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What can he add to this? You must consider the following: The scene in detail up to the death of Juliet. Which modern lamentations might have moved? it is not yet near day: It was the nightingale, and not the lark, That pierced the fearful hollow of thine ear; Nightly she sings on yon pomegranate-tree: Believe me, love, it was the nightingale. Lady, come out of this place of death, disease, and unnatural sleep. I beg you, young man, don’t make me commit more sins by provoking me to fight you. I’ll sprinkle it with perfume every night, or in lieu of scent, I’ll sprinkle it with my own tears distilled from my sadness. Eyes, look for the last time! On my life, I order you to stay here. What’s this? How oft when men are at the point of death Have they been merry! Click on any scene below for a side-by-side translation from the original Shakespeare into modern English. Do as I asked you to. Designed to support English teachers, non-specialist teachers and teaching assistants in identifying and ‘fixing’ problems in students’ writing. ... Mercutio's death. Saint Francis lead me on! Romeo and Juliet. MONTAGUE O thou untaught! I brought Romeo news of Juliet’s death. And for not dealing with your feud I, too, have lost two family members. [Juliet appears above at a window.] ROMEO AND JULIET Script Editor: MICHELLE MONTEGRANDE SCENE 1: A Street in Verona NARRATOR 1: You are about to hear the story of a bitter quarrel between two rich and powerful families, and the grief and bloodshed it brought to both. Juliet is waking up. Oh, you are pale! 2690 [Enter FRIAR LAURENCE and PARIS, with Musicians] Friar Laurence. Learn Old English forms with what is probably the most romantic scene in the world's literature, and certainly the most famous scene from Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet". K. Deighton. I see that poison has been his untimely end. This is where a grudge breaks to new mutiny and civil blood makes civil hands unclean. BALTHASAR I brought my master news of Juliet's death;And then in post he came from MantuaTo this same place, to this same monument.This letter he early bid me give his father,And threatened me with death, going in the vault,I departed not and left him there. Act 4, Scene 1 . I will go call the watch. I’ll apprehend him. Ah, what an unkind hourIs guilty of this lamentable chance!The lady stirs. Is that hated monster keeping you in this tomb to be his lover? Some greater power than we can know has thwarted our plans. I’m afraid for him and I doubt he’ll do what he threatened. I’ll kiss your lips. London: Macmillan. You’re going to provoke me? How oft when men are at the point of deathHave they been merry! It seems she killed herself. In addition to traditional live stage performance rights, Romeo and Juliet (Modern English) can also be performed under the following scenarios. There’s blood on the ground, search the churchyard. Revise and learn about the form, structure and language of William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet with BBC Bitesize GCSE English Literature (AQA). The full text of Shakespeare's plays and sonnets side-by-side with translations into modern English. SCENE 5 Even so, the feud continues. I challenge your disgusting behaviour, and I’m arresting you as a criminal here. It seems as though it’s burning from inside the Capulet’s mausoleum. It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Go, tell the Prince. BALTHASAR I will be gone, sir, and not trouble you. Death, lie thou there, by a dead man interr'd. First Watchman Sovereign, here lies the County Paris slain;And Romeo dead; and Juliet, dead before,Warm and new kill'd. Let’s go from here to talk more about these tragic events. Take thou that:Live, and be prosperous: and farewell, good fellow. Don’t interrupt me in my business. Search around, seek out the culprits, and find out how these foul murders happened. And Juliet, who we thought had died before, is warm and seems to have been newly killed. Romeo enters, and Tybalt calls him a villain. This programme is based on Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy of star-crossed lovers. Thus with a kiss I die. Oh, how lucky to have this dagger! or did I dream it so?Or am I mad, hearing him talk of Juliet,To think it was so? Scene II. PRINCE What fear is this which startles in our ears? The play opens with violence due to the conflict between the two feuding families and it is this conflict that ultimately results in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Paris is busy making plans with Friar Lawrence for his upcoming wedding with Juliet. Arms, take your last embrace! Alas, my lord, my wife died tonight. When Romeo enters the tomb, he sees Juliet in a corpse-like state and launches into a long, sad speech, kisses her, and drinks his poison. Take this. fie, you slug-a-bed! BACK; NEXT ; A side-by-side translation of Act 3, Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet from the original Shakespeare into modern English. Romeo and Juliet has been adapted numerous times for stage, film, musical, and opera venues. Nurse. What calamity happened so early that we were forced to get up so soon in the morning? What’s this fearful thing we’ve been hearing? Oh how can I call my own a lightning? We took this ax and this spade away from him as he was coming from this side of the churchyard. JULIET Yea, noise? In the meantime, I wrote to Romeo, and told him he should return on this night to help take her from her borrowed grave, as by that time, the potion would no longer be in effect. Act 3, Scene 1 . Juliet was distraught not over Tybalt’s death, but rather over Romeo… Then I will be understanding of your grief and lead you to death if you wish. Come on, good Juliet, let’s go. Romeo