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Since records of worker deaths weren’t kept, Stanford scholars don’t know precisely how many Chinese died building the railroad. The Transcontinental Railroad was a dream of a country set on the concept of Manifest Destiny. The Hoover Project on China’s Global Sharp Power held an event on How Racist Rhetoric Increases Chinese Overseas Students' Support for Authoritarian Rule with Jennifer Pan, Assistant Professor of Communication and Yiqing Xu, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Stanford University on Friday, November 13, 2020 at 10:00 AM PT. It is the best opportunity I will have in my lifetime to have this story shared, to have it understood and appreciated by people outside our community. Uncovering the lives of Chinese workers who built Stanford. By then, Central Pacific had been reorganized into Southern Pacific, and the tie was taken to the railroad’s San Francisco offices in the Flood Building. Ask Bryan H about Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park. One investor, Leland Stanford, a one-time candidate for governor who actively denounced Chinese immigration during his campaign, openly advocated for the immigration of 500,000 more laborers from China. The Central Pacific broke ground on the first transcontinental railroad Jan. 8, 1863, and built east from Sacramento. “The Chinese and the Iron Road: Building the Transcontinental Railroad” and Chang’s separate book “Ghosts of Gold Mountain: The Epic Story of the Chinese Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad,” which is scheduled to be released in May, both describe the Chinese taking on some of the most dangerous, most exhausting assignments for less pay (and worse treatment) than their Euro-American counterparts. The first transcontinental railroad became a boon to the economy of a nation recovering from a civil war, shaving significant travel time across the continent from several months to about a week. I found the references to anti-Chinese sentiments by the politicians to be interesting. The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University (“Stanford”) appeals from orders of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“Board”) in three interference proceedings between Stanford and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (“CUHK”). In the first of 5 articles about the Transcontinental Railroad anniversary, descendants of Chinese railroad workers share their hope for the recognition of their ancestors' labor. Often toiling in extreme weather, they cleared obstructions, moved earth, bored tunnels and built retaining walls — work done virtually all by hand. “我將不會僱傭中國人!” 當首席承包商查爾斯•克羅克提議讓總監管人斯特羅布裡奇僱傭華工的時候,他本能的迴應道。即使是利蘭•斯坦福,鐵路“四巨頭”的總裁也稱中國人為”亞洲的‘敗類’“和“低等人“。然而華工的勤勉卻創造了一種競爭的氣氛,使得白人工人也不得不努力工作,這讓他們感到不滿。另外,由於中央太平洋鐵路公司使用炸藥來加速開鑿速度,無數工人在意外爆炸中喪生。當華工還在唐納峰和大雪奮戰的時候,一個反苦力勞工協會在三藩市正式成立。當時,不僅僅是白人工人虐待華工;華工也經常因為工資低廉,被公會聯盟老闆和鐵路官員當做替罪羊。所有這些在1867年達到一個高潮。, 1867年夏天,在內華達山脈修建鐵路的華工發現他們正面臨著很深的雪堆和雪崩的威脅。不利的天氣,被監工以侮辱性的方式對待,再加上低工資和長工時,使得華工對工作條件產生強烈不滿。正是在這個時候,中太平洋鐵路也正在經歷嚴重的勞工短缺問題,還要面臨周邊採礦公司把工人從鐵路上招走的風險。因此,爲了吸引更多的華工,鐵路建設總督查爾斯•克羅克把工資從每月31美元提高到每月35美元。然而,提高工資並沒有安撫華工的情緒。1867年6月25日,一群在內華達山脈東部工作的華工開始罷工。兩天之後,沿內華達山脈兩千名華工如法炮製,加入罷工,要求提高工資並縮短工作時間。, 最終,罷工只持續了一個星期。克羅克解決罷工的方法雖然殘酷,但是卻非常有效:他切斷工人的供給,讓代理商停止向華工們運送食物和生活用品。一個星期之後,克羅克來到工人們中間,堅決表示工資和工作時間沒有商量的餘地,如果工人們立刻回去工作,他們只會受到罰款。但是如果他們拒絕工作,將收不到整個6月份的工資。面對飢餓的困境,以及對工作環境的改善幾乎不抱希望,華工們只好重新開始在內華達山脈修建鐵路。, 965 Clay Street “Who else but Americans could drill 10 tunnels in mountains 30 feet deep in snow?” then-Transportation Secretary John A. Volpe said in his speech, according to a May 12, 1969, San Francisco Chronicle article. ... Leland Stanford was an active freemason from 1850 to 1855, joining the Prometheus Lodge No. The Act of the Legislature of California. “He didn’t think they were strong enough,” Obenzinger told NBC News in a 2017 interview. Moana Hotel, Honolulu, c. 1908. Facing a labor shortage, the railroad may have turned to recruiting Chinese at the suggestion of Central Pacific construction contractor Charles Crocker’s brother, E.B., a California Supreme Court justice and an attorney for the company. So it wasn’t just an exploitative relationship.”