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Also at zoom level z≥10, railway=light_rail and railway=subway display in ORM as green and dark blue (respectively). Please read United_States/Railways#Editing_Railroads_starting_from_TIGER_data . Equipment; The Route; Minerals and Mining; Independence History; Membership; Links. "NEXT TIME TRY THE TRAIN RELAX Southern Pacific"Billboard detail from Toward Los Angeles, California LOC 3549663710 (cropped).jpg 346 × 142; 22 KB 'Southern Pacific R.R., One 236'-0' Bet. San Antonio. This series is composed of alignments showing the location of right of way, profiles illustrating track elevation, and station plats locating depots, yards, and other facilities. Southern Pacific Railroad and Southern Pacific Company timeline. However, "shining star examples" exist: Bakersfield Subdivision (route=railway), Antelope Valley Line (route=train), BART (route=subway system), Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner Pacific Surfliner (public_transport:version=1 route) and Southwest Chief Southwest Chief (public_transport:version=2 route). By 1883, the line extended all the way to New Orleans. Minkler - Orange Cove - Lindsay - Exeter - Porterville - Terra Bella - Ducor - (gap) - Landco - Bakersfield, An abandoned railroad for a mining operation which also saw passenger service 1898-1933. Ludlow - Baker - Shoshone - Death Valley Jct. NCRA's present status is not known, except that because the Act is now law, NCRA is in the process of being dissolved, or perhaps tasked with solely administrating the entirety of the railtrail; please clarify as this develops. We recommend you include the following information in your citation. Financed by SP, the PE grew to become the world’s largest interurban electric railway network. Here is an Overpass Turbo query which may be helpful. Zayante - Clems - Glenwood - Laurel - Wrights - Los Gatos. Home; About Us; Reference; Maps of the Union Pacific Current Public UP Maps. Look below the item for additional data you may want to include. Union Pacific abandoned this south of about Cover Street, not known when. As this (GRW) project progresses beyond its beginnings in 2020, please update any known proceedings which either remove tracks or develop specific railtrail segments, adding railtrail-specific semantics accordingly (e.g. Green means that the route's TIGER data in OSM are fully reviewed. SP’s vast system even included narrow gauge railroad operations in California and Nevada. Needs a lot of work! At its high point the mighty SP's system stretched from Portland, OR, to New Orleans, LA, with many branchlines and secondary mainlines covering the country in between. There are entries in the Railtrail and "Transitway" table (above) which contain significant segments of abandoned rail. Rumored to have continued to San Francisco Bay at Alviso (on what are now Vasona Industrial Lead and Coast Subdivision?). Salt Lake. MBSST) a railtrail immediately parallels active or semi-active rail along its ROW. Major structure was split off from this wiki: for California's active freight rail, see California/Railroads/Active, for California's active passenger rail, see California/Railroads/Passenger. Mount Shasta - McCloud - (Burney) - Hambone, Segments Mount Shasta, Yard and a short segment of Main east of McCloud were active for the Shasta Sunset Dinner Train (defunct since 2010). The ROW used to be Burbank Branch Line which provided passenger rail service from 1904 to 1920 and by Pacific Electric streetcars from 1938 to 1952. An abandoned 3 ft (914 mm) narrow-gauge railroad which may be in the process of restoration at Laws, California. Berryessa/Bayshore - Kelley Park - Willow Glen - Vasona Branch, Western Pacific (WP) to Union Pacific (UP) to abandonment or thereabouts; some segments are tagged, Riverview - Willow Point - Coniston - Central - Greendale - Sorroca - Valdez, Not known when this was abandoned. Currently yards are moderately correct, but can use improvement from newer real-world data or imagery. You lose! Northwestern Pacific Railroad Co. Western. (Without usage=* ORM displays no overlay). These are often tagged highway=cycleway or highway=footway depending on whether they prefer or allow bicycle or pedestrian traffic. California's 2018 Great Redwood Trail Act repurposes railroad right-of-way (ROW) from Eureka (Humboldt County) to the San Francisco Bay in Marin County for use as the "Great Redwood Trail" (rail-trail tagged ref=GRW). This is a very storied route and much data seem available but OSM must be cautious about what can be entered while adhering to our ODbL. The company was originally chartered in California on December 2, 1865, as the Southern Pacific Railroad Company. Remaining TIGER-derived tags on disused and abandoned rail continue to improve. Seven light rail systems are in California: Los Angeles Metro, San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni), San Diego Trolley, VTA in Silicon Valley, Sacramento RT Light Rail, SMART and North County Transit District's SPRINTER, the eighth will be OC Streetcar. Ways are usually tagged railway=abandoned, occasionally railway=disused or rarely