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The first European potatoes were it seems antigena from Colombia (for most of Europe at least).  These varieties tend to boast a general creamier flavour than other baby potatoes. Generally Queens begin to replace Premier or Home Guard in the market place in late June and become the mainstay of the Irish potato market for the summer. To make your shopping hassle-free we have put Only about 10,000 tons of chip-grade potatoes are grown within Ireland. A lively, multicultural country with vivid traditions and rugged hills, Ireland is becoming a popular destination for aspiring professionals and industry giants alike. A new study carried out by Oxfam, the international charity, has found that the potato is the most popular food stuff in Ireland. It is the most popular variety due to its all-round cooking characteristics. Most ubiquitous was chuño, which is made by spreading potatoes outside to freeze on cold nights, then thawing them in the morning sun. Perfect for; boiling, steaming, baking, chipping and mashing. Recommended: Steaming or Mashing! Rocks The acreage of potatoes in Ireland was first recorded in 1880. Darker, russeted skin colour with a distinctive mealy texture and nutty taste.  Difficult to boil as they are so floury so care must be taken when cooking. Indeed, Ireland boasts a flourishing job market with opportunities across all industries as the second freest economy in Europe . Versatile like the rooster. Potatoes still appear at most Irish meals, with potato scones, similar to biscuits or muffins, a specialty in the north. Buy Irish Rooster Seed Potatoes Online With Next Day Delivery. Recommended: Steaming or Microwaving! To champ means to bruise, pound or smash, hence the term . why potatoes are important in IrelandPotatoes are so important in Ireland because they used to be one of the only things that would grow in the ground. Most Popular Potatoes from Dobies Seed Potatoes - Home Guard (First Early) Home Guard is a traditional favourite, introduced during the Second World War. First early new season  potatoes boast a smooth, dense texture and rich floury flavour, Source & Seasonality: Irish grown, typically available from May through July. Often sold in their natural soil from harvest. Ireland included Rocks, Skerry Blue, Flounder and Champion. This meant that more and more people started growing potatoes. When certain varieties are not in season or it is not possible to grow them in Ireland, we import from trusted growers with whom we have built long standing relationships. Recommended: Baking! Also known as moonshine, poteen or homemade whiskey, was outlawed in Ireland in 1661. Mashed potatoes made with good milk, butter and scallions (spring onions). Other popular varieties in Ireland are British Queen, Record, Maris Piper, Golden Wonder, Home Guard and Cara (Source: Bord Bia) The most popular way to enjoy salmon in Ireland is simply smoked, either on bread, with scrambled egg or simply on its own with a salad side. The purpose of the law was not to Source & Seasonality: Irish grown, typically available from October through July, Maris Peer & Gemson are the most popular Irish varieties of Baby Potatoes.  These varieties tend to be waxy and can vary in skin and flesh colour. The good skin finish and uniform shape with shallow eyes makes it easy to peel. Potatoes are the most popular food in Ireland Jun 23, 2011 A new study carried out by Oxfam, the international charity, has found that the potato is the most popular food stuff in Ireland. Poteen is made from barley or potatoes. The first Great Famine of 1739 was the result of extreme cold weather, but the famine of 1845–1849 (see Great Irish Famine ) was caused by potato blight which spread throughout the Irish crop which consisted … They are also low in moisture, fluffy and absorbent, making them ideal for baking, frying, boiling, and mashing. In Ireland, sports account for much of the Irish cultural identity. [19] Potatoes are easy to grow. In Ireland, as elsewhere, the exact constituents of a full breakfast vary, depending on geographical area, personal taste and cultural affiliation. They have white skins with some pink pigmentation, deep eyes and a cream flesh.  Kerrs Pink variety tends to be flourier than Roosters and therefore slightly more care is needed when cooking. Very versatile and great for a wide range of uses. They often have thin skins and sometime not fully formed. As of 2014, most of the country's farmland is dedicated to supporting livestock for export to meet a high demand for meat overseas.   This variety has a white skin and flesh and a notably floury tecture. This allows us to satisfy our customers and Ireland’s consumers with a quality and diverse range of potatoes, all year round. Potatoes are still a staple at most mealtimes, with traditional dishes remaining popular. Tasty Potato Guide Potatoes are one of the most versatile natural foods that can be cooked in so many different ways, so to get great results you need to pick the right type of potato. The good skin finish and uniform shape with shallow eyes makes it easy to peel. Colcannon is a classic, comforting mash of potatoes, cabbage (or kale) and butter (or cream), flavoured with spring onions. Full flavoured traditional Irish potato and the most floury of all varieties. The variety has a distinct red skin with yellow flesh. Recommended: Steaming, Traditional first early potato grown of the season. Ireland makes about fifty types of They could only tuberise in the shorter days of the European autumn, and grow in milder regions of Ireland, Spain, Italy, etc.. We #3 Ireland became heavily reliant on potatoes by the 18th century Britain had a huge market for beef and due to the market demand large parts of land in Ireland were used by cows for grazing. The White varieties are most suitable for baking, boiling, roasting and steaming. Soon many families across Ireland were dependant on the potato. Lumper was a poor quality seed potato but it produced high yields in Irish soils … Champ is probably one of the best known of Irish dishes and it’s a very simple one. It is only during the past three hundred years that the potato became the most popular vegetable in Ireland Origin It is assumed that potatoes were among the first crops "domesticated" by man when the Andes