. His articles have appeared in Foreign Policy and the Taipei Times and in Chinese on ETToday.net, a popular Taiwanese news website. The Grant of Endowment. Less than two years later, almost 90 percent of the Central Pacific workforce was Chinese; the rest were of European-American descent, mostly Irish. Anti-Chinese Sentiment and the 1867 Chinese Workers Strike “I will not boss Chinese!” Superintendent Strobridge instinctively responded to chief contractor Charles Crocker, when he asked him to recruit Chinese workers. An Anti-Coolie Labor Association was launched in San Francisco while the Chinese were battling the snows on Donner’s summit. info@chsa.org, © 2020 Chinese Historical Society of America. He became famous in 1862 when he used an herbal remedy to save Governor Leland Stanford's wife while practicing medicine in Sacramento. At the time, it was a region enmeshed in political and social turmoil, but residents there often had contact with foreigners and were less fearful of taking long ocean voyages, making them good recruits, according to Fishkin. Anti-Chinese Sentiment and the 1867 Chinese Workers Strike, 5. The Union Pacific, by contrast, had no Chinese laborers during the construction of the first transcontinental railroad. Two days later, two thousand Chinese workers along the Sierras followed suit and joined the strike to demand higher wages and decreased work hours. They instead relied on Civil War veterans and East Coast immigrants, among others, according to Chang. “We want to make sure that this doesn’t end on May 10th,” Kwan, the descendants association president, said. May 10, 1969, marked 100 years since the golden spike was hammered in at Promontory, Utah, signifying the completion of America’s first transcontinental railroad — a monumental engineering feat that linked together the nation's coasts. How American is that?) | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use. About the Author: The "Anti-Coolie" Act of 1862 was passed by the state legislature of California and signed by Governor Leland Stanford. Sometimes they were lowered off cliffs to plant explosive charges when blasting was necessary, knowing that once the fuse was lit the difference between life and death hinged on how fast they were brought back up. When Leland Stanford was elected governor of California in 1862, he promised in his inaugural address to protect the state from "the dregs of Asia." The First Transcontinental Railroad, completed May 10, 1869, linked the nation and significantly reduced cross-country travel time from months to less than a week. Later ancestors settled in the eastern Mohawk Valley of central New York about 1720. Honolulu, 1905. It also generated tremendous wealth for railroad tycoons such as Leland Stanford, a former California governor who ran under an anti-Chinese immigrant platform. Anti-Chinese sentiment became an official political issue over time. Strobridge also worried that the whites wouldn’t labor alongside the Chinese, who he thought lacked the brainpower to perform the work as well. Ultimately, the strike only lasted one week. The success of the experiment led the Central Pacific to hire additional Chinese workers, but the Chinese labor pool in California soon ran out. Stanford's wife was dying from a pulmonary disorder, and Doctor Yee Fung Chueng was sought out by one of Stanford's … In a new spring course, students are excavating the location of the former living quarters of Chinese workers who helped build Stanford. Almost a quarter of a century later, in 1969, amid the backdrop of the civil rights movement, Choy and Chinn found themselves at Promontory Point, Utah, waiting for a moment that never came. Stanford was an odious character whose theft of public resources and victimization of the public was widely recognized for many years. By the end of July 1865, boatloads of Chinese were arriving in San Francisco. All of this reached a boiling point in 1867. “But there’s also lots of evidence to show that the Stanfords had an affection for many of the Chinese, especially in their employ.

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