how to style food for photography

If you wan’t to read more, you’ll find more posts on my website As food photographers/stylists, food is our main muse and model. So most of us also tend to be foodies and cooking enthusiasts. So here are 10 tips to help you improve your food styling, naturally. Use paper to add texture to plates. In this post, we are only looking into the first method, which is also the easiest. © 2018 - All Rights Reserved, creativity/, https:// So I thought it would work well with a sugar shell (and it did)! Food stylists found ways to make them prettier. This is how Kheer brûlée first popped in my mind. I am Jayashree. Food Photography – An Introduction 1. Choose the right surface: . The food should … 1. You can call me Jay. Know your aesthetic: . Lighting. At least our subjects (mostly) can’t talk. Easy DIY Gift/Cookie Box for Festive Season, Prawn Pulao Recipe | Easy Recipe with Coconut Milk, Almond Turmeric Bliss Balls | Badam Haldi Laddus, Switch-up the appearance and presentation of a dish, Replace or switch-up ingredients or flavours from different cuisines. Whether it is because of the recession or a genuine desire to downsize and simplify, minimalist cooking has … Food styling is an art. If your food doesn’t look good, then it doesn’t matter what kind of equipment or light you have, your shot isn’t going to look good. As food photographers/stylists, food is our main muse and model. When we look at food presented in an appealing way, the pleasure centres in our brains wake up and whirr into action. In order to look appealing, the food you shoot needs to be as fresh as possible. Once you have a shot of the whole food that you love, eat or serve some out and then take another shot. Food Photography - some great tips on how to style your food and make it more photogenic. Do you have any tips of your own that really helped you through you food photography journey? Your Table Setting Can Make Or Break Your Food Photographs. Find similar posts on food styling here and here. Culinary heritages and traditional recipes are of course valuable and must be preserved. Food Photography Image via Shutterstock. NEW food photography video - five tips to improve your food photography: In this food photography and food … This blog is a reflection of my passion-for food and photography and occasional musings about everything under the clear blue sky. Like custard, which is the basis for Crème brûlée, Kheer is a simple, milk based dessert. Some plates of food look better from above (like, pizza), or from the side (burgers), or at a 45-degree angle (drinks). One of the most difficult things about food photography is the food styling. Eating is a multi-sensory act. When you’re eating out or even just flicking through your favourite food mag, take note of what looks appealing and what doesn’t. When I first played around with the butane torch, I did not even bother making the kheer. Pay attention not only to the arrangement of the food itself but to the context that you put it in including... 3. You can read some of my posts on creativity, photography and wellbeing at creativity/. Recently, I added a culinary torch to my food styling toolkit. Food photographers style their images with background dishes, utensils, napkins, and other ingredients in order to draw the eye towards the main subject and add interest to a picture. I’m using this category of food photography as a broad “catch all” category encompassing actual food ads, menus, product brochures, and possibly billboards. While highly decorative China and napery are beautiful on their own, they can detract from the visual impact of the food. Lining plates with parchment or baking paper helps to add visual interest and soften the lines of your plates. Invest in the proper gear, and use the right lenses for landscape photography. When you know you'll be shooting a dish and not just wolfing it down, the appearance of your ingredients becomes a lot more important. The grungy metal pan is a huge distraction to the food. We even try to take advantage of this fact by styling our subjects such that we provide effective visual cues to the viewer. For example, I love the golden, cripsy skin of a well roasted chicken. Even a Kheer-Desensitised viewer might take notice and wonder, if it is presented like a crème brûlée. Share them in the comments below! Their main motivation is comfort, familiarity and stability so when food looks too different from their regular fare, they may never even try sampling a dish, let alone attempt to cook it. Big Sun Photography. I also now know (from Instagram images) that every country/culture has a variation of this dessert, even though it is called by different names in different languages and prepared on different occasions. Lastly, this whole effort might serve a deeper purpose. In this post, let’s look at how we can cook and style fusion dishes so that they make for … Use Natural Ingredients. Vertical photos are larger on my website. Product packaging shots need to show whatever the subject is in the best possible light. This video by The Slanted Lens will give you a lot of ideas on how to style your food for yummy looking photos: The first group is easier to please because their main motivation is to seek new experiences or create new memories. Think about what makes your subject really delicious and then aim to highlight this characteristic in your shot. Get the right kit. This is a guest post by Jules Clancy of Stonesoup. That’s it for now, let’s talk about other effective ways to create unique fusion food subjects soon. Look at any great food photograph and you’ll notice the main dish is rarely the only subject in frame. We won't share it with anyone, Tips For Achieving Blurry Backgrounds When You Don't Have a Fast Lens, Introduction to Shutter Speed in Digital Photography, How to Use Leading Lines for Better Compositions, Comparing a 24mm Versus 50mm Lens for Photographing People, Photokina Shuts Down Due to "Massive Decline in Markets", Two Nikon DSLRs Will Ship Next Year (Plus New F-Mount Lenses), Nikon Will Offer 27 Z Mount Lenses Before 2022 Is Out, Canon Has at Least 7 New RF-Mount Cameras in the Works, How to Create a Watermark with the Pen Tool in Photoshop, Lightroom Color Grading: An Easy Way to Supercharge Your Photos, How to Use Photoshop to Add Lightning to Your Stormy Photographs. And since food is already a great connector of people, removing or reducing a few unnecessary mental blocks can be a great way to win over new audiences. She blogs about her commitment to cooking recipes with no more than 5 ingredients over at Stonesoup. "Not everything needs to be picture perfect," notes Schreiber, "but look for ingredients that are unblemished and have good shapes, especially if you'll be showcasing them raw." It also made me realise that fine white sugar, raw sugar, brown sugar and jaggery powder all burn at a different rate, leaving very different colours and textures of residues! Going by the same logic, if we switch-up the presentation of a dish using non-traditional methods, add some fresh new cues, style the scene differently, we could stimulate curiosity and generate interest. The crunchy sugar shell is what elevates the dish in its taste, texture and appearance. I had pretty white ceramic tart shells though, so I decided to style the new dish like little pies. Sometimes, as photographers, it is our job to present familiar subjects in new and interesting ways. When I style food for food photography, what I have learned over these past few years is that some of my best moments are the unplanned ones. With food styling, aim for a natural look. Props. Use less food than you normally would. Become a Contributor: Check out Write for DPS page

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