railway=razed. Map of California. Subways (underground, FTA-defined "heavy rail" tagged railway=subway) include Bay Area Rapid Transit (tagged passenger=suburban) and Los Angeles Metro's Red and Purple lines (tagged passenger=urban). Co-owned by SP and AT&SF. In addition to its significant collection of Pacific Electric equipment, the Museum preserves over 25 cars and locomotives from the Southern Pacific including U-Boat freight locomotive 3100 and San Diego & Arizona Eastern (an SP subsidiary) passenger combine 175. or Pacific Harbor Line (? San Francisco Bay (near Newark) - East Palo Alto, The portion actually IN San Francisco Bay connecting to Redwood Junction Industrial Lead, Warm Springs Subdivision (San José near N 3rd St) - Coast Subdivision (San José near Capitol VTA), What is known and entered needs no additional TIGER attention. Los Angeles. Paralleling the SMART (and Northwestern Pacific Rail) right-of-way(s), a new bike-ped rail-trail. Main map shows western states and includes relief by hachures, drainage, cities and towns, township and ranges, counties, railroads, and proposed railroads. Spur line from the Blythe Subdivision to Riverview Farm & Cattle during 1954-1982. However, even without either of these data being in OSM, because of TIGER rail entry and especially because usage=* clearly displays in ORM, a largely correct California rail infrastructure is seen. So, both of these tasks are important to complete. Mapped southeast of Leastalk, except for a segment in the Vontrigger Hills no longer traceable. Bounded by the Mojave Desert to the north and the Sonoran Desert to the south, the sink lies 70 meters below sea level at the bottom of the Salton Trough. (ORM denotes underground rail or tunnels with desaturated color). Appears to have been a military spur to serve Camp SLO. Coast. The Southern Pacific Transportation Company, commonly called the Southern Pacific, operates several transcontinental railroad routes connecting the Pacific Coast with the gateway cities of Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis, and New Orleans. There remain abandoned segments (Hamilton - Colusa - Ordbend) not entered. Now tagged, Avila Beach - San Luis Obispo - Arroyo Grande - Nipomo - Santa Maria, Orcutt - Los Alamos - Los Olivos, An abandoned narrow-gauge (914 mm) railroad hauling freight and passengers from 1882-1941, Parts of this are now known as Joe Rodota Trail, a. Not much is known about this abandoned railway. However, SP had only limited influences in Oregon east of the Cascades. Name is likely wrong. Abandoned in stages in 1960, 1976 and early 2000s. Also found in Rail Trail section. General map, at top of sheet, covers the United States and shows the railroad network. Kaiser Steel closed the mine and railway in 1986. An abandoned 45 km mining monorail to mine magnesium sulfate during 1924-1926. Emeryville Shellmound Park entrance.jpg 1,023 × 702; 79 KB. railbanked segments are much of what are shown below as the formerly-NCRA-owned Willits Segment (except area around Willits Yard for CWR/SERA "Skunk Train" remains active for some light freight and mixed passenger traffic there) and all of formerly-NCRA-owned Eel River Block and Humboldt Bay Block. Much can benefit from review and/or improvement, especially TIGER Review and improving route=train and other passenger rail relations from public_transport:version=1 to public_transport:version=2. It can be a bit of a coin-toss whether they should be here or there. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for ORIG 1908 SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD SYSTEM MAP PACIFIC DIV in CALIFORNIA OREGON at the best online prices at eBay! Thank you! Union Pacific (via Southern Pacific) abandoned this, not known when. A 4.5 mile narrow gauge railroad in Picacho that ran between a mine and a stamp mill during the 1900s decade. Still, distance to completion remains, especially around OGRE (see below). Heritage . These tables are incomplete. This strongly implies that all other relation attributes are correct, but this isn't always strictly true; see Notes/Status column. Im Jahr 1996 wurde die Southern Pacific Railroad durch die Union Pacific Railroad übernommen. Los Angeles Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (LA-ICTF) and/or Union Pacific Long Beach ICTF, Port of Los Angeles Railroads (?) In 1885, the Southern Pacific leased the Central Pacific Railroad, which was the western half of the nation’s first transcontinental railroad. Here is an Overpass Turbo query which may be helpful. Founded in 1865, the Southern Pacific (SP) was originally created as a rail line from San Francisco to San Diego. ), Cajon, Needles, Mojave (terminus of all three), Recent Bing imagery shows substantial rebuilding work to do in OSM, Centralized Equipment Maintenance & Operations Facility, Caltrain/Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board, San Diego's San Ysidro district (at the Mexico/US border), Susanville west to Mason Station on BNSF's Gateway Subdivision, Downtown Burbank - near North Hollywood Metro Station. General map, at top of sheet, covers the United States and shows the railroad