S streams. CaptureVu® technology captures and analyzes system events in real time (IP only) and deferred time to debug the intermittent and complex problems that traditional analyzers miss, Innovative program-centric user interface brings expert power to the novice user, Broadest and deepest range of analysis for legacy and next-generation compressed standards including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, H.⁠265 (HEVC), and VC-1Â, H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) thumbnail decode, buffer analysis, and multiplexing provide the most powerful suite of tools for creation and analysis of transport streams containing H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) content, supporting the needs of customers transitioning from MPEG-2 to H.264 and H.265 technologies, Customizable scripting supports the broadest range of ratified and evolving worldwide DTV standards, Use the analysis software on multiple computers connected to your network (Option FLT), Equipment manufacturers - research and development, CaptureVu® technology allows rapid isolation and debugging of equipment and system faults, Multiplexer/remultiplexer allows flexible test stream creation and modification, Rapid and in-depth analysis of selected elements of transport streams to confirm functionality and compliance to standards, Set-top box buffer testing and verification, Elementary stream analysis for codec design and optimization, Equipment manufacturers – manufacturing test, Equipment test is simplified and faster with CaptureVu® and the high-speed analysis engine of the MTS4SAV3 analyzer, Multiplexer/remultiplexer allows custom test stream creation for fast and flexible equipment stress testing, CaptureVu® technology allows isolation of intermittent network problems that other analyzers are not capable of isolating, Tests contribution feeds or encoder outputs, multiplexer inputs/outputs (IP only), and IP encapsulators, Tests PCR insertion, recovery, and regeneration equipment, Encoder and other equipment fault diagnosis and evaluation, Analysis of transport streams to confirm correct system operation and isolate faults during installation and commissioning, Powerful TS Compliance Analyzer with CaptureVu® technology – integrated tool both in real time (IP only) and deferred time, CaptureVu® technology captures and analyzes system events in real time and deferred time, Analysis engine that can analyze at up to 400 Mb/s offers greatly reduced deferred analysis time (up to 90% reduction compared with traditional analyzers). dvbsnoop is a mpeg analyzer for viewing/debugging mpeg or dvb based stream information, send via digital TV. When the trigger condition is met, the live input stream is captured to disk without stopping or pausing real-time analysis. Stream Analyzer is a part of StreamEye Studio. Red, amber, and green LEDs highlight errors associated with each program or element. The MPEG Transport Stream Compliance Analyzer (TSCA) enables monitoring and interpretation of the contents of real-time, previously recorded, or synthesized Transport Streams using the latest ATSC, DVB, ISDB, and MPEG standards. The test output from the device can then be simultaneously captured by the PC. CaptureVu® technology also supports triggering events based upon IP Layer measurements providing integrated cross-layer fault analysis and logging in a single box solution for network fault diagnosis. Download Manuals, Datasheets, Software and more: The products on this datasheet are no longer being sold by Tektronix. TSReader is a very popular MPEG-2 transport stream analyzer. MPEG-2 Transport Stream Sources compatible with TSReader. Subtable Intersection Gap graph – Displays the interval between sections in a particular subtable. DVB Analyzer - ATSC Analyzer - ISDB Analyzer : Real-Time Analysis and Monitoring of MPEG, EPG, Subtitle, Closed Captions, Teletext, DSM-CC, MHP, HbbTV. It can be used for fault-finding, equipment and system testing, software development and learning about how digital television systems work. Upgrade options for existing MTS4SAV3 or MTS4SA software. Engineers can clearly see and validate the presence of impairments on the image using unique impairment displays that highlight the location and severity of video defects. The TSCA can be run in deferred-time or real-time for analysis of compressed video streams carried over an IP interface. A bitstream editor allows the effects of planned encoder updates to be quickly understood. A Synchronization feature allows for comparisons at a particular point in time between each of the graphs and individual log entries. The MTS4SAV3 Transport Stream Analyzer offers significant enhancements over traditional software-based MPEG analyzers when operating in deferred time (stored streams). The Carousel Generator is used for creating object carousel contents within an output Transport Stream. Transport Stream packets are time stamped as they are received from any Network Interface Card, allowing PCR measurements and graphing to be supported. Real-time video and audio decode enables the user of the analyzer to select a program from within a Transport Stream and display the decoded video for viewing or listen to the audio. The user can select one or more PES to analyze for conformance to the T-STD model according to the buffer parameters for the codec type in question. A specific test can be selected to display its event log and parameters. The information can be displayed as either a bar chart or as a pie chart. Video wall, summary, and detail views enable the user to choose whether to see many channels’ thumbnails simultaneously or view detailed info of one at a time. The Section view uses customizable script files, which allow you to specify and view proprietary information.Â. For analysis of MPEG-4, HEVC/H.265, AVC/H.264, and VC-1 and MPEG-2 Elementary Streams, please refer to the MTS4EAV7 HEVC/AVC ES Analyzer. Pop-up menus enable fast limit selection. PCR graphs are available in real time and deferred time. The view includes hyperlinks enabling you to quickly access related information within other tables and views. The MTS4SAV3 Transport Stream Analyzer is a new class of analysis tool, the world’s first compressed digital video debugger/analyzer that includes Tektronix CaptureVu® technology, a capability that captures and analyzes system events in real time to debug the intermittent and complex problems that traditional analyzers miss. There are two types of buffer model. StreamScope analyzers enable you to troubleshoot all aspects of MPEG-2/4 transport streams, with real-time multiple signal analysis over all layers, ensuring your DTV services meet industry and viewer standards. The multiplexer allows all the standard ATSC/DVB/ISDB and MPEG PSIP/SI and PSI tables and descriptors to be added or