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I recently moved and got a new job, so change in water and stress from a new job may be the reason. My first package was lost, and it took nearly a month to get a reply from their customer service. I will continue to use the color in my hair occasionally for my ends, but will avoid my scalp area just in case. My hair does feel a hit more moisturized but not colored. I purchased the chocolate brown in hopes that it would blend my grey hair with my medium brown hair. My hair is a pumpkin spice dream. What is The Remedy and how do I use it? Add to bag - $22. They must be paying people. I thought it would work. Overtone needs to sit for 10 to 15 minutes (about half the time of a typical box dye) before it’s rinsed out, and both the waiting and the rinsing were very easy. I tried it a few times in case it was user error, but still nothing happened. The formula is pretty thick and hard to apply unlike other semi-permanent brands I've tried and they also don't leave my hair as dry as this. Received the honey color conditioner and the seal was broken and the product had leaked all over in transit. Just buy splat or arctic fox, 1/4th the price and actually works. Too bad that didn’t do a damn thing. Looks absolutely disgusting. The dye also ruined my nails which had turned purple. It staines everything, my hair feels worse after the conditioner than it did when I originally colored my hair. Wash your hair more often Which I don't mind, because it did not look good. Kinda wish I was blonde so I could try the pinks!!! Now I'm gonna go get something way cheaper to give me the color I want. I bought the chocolate brown coloring conditioner. Even the blonde stripes, which we focused on almost exclusively, are just a sickly greenish blonde. Originally I did not give this product a good review. My hair is thick and fine naturally blonde but I lighten it still so it is processed. See more ideas about overtone conditioner, overtone hair, overtone. I got the rose gold for brown hair and it came out maroon.. Oct 5, 2020 - oVertone applications, tutorial videos, blogs and more. Don’t by it. Love oVertone? I bought it for my mom, myself and a little of the pastel silver for a male friend. It also stained my bathtub horrendously. I ordered the "chocolate brown" color and started with a 1:1 ratio with my regular conditioner so it wasn't full strength to try it out. Crickets. 61 comments on “Do oVertone Color Conditioners work on naturally gray hair?” Dianne says: 4 April 2018 at 12:59 pm ... Before using overtone for the first time my hair was dry and incredibly dull. Our Allure Best In Beauty award-winning colorless hair mask, The Remedy for Fine Hair, will keep your strands healthy and hydrated as you fade! I am a dark brunette color with very blond highlights, so when quarantine hit and I couldn't make it to the hairdresser I figured it would be best to give oVertone a try so that all my hair was temporarily brown. I have medium auburn hair and used this. The product is clearly designed to damage your hair in the long run so you think you need to condition it again, which makes you use more of it. Okay so it’s not the worst product ever it’s made my hair feel so very soft and it feels very healthy. Legitimately violet red. Tried Overtone Chocolate Brown. My hair comes out darker then expected with some reddish highlights. AQUIS Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban Cloudy Berry. I think i got it all, nope it stains the towel, so I continue rinsing. PURPLE. I’m so disappointed with this product! Our very first colorless product is finally here! been in tears for days missing my long blonde hair. It bleeds horribly. Awful, Awful, Awful!I saw the ads on facebook. Use it whenever your hair is feeling dull, dry, or just needs a little extra love. The Fader. Colorful hair < 15 min. Beware of this product. She has gorgeous thick hair, that is highlighted. It’s the best deep conditioner I have ever used, and I have tried a lot. We made it. I’ve drenched it in grapeseed oil and mix of essential oils and I am it rehydrates my Overtone damaged hair. Totally bummed about this because the chocolate brown was beautiful on my medium brown lengths. I will just stick to the Wella toner for $6, at least it ends up being the color I want. I have blonde hair so it should have showed up on my hair! Thanks Overtone for the shi! I ordered the pastel blue color and looked at the strand test pictures that were provided in the … I decided to keep the product in the end as it does work to touch up my eyebrows. Definitely won't be repurchasing. Add just $60 more for FREE shipping (US only). Again great only on day 1, now it’s quickly faded to a … It's great if you want purple locks a week but if you are looking for permanent changes, simple ones like maybe chocolate brown, unless you want to reapply daily, DoNOT waste your time or money. I was so excited to find a color that wouldn’t damage my hair but instead got poor costumer service and nothing close to the color I was expecting! I watched youtube videos. Purchased vibrant silver coloring conditioner and it ended up turning my bleached hair a green-blonde ashy color. I meticulously applied an entire tub of oVertone’s product to my dark brown hair. But I'm back! I've spent well over a week washing it daily with combinations of dish soap, windex, vitamin C pills, baking soda, vinegar, clarifying shampoo, etc. The bottle had the incorrect instructions printed on it - instead of 10-15 minutes, it said to leave 3-5 minutes. I reached out to support three weeks ago and still haven't heard a word from them. I ordered the extreme purple and was tired of using permanent hair dye so I figured I’d try this from now on. How to Use The Remedy Colorless Hair Mask. Went to a professional hairdresser months after dying with overtone and she could barely cover over the stuff that was in my hair. It was all gross and glumpy. I’ve repeatedly tried to ask for assistance in getting a refund and even letting them know of their mistake (you thing they’d like to look into their labeling) but haven’t had success. I'VE MISSED Y'ALL!!! It's a week later and I have bright red, orange, gold idk hair color. HI GUYS! Doesn't work. So I buy Chocolate Brown as I wanted to go darker and was okay if it faded into a lighter brown. What I do like about Overtone is that it does not cause a large amount of damage. My natural roots, let alone the darker lengths, didn’t catch any color. Log on to Total Beauty for the latest Overtone reviews and product information. 2nd warning it is staining everything! I have sensitive skin. I wanted to go rose gold as that would be easy to match with my natural color when i finally went full blonde. It didn’t take on the guys hair at all. We’d Love To Hear Your oVertone Coloring Process. I’m writing this review after using Overtone last night for the first time. I don’t like losing hair, it’s very uncomfortable. The minty smell is nice and my hair is soft, but that is most likely from the nice shampoos and conditioners which I used trying to wash the mess off my head. overtone wont email me back about how to get it out of my hair and my stylist says bleaching it out may only make things worse. Doesn't cover grays and washes out every time you wash your hair. Upon trying to contact Overtone I discovered you can't contact them on their website unless it's for advice pre-color. For curly hair: Saturate strands with The Remedy, and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Also, I shared a less-than-stellar review on their website and they didn't post it. To make the product last longer and to create a pastel effect, I mixed it half and half with oVertone’s Pastel Silver Conditioner. Ive washed it like 3 times just hoping it goes away. Have sent 2 tickets to the *help* desk with no response. oVertone Extreme Silver Go Deep Treatment Review. At first, the color was great. Rich black stained my shower purple and my hair came out purple. Awful product, smells really strongly of menthol. The Remedy and The Remedy For Fine Hair are our signature colorless products developed to create the softest, healthiest hair you’ve ever had. I was expecting a chocolate brown color but my hair turned a brassy brown. I had myself a shower, using their coloring conditioner just to be safe, and fell asleep hopeful of deep green hues the likes of which I’ve always dreamed of. The results were AMAZING. I paid $11 plus shipping for a sample of teal coloring conditioner.

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