enters, and Tybalt calls him a villain. Where is my husband? I've endeavoured to make one question per scene, with more for the longer/more important scenes. Juliet awakes, and Lawrence tries to get her out without her seeing Romeo, but fails. PAGE [Aside] I am almost afraid to stand aloneHere in the churchyard; yet I will adventure. From forth the fatal loins of these two foes A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life, Whose misadventured piteous overthrows Doth with their death bury their parents' strife. [Drinks] Oh you were a true apothecary! Fair Verona is where we set our scene. Ah dear Juliet, why are you still so beautiful? You, like me, seem to be written down on fate’s list of the unlucky! Come, I'll dispose of theeAmong a sisterhood of holy nuns:Stay not to question, for the watch is coming;Come, go, good Juliet. London: Macmillan. This is the place. Mistress! At first Romeo and Juliet is a comedy but after Mercutio's death in Act III, scene 1 the play becomes a tragedy. The wording(s) for the questions are taken from the exemplar questions available on the AQA website. Tybalt, are you lying there in your bloody shroud? Now I’m going to force your rotten jaws open to cram your mouth full with another victim. PRINCE Then say at once what thou dost know in this. Exeunt. He came to put flowers on Juliet’s grave, and told me not to approach, so I didn’t. Oh my love! It's based on an Italian legend from Verona, and immortalized by Shakespeare, who made of it his most famous play … LADY CAPULET O me! MONTAGUE But I can give thee more:For I will raise her statue in pure gold;That while Verona by that name is known,There shall no figure at such rate be setAs that of true and faithful Juliet. Hearing the noise of the approaching watch, he loses his nerve and flees. Didn’t he say that? Where is my Romeo? JULIET Go, get thee hence, for I will not away. FRIAR LAURENCE How long hath he been there? PAGE This is the place; there, where the torch doth burn. Enter ROMEO and BALTHASAR, with a torch, mattock, & c. ROMEO Give me that mattock and the wrenching iron.Hold, take this letter; early in the morningSee thou deliver it to my lord and father.Give me the light: upon thy life, I charge thee,Whate'er thou hear'st or seest, stand all aloof,And do not interrupt me in my course.Why I descend into this bed of death,Is partly to behold my lady's face;But chiefly to take thence from her dead fingerA precious ring, a ring that I must useIn dear employment: therefore hence, be gone:But if thou, jealous, dost return to pryIn what I further shall intend to do,By heaven, I will tear thee joint by jointAnd strew this hungry churchyard with thy limbs:The time and my intents are savage-wild,More fierce and more inexorable farThan empty tigers or the roaring sea. Oh no! All Rights Reserved. CAPULET What should it be, that they so shriek abroad? In this version, the Capulets and the Montagues are two rival gangs. And death, not Romeo, take my maidenhead! Perhaps there’s still some poison that remains on them which will cure me by killing me. print/save view : Previous scene: Play menu: Next scene Act IV, Scene 5. Here’s to my love! In Act 3 Scene 2 Juliet learns from the Nurse that Romeo has killed Tybalt. Indeed, even the sun won’t show his face today. Come on, come away. Juliet’s chamber. 'Romeo is banished!' I remembered where I was going to wake up, and here I am. Tybalt, still looking to punish Romeo for his appearance at the Capulets’ party, runs into Mercutio and Benvolio. Death lies on her like an untimely frost 2685 Upon the sweetest flower of all the field. I’ll erect a statue for her from pure gold, and as long as Verona exists there will be no figure more admired than true and faithful Juliet. During the English Restoration, it was revived and heavily revised by William Davenant. Hark ye, your Romeo will be here at night: I'll to him; he is hid at Laurence' cell. Gentle young man, don’t tempt someone as desperate as me to violence. No Fear Shakespeare. what, mistress! Who else? Part of her feels like she should put on an act and pretend she's not interested in him, because that's the way girls in her social class are supposed to act. Romeo & Juliet: Modern death scene Serena ... a suggested video will automatically play next ... Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' Act 2 Scene 3. Literature Network » William Shakespeare » Romeo and Juliet » Act 5. She wakes up, and Friar Lawrence attempts to convince her to flee the scene. Tell me, good my friend,What torch is yond, that vainly lends his lightTo grubs and eyeless skulls? The Prince points out to the Montagues and the Capulets that this tragedy stemmed from their feud, and the two families agree to end their ancient grudge. A public place. I beseech thee, youth,Put not another sin upon my head,By urging me to fury: O, be gone!By heaven, I love thee better than myself;For I come hither arm'd against myself:Stay not, be gone; live, and hereafter say,A madman's mercy bade thee run away. BACK; NEXT ; A side-by-side translation of Act 4, Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet from the original Shakespeare into modern English. The story of romeo and juliet is a tragic one,its their fate which plays a main part in this play.making them fall in love at first sight and again separating them.Their families keep on with their long old enemity between them which takes a troll on their children also ,thus by killing them in the end.when both the families realize their mistake by losing their children its too late by then. Without more information, we can’t figure out what really happened. He provokes Mercutio into a duel, while Benvolio tries to stop the fighting. Then tell us immediately what you know about this. why, lady! Two households, both alike in dignity In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. O, give me thy hand,One writ with me in sour misfortune's book!I'll bury thee in a triumphant grave;A grave? Come on, I’ll hide you in a convent of holy nuns. This translation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet into modern-day English preserves the meter and literary qualites of the original. First Watchman The ground is bloody; search about the churchyard:Go, some of you, whoe'er you find attach.Pitiful sight! The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. O true apothecary!Thy drugs are quick. I married them, and their wedding day, which was cut so short, was the day Tybalt was killed. Let your fear of these dead bodies spur you to go. 28.