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This week a special edition from the Bristol Festival of Economics with Helen Thompson and Adam Tooze talking about what might follow the pandemic. Can Biden use Trump's growing chaos to seal his fate? 19 November 2020. From vaccines to changing patterns of employment, from action on climate to new tensions with China, we explore what the long-term effects of … David Runciman, Helen Thompson and Adam Tooze discuss what might follow the pandemic. October 01, 2020 / Catherine Carr Biden , Trump , president , vote , election , debate , Helen Thompson , David Runciman , Gary Gerstle , one term , USA , America , UK Talking Politics. Politics has never been more unpredictable, more alarming or more interesting: Talking Politics is the podcast that tries to make sense of it all. Diary: The only girl in the moshpit Joanna Biggs. Join David Runciman for this weekly podcast with his guests in Cambridge: talking politics with interesting people. Trump! Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Email Print Search What Just Happened? — David Runciman, Helen Thompson and Gary GerstleDavid Runciman talks to Helen Thompson and Gary Gerstle about the historical precedents for US presidents losing office after a single term. David Runciman and Helen Thompson. What is Dominic Cummings playing at? Every week David Runciman and Helen Thompson talk to the most interesting people around about the ideas and events that shape our world: from history to economics, from philosophy to fiction. Helen Thompson is professor of political economy at Cambridge University and a regular on the Talking Politics podcast. And how much is the Fixed-term Parliaments Act to blame for t… Politics. 19 November 2020. Politics has gone crazy – we’re here to make sense of it all. Talking Politics. Helen Thompson. Post-Covid Economics David Runciman, Helen Thompson and Adam Tooze, 1 December 2020. Plus we talk about the fall-out from the first presidential debate and we ask how the politics of the Supreme Court might intersect with a contested election result. ‎Show TALKING POLITICS, Ep States of Emergency - 1 Apr 2020 ‎David talks to Lea Ypi in Berlin and Helen Thompson in London about the various states of emergency that have been declared around the world. With Helen Thompson, Chris Brooke, Chris Bickerton, Alison Young, Peter Sloman, Kenneth Armstrong, and some overnight reflections from other TP regulars. Can Corbyn get the election he wants? ‎With British politics in disarray, we try to sort out what's a stake - legally, constitutionally and electorally. Post-Covid Economics David Runciman, Helen Thompson and Adam Tooze, 25 November 2020. David Runciman, Helen Thompson and Adam Tooze discuss what might follow the pandemic. Can America really go green when its oil and gas industry employs ten million people? Can Johnson refuse to do what parliament demands? Can Trump use the powers of incumbency to prevent it? If you want to hear more, David and Helen are also on 538 discussing the election result.

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