were … Lumper was by far the most commonly grown variety at the time of the famine & this variety was highly susceptible to blight. Source & Seasonality: Irish grown, typically available from September thru March. Source & Seasonality: Irish grown, typically available from June thru September. Ireland’s traditional food most certainly includes champ. Suitable for boiling, steaming, mashing or baking. The most famous culinary product of the potatoes are definitely the French fries which are prepared in several different ways using plain sliced and diced potato fingers. Loose Fluffy skins with a pale fleshy centre. Colcannon, or Irish mashed potatoes, are boiled and mashed potatoes traditionally served with cabbage or kale. Mashed potatoes with green onion, with a well of butter in the center. We grow the most popular Irish potato varieties in North Dublin and through our Irish grower network. Potatoes Potato is the world’s third most important food crop with global acreage rising faster than that of any other crop due to its high yield potential and excellent nutritional characteristics. Also known as “mealy,” starchy potatoes, which include Russets, Idahos and many yams and sweet potato varieties, are, as the descriptor says, high in starch. In the east, the farmers were converting to tillage (oats, grain) while Ulster's land was turned over to growing flax for the Irish linen industry. Ireland bucks the trend - with pasta being the most popular food stuff in most of the rest of the world. Ireland bucks the trend - with pasta being the most popular food stuff in most of the rest of the world. Potatoes are the most popular food in Ireland. Growing Rooster Potatoes Rooster potatoes, produced by the Albert Bartlett company, are a popular but patented new variety of red-skinned, yellow-flesh potato which are currently … Games played throughout history in Ireland include football (as far back as the 14th… Main Crop potatoes Give great Yields & Great Flavour Type the 5 letters you see in the picture below into the box provided. The most typical varieties that we grow, import, pack and sell are: Rooster is the most widely grown potato in Ireland and is available all year round. It is the most popular variety due to its all-round cooking characteristics. The primary crops grown in Ireland are barley, wheat, oats, potatoes and sugar beets. Traditionally, the most common ingredients in Ireland are bacon rashers, pork sausages, fried eggs (or scrambled), white pudding, black pudding, toast and fried tomato. “We’re looking to get as much homegrown stuff as we can but that might not be ready in time. In meat-loving England, farmers and urban workers regarded potatoes with extreme distaste. The mashed potatoes are eaten from around the outer edge of the well and dipped into the butter. Most citizens are avid supporters, and great pride is taken in donning the national colours and standing abreast with fellow fans on any given match day. Baby potatoes are ideal for salad toppers, side dishes or any quick and easy recipe idea. The over reliance on potatoes as a staple crop meant that the people of Ireland were vulnerable to poor potato harvests. It is one of the most potent alcoholic beverages in the world. A traditional main crop variety. They can grow in good and poor soil. Mashed Source & Seasonality: Irish grown, available year round, Cultra – probably the most popular white variety in Ireland. Source & Seasonality: Irish grown, typically available from August thru May / June. In most of Europe, the upper classes saw the potato's potential before the more superstitious lower classes, and the encouragement to begin growing potatoes had to come from above. Cultra has a white skin finish, pink eyes and a creamy flesh. Wild salmon has a better flavor, but unfortunately is priced higher than farmed salmon. Potatoes in the United States Potato Facts - Learn About Potatoes Potatoes arrived in the Colonies in 1621 when the Governor of Bermuda, Nathaniel Butler, sent two large cedar chests containing potatoes and other vegetables to Governor Francis Wyatt of Virginia at Jamestown. (b) potatoes were hard to transport so they developed as a subsistence crop except for the regions near large markets such as Dublin. Country Crest specialises in Private Label potatoes, which means you rarely see our own brand mark anywhere on the packaging; instead it will have the respective supermarket label. Annabelle & Exquisa are import varieties. These are typically imported from UK, EU or Israel. For over 10 years, PotatoPro is the proud online information provider of the global potato industry, with thousands of news articles, company descriptions, industry events and statistics. In that year a total of 820,651 acres of Rocks were grown accounting for c. 40% of the total area. Recommended: Every way! The Irish have also been accomplished cheesemakers for centuries. The variety has a distinct red skin with yellow flesh. We might have to go with smaller portions,” said Derek Duggan, manager of one of Ireland’s biggest and oldest fish-and-chip chains, Leo Burdocks , founded in 1913 when Ireland … Non-Irish varieties available year round. Due to smaller plots of lands Irish people turned to potato as no other crop could be grown abundantly in less favorable soil. Because it’s year-round growth in farms and availability en masse has led them to being one of the most popular foods in the world. Recommended: Steaming! Easy-to-grow yellow flesh potatoes are a bit sweeter and have more antioxidants than America’s more popular white fleshed potatoes. Orla is also a popular white variety– a newer Irish variety and earlier maturing.  Slightly waxier in texture than other whites, with a pale skin finish and  yellow flesh. An interactive world food map has ranked the top-six most popular traditional Irish breakfast dishes and there are some absolutely mouth-watering ways to start your day on the list. By means of preserving and promoting Irish sports, the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) was established in 1884. Perfect for boiling, steaming, roasting and chipping. Rooster is the most widely grown potato in Ireland and is available all year round. White flesh and white skins, with firmer skins than the first early new season variety.

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