-Act-5.3-Romeo-and-Juliet-death-scene. But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? _____ 2. abroad, out in the town. which their keepers callA lightning before death: O, how may ICall this a lightning? Romeo and Juliet: Annotated Balcony Scene, Act 2, Scene 2 Please see the bottom of the main scene page for more explanatory notes. Stop this unholy work, you vile Montague! O my love! Enter ROMEO and JULIET above, at the window JULIET Wilt thou be gone? Where are those enemies? The death scene in Romeo and Juliet, act v Scene iii is a powerfully dramatic thing, with close reference to the text and Baz Luhrmans modern adaptation explain how the scene is dramatically affected. Key Scenes . Shakespeare’s complete original script based on the Second Quarto of 1599, with corrections and alternate text from other editions indicated as: 1 First Quarto of 1597; 2 Second Quarto of 1599; 3 Third Quarto of 1609, 4 Fourth Quarto of 1622, 5 First Folio of 1623, and + for later Romeo, having just married Juliet (who is Tybalt’s cousin), swears he’s not, but Tybalt challenges him to draw. Don’t follow me no matter what your hear or see. BALTHASAR Here's one, a friend, and one that knows you well. _____ Stage Direction. I’ll go alone. Very suspicious. But I can give you more. First Watchman Hold him in safety, till the prince come hither. Some people will be pardoned, others punished. I was going to watch over her at my cell until I could get Romeo to come back. Keep the friar here, too. I’ll die with a kiss. When Romeo enters the tomb, he sees Juliet in a corpse-like state and launches into a long, sad speech, kisses her, and drinks his poison. All Site Content Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 1. Don’t stay here, go away, live, and tell people later that a merciful madman urged you to run away. Dead soul, lie there, buried by one soon to be dead himself. PARIS I do defy thy conjurations,And apprehend thee for a felon here. What a pitiful sight! For now, ... stirring, for in these hot days men's passion bursts out into fury.According to Johnson, it is observed that in Italy almost all assassinations take place in the summer. But then a noise startled me out of the tomb, and she, who was in despair, wouldn’t come with me. Enter PARIS, and his Page bearing flowers and a torch PARIS Give me thy torch, boy: hence, and stand aloof:Yet put it out, for I would not be seen.Under yond yew-trees lay thee all along,Holding thine ear close to the hollow ground;So shall no foot upon the churchyard tread,Being loose, unfirm, with digging up of graves,But thou shalt hear it: whistle then to me,As signal that thou hear'st something approach.Give me those flowers. No, put out the torch. But the person who carried my letter, Friar John, was held up accidentally and gave that letter back to me tonight. Everyone has been punished. Or did I dream it? This terrible sight of death is like a bell summoning me to my own grave. Obey and go with me, for you must die. First Watchman [Within] Lead, boy: which way? Capulet! Get out of here and leave me. 1. Ideal for targeted support and intervention sessions at KS3. Capulet's Garden. Juliet awakes, and Lawrence tries to get her out without her seeing Romeo, but fails. I dare not, sir. Lady Capulet. Someone’s coming? SCENE II. MONTAGUE Alas, my liege, my wife is dead to-night;Grief of my son's exile hath stopp'd her breath:What further woe conspires against mine age? Go stand away from me. Oh, I’ve been killed! K. Deighton. Lie there under those yew trees with your ears close to the ground. I fell asleep under this yew tree here, and I had a dream my master fought another man and killed him. Friar Lawrence runs away, and Juliet decides to join Romeo in death. Why are there bloody swords without owners lying here in this place of peace? Oh give me your hand. O lamentable day! In the meantime, hold on, and let patience rule over this misfortune. Shakespeare’s complete original script based on the Second Quarto of 1599, with corrections and alternate text from other editions indicated as: 1 First Quarto of 1597; 2 Second Quarto of 1599; 3 Third Quarto of 1609, 4 Fourth Quarto of 1622, 5 First Folio of 1623, and + for later Oh, here I’ll set up my everlasting rest, and I’ll shake off the burden of my unlucky fate from my weary body. Let’s go, bitter action. English Literature (GCSE & A-Level) Romeo & Juliet (William Shakespeare) Key Scenes; Title . Night, hide me for awhile. Well then have at it, boy! PAGE O Lord, they fight! Someone came soon after with a light, intending to open the time, and then my master drew his sword to fight him. You’ve eaten the sweetest thing in the world, my Juliet, and she’s made you sick with her sweetness. "It is clear that Shakespeare, or some writer whom he followed, had in mind the churchyard of Saint Mary the Old in Verona, and the monument of the Scaligers which stood in it. Death, which has taken away your sweet breath, has not yet taken away your beauty.

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