edited. - daniep01/MPEG-2-Transport-Stream … Additional features include address/port replication, dropped TS packets, error insertion, and IP packet jitter creation. Graphs may be zoomed for ease of use. One or more MPEG Player applications can be open to stream TS file over the PC NIC. Xpect Mosaic – 24/7 TS monitoring and multiviewer. The generator will create object carousels conforming to the MPEG-2 DSM-CC, DVB, DTT (MHEG-5), or MHP standards. When a Transport Stream EPG is selected, a panel shows the names of the services listed in the Event panel. Analyzing all aspects of DVB/ATSC/ISDB Transport Streams. An inconsistency could cause the STB to be unable to decode video and the viewers to lose their pictures. This time stamp is compatible with recordings from other Tektronix equipment including the MTM400 and MTM400A Transport Stream Monitors. digital television) send via satellite, cable or terrestrial. Using real-time analysis, live streams can be monitored on a continuous basis and can also be paused for more detailed deferred-time analysis. These PES, or elementary video and audio streams, can be grouped together into logical groups – Programs of video, audio, and other associated data (such as Teletext / Closed Caption and MHP applications) with the original timing preserved. Time stamping data makes sure that these can be captured and viewed on stream recordings. PQASW is picture quality analysis software based on the concepts of the human vision system which provides repeatable, objective quality measurements that closely correspond with subjective human visual assessment. CaptureVu® technology lets the user set a breakpoint on a specific test or event and, when the breakpoint occurs, a dialog will show the breakpoint condition and exact location of the packet within the Transport Stream. H.264 bitstream analyzer MPEG-4 AVC / H.264. Creating, editing, and resizing Transport Streams. MTS4SAV3 MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer Datasheet, Low-level Instrument/Sensitive and Specialty Instruments. The MTS4SAV3 provides two direct stream manipulation applications for creating, editing, and resizing Transport Streams: Use the Multiplexer/Remultiplexer/Demultiplexer application to create multiprogram Transport Streams with custom SI/PSI/PSIP information for DVB, ATSC, ISDB, and MPEG compliant Transport Streams (see details below). Errors in these time stamps may cause resets or picture freeze problems at the receiver in extreme cases. Synchronized displays allow the user to quickly ascertain the details of each reported error. MPE data (internet IP sessions over MPEG TS) can be viewed as a separate entry for each MPE session either detected within the TS, or manually signaled since the view became active. Manufacturer of test instruments for telecommunications (field strength meters, spectrum analyzers, fibre optics, fusion splicers), digital modulators, educational training equipment and … There are different versions available supporting different kind of analysis features. Results files may be opened directly in the Buffer Analyzer, whereby logs, graphs, and Trace contents (maximum of 7000 entries) are repopulated. Worldwide DTV standards (ATSC, DVB, and ISDB) supported through powerful user-definable scripting – offers flexibility to adapt product for customer's own protocols: MPE, SFN, H.264, H.265 (HEVC), VC-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and DVB-H table support, ATSC Closed Caption checking gives a visual indication to the user of whether closed captioning is signaled and/or present in a stream and tests whether PMT and EIT signaling are consistent with the actual Closed Captioning present within the video signal, SD and HD H.264, H.265 (HEVC), and MPEG2 video thumbnails with real-time video and audio decode available for unscrambled services, Bit rate measurements to TR 101 290 MGB2 Profile, Elementary Stream Analysis support (including H.265 (HEVC), H.264, VC-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and 3GPP), Buffer Analysis for testing T-STD buffer performance of H.265 (HEVC), H.264/AVC and MPEG-2 video codec streams, Multiplexer application for creating and manipulating content into Transport Streams – the world’s first offline multiplexer with support for manipulating H.265 (HEVC) and H.264/AVC content into Transport Streams, Data Broadcast Generation and Analysis packages for validating data broadcast products and services, Unicode support displays service information in the user’s local language (including double-byte character sets such as Chinese and Japanese), Error logs can be output in CSV or XML formats for compatibility with office applications supplied as standard, Program-centric summary screen with go/no-go error indication of user-specified tests, SD and HD video thumbnails and real-time video and audio decode – H.264, H.265 (HEVC), and MPEG-2 supported, Ability to recognize JPEG2K and HEVC video carried in Transport Stream, PCR, PTS, and Mean IP Packet Interarrival Time (PIT) graphing and measurement display, Packet view for TS Packets, TS Sections, and IP Packets, Real- and deferred-time analysis share the same displays and user interface, Easy program-centric UI quickly isolates information of interest, CaptureVu® technology captures and analyzes system events in real or deferred time, In-depth analysis of stored Transport Streams including support for MPEG, ATSC, DVB, ISDB, Data summaries and automated filters simplify the analysis of complex Transport Streams, Cross-layer Timing provides user with “at-a-glance” view of timing across multiple layers, enabling rapid time to insight when used with IP interfaces to diagnose at which layer a fault was introduced, Statistical display of mean IP Packet Interarrival Time (histograms), IP real- or deferred-time inspection and analysis down to the IP Packet level – uses industry-standard PCAP file format for use with files captured using Wireshark (Ethereal), Syntax analysis and display supported for ISDB-T, TMCC, and IIP data, including One Seg support, Consistency checks performed between SI, TMCC, and IIP data, ATSC Closed Caption support and consistency checking, Proprietary PSI/SI syntax section rate error testing, Unicode support enables service information to be displayed in Japanese, Chinese, or other languages, Batch mode for integration into automated regression test systems, DVB TR 101 290 1st, 2nd, 3rd priority tests, ATSC A/78, ISDB, or proprietary tests, IP Layer measurements, including PIT tests, RTP dropped packet count and rate, out-of-order packets count and rate, Multiplex occupancy outside user-defined bit rate limits, In triggered recording mode, the size of the pretrigger buffer can be specified as a percentage of the overall file size range from 0 to 100%.

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