network. Map. Acquired by the Southern Pacific. Eventually, Pajaro/Watsonville - Aptos - Capitola - Santa Cruz - Davenport), Immediately parallel to Santa Cruz Branch rail (with which it shares ROW) emerges mixed-use (pedestrian/bicycle) trail MBSST, also known as CycleNet 40. This Overpass Turbo query identifies the scope of the work yet to do by displaying unreviewed (or "less reviewed") TIGER rail in California: as of 2020-Q3, <1890 ways. The beautiful orange and gold Daylight colors remain among the most recognizable in railroading, thanks in part to preserved steam locomotive SP 4449. Parts of this are now known as El Dorado Trail, a, San Anselmo - Larkspur - Mill Valley - Sausalito. approach (to platform locations and amenities): plant seeds (platforms), and green shoots (version 2 train routes) can and do grow! Union Pacific (via Southern Pacific) abandoned this, not known when. Victoria. Please read United_States/Railways#Editing_Railroads_starting_from_TIGER_data . The merging of the Central with the Southern Pacific was the inspiration of Leland Stanford, Collis P. Huntington, Mark Hopkins, and Charles Crocker. A small portion is active to serve Luther Industrial Spur. (8th. There may be damage to tracks in places due to flooding/washouts. Closer ORM zoom levels (z≥11) display railway=tram as pink (notably, San Francisco's Cable Cars). Further ongoing review and correction are welcome as these continue to expand and improve, especially in Los Angeles County. BNSF abandoned rail, not known exactly when. Another goal is for all route=train relations (California/Railroads/Passenger) to contain accurate relation memberships of properly named track infrastructure, also largely done, yet slightly incomplete. All fields are required. Supports Laws Railroad Museum? It is incomplete as there are dozens of rail yards in California. Absorbed by Western Pacific and abandoned. Fearing competition from Henry Huntington and his rapidly expanding Pacific Electric Railway, SP engaged in a fierce battle for control of the region’s interurban railways in the first decade of the 20th Century. Lone Pine Subdivision near Ash Creek Road (Mono County) - Lone Pine - Bishop - Chicago Canyon - Mound House (Nevada). DIVISION MAPS - JUNE 1946. The SP went on to become one of the giants of US railroading, stretching from the Pacific Northwest into Texas and New Orleans. Thro'. Formerly part of Porterville-Orosi District. View source image on the Online Archive of California. Terms & Conditions. Image / Map of the Central Pacific Railroad, Southern Pacific Railroad, and connections. July 8, 1996 Updated: Feb. 2, 2012 8:39 p.m. Facebook Twitter Email. Eventually, all rail subdivisions (railway=* elements not tagged service=*) should be in properly named route=railway relations. & C. Colton & Co. - Southern Pacific Railroad Company Date: 1876 It operates over Southern Pacific Railroad (SP) tracks (now Union Pacific Railroad) under a long-term lease.. Starting in Ukiah, but envisioned to become >400 km long, from Arcata to possibly as far south as Larkspur. Home; About #18. The railroad officials left the decision of the choice of two routes to the toss of the coins. In its heyday, the Southern Pacific was the most powerful company in California. In OSM, "transitway" emerges: Metro G Line Orange is not railtrail, it is best considered "transitway" as the ROW is access=no and there are parallel segments for bicycles and pedestrians. Das zusammen mit der Central Pacific Railroad und nach der Fusion mit der Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad betriebene Streckennetz wurde unter dem Namen Southern Pacific Lines vermarktet. Lafayette. When more finality is known, the table entries of Willits Segment, Eel River Block and Humboldt Bay Block may move to this (Railtrails) wiki section. Where a (multi-use) pathway is designated for pedestrians but also allows bicycles, tag highway=footway and bicycle=yes. Houston. Flooding in Van Nuys, February 1914. Shasta. Kenneth Howe, Chronicle Staff Writer. A 10 km industrial spur owned by Tulare Valley Railroad, operated by SJVR under contract to Cannella Chemical, its only customer. Free shipping for many products! This page was last edited on 25 November 2020, at 20:39. Willota - Vacaville Junction - Vacaville - Dixon? Tucson. San Joaquin. edn. SP was also famous for its California passenger trains, most notably the Daylights between Los Angeles and the San Francisco. Lines, expressed as route=railway relations, that don't have regular traffic but with all infrastructure in place. By 1868, it extended to New Orleans. McCloud, easterly and southerly with Burney Branch, Santa Cruz County (Under construction in phases. Continuing into the brand-new 35,000-square-foot History Center building, and moving past the entrance to the well-stocked and SP-themed Gift Shop, interested SP scholars will be able to take advantage of the large Public Archives, Reading Room, and Conference Room.The SPRHC Archives represent one of the most significant and comprehensive publicly-accessible collections of Southern Pacific data.

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