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The P2417H is a slightly smaller screen with a 60Hz refresh rate, and no VRR support, but it has significantly better ergonomics, making it easier to place in an optimal viewing position, or for a multi-monitor setup. The HP 27F doesn't have an optional Black Frame Insertion feature. There are no … The video is for reference only. Unfortunately, it has a fixed stand with bad ergonomics, so you may have a difficult time adjusting the monitor to an ideal position, and it can't be VESA mounted. The HP 27f is okay for media creation. HP 27f 27-inch Display ... specs, accessories, reviews and offers for HP 27f … I am impressed by the design and overall it is visually appealing. I have a 21” iMac and my work laptop is a Dell. If you want a monitor that does, check out the Samsung Odyssey G5. V320. Monitors like the BenQ PD3220U or LG 34WK95U-W offer that kind of coverage, though they’re much more expensive. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for HP 27f Ultraslim Full HD (1920 x 1080) 27 Inch (2 HDMI, 1 VGA) - Silver/Black at Amazon.com. Very good color gamut on the HP 27f. Gamma follows the target curve almost perfectly. The white balance error and color error are nearly entirely corrected. The 27F also has much better dark room performance. Update 03/18/2019: The product SKU listed was incorrect, it was for the 27f model (2XN62AA). Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Tips for better search results. £170 Full HD with LED - sharper images and colours than HD; ... A good entry level monitor from Hp with super thin styling. 5% off select HP monitors & accessories $50+ with code BFCMDA5 10% off select HP monitors & accessories $200+ with code BFCMDA10. LEARN ABOUT RESPONSE TIME @ MAX REFRESH RATE, Be the first to start a discussion about HP 27F. The things HP has done to modernize the HP 27f help out. Excellent gray uniformity. Note that some tests such as the gray uniformity may vary between individual units. The 27" screen is a good size, but the 1080p resolution limits how much of your project you can see at a time. Because the display weighs just over 10 pounds, it’s easy to move from one side of your desk to the other. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. The HP 27f has decent black uniformity. The HP 27fw is also known as the 27f. It has a great response time, with only a short blur trail behind fast-moving objects. so that you can compare the results easily. It has two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, and nothing else. The bottom juts out in an ugly fashion, and the black plastic cabinet doesn’t do it any favors. That is, unless you have access to a calibration tool. - … This is provided for reference only and should not be used, as the calibration values vary per individual unit even for the same model due to manufacturing tolerances. Response Time Level 2 Unfortunately, it is limited by the 1080p resolution, which isn't great for multitasking or for working on detailed projects. After calibration, the HP 27f has excellent accuracy. Great gradient handling, with only slight banding visible in some darker shades. Tested using Methodology v1.0. The CF398 has a VA panel, and it delivers better overall dark room performance. Razer Raptor 27. COVID-19. Customer rating is one of the best criteria for choosing an Hp 27F Review. The squared-off base and black stand match the back of the cabinet better than it did in previous models. One other missing feature is support for HDR. The 2019 refresh of the HP 27f 4K offers some decent image quality to back up its … Affordable. Decent monitor for office use. The non-native resolution was tested at 60Hz, as that is the only refresh rate available in non-native resolutions. The HP 27F is better than the ASUS MX279HS. The HP 27f is a decent monitor for most uses. The monitor itself is very sleek, with thin bezels around except for the bottom one. On NVIDIA cards, the 1920x1080 resolution must be selected from the list of 'PC' resolutions in the NVIDIA Control Panel. Unfortunately, blacks tend to look gray in a dark room. Playing in 4K is still a fantasy for most systems, and only a few monitors provide higher refresh rates at that resolution. 27Q. There's also an HP branding on the bottom bezel. Customer Reviews — HP Full HD 27" 60Hz Monitor - Silver. put them under the same test bench, Update 01/15/2019: Unfortunately, the HP 27F does not support NVIDIA's FreeSync implementation, as it doesn't have a DisplayPort connection, which is required. It takes quite a system to push out over 60 frames per second in 4K in modern games. There are no signs of image retention on the HP 27f, even immediately after showing our high contrast static test image for 10 minutes. Colors remain accurate up to about 40°, and then they rapidly oversaturate. OMEN X 25f. Unfortunately, the 1080p resolution doesn't provide a very immersive gaming experience, and it has mediocre dark room performance. A moderately priced 4K home monitor without many frills, HP's 27f 27-Inch 4K Display is a solid pick for video watching and preparing photos for the web. At the native resolution of 1080p, the HP 27f has a decent 75Hz refresh rate. The stand extends almost 3" behind the screen, preventing the monitor from being placed close to a wall. But lately, manufacturers are raising beauty standards. The best aspect is the size of the monitor. Dell S2719DC USB-C is a better overall monitor, though it’s not 4K. The P2417H is also more versatile than the HP 27F, with HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA connections, and it can be used as a USB hub. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. The differences between a $300 4K monitor and a $1,000 4K monitor aren’t subtle. Decent monitor for gaming. However, the HP has wider viewing angles and better accuracy out of the box. It’s not all bad, though. Overall, the Acer Nitro RG241Y is better than the HP 27F. In the wider Adobe RGB color space, it has good color volume. Out-of-the-box, the HP 27f has great accuracy. Within 25°, the image remains accurate, but beyond that, it degrades rapidly as colors quickly become over saturated and the brightness drops. That doesn’t mean I can outright recommend the HP 27f for creative professionals. The HP 27f 4K feels sturdy enough, though the absence of USB-C means it’s not as future-proof as I’d like. The 27" IPS screen delivers great wide viewing angles, and it has great accuracy out of the box. Motion looks good thanks to the fast response time, so there's only a slight blur trail behind fast-moving objects. Very good SDR color volume. In near-dark scenes, the uniformity is even better, and shouldn't cause any issues. The HP 27f 27-Inch 4K Display is a worthy choice, though its port selection is rather sparse. The stand is fixed and has a small overall footprint. The HP 27f is decent for multimedia. The new $450 HP 27f 4K Display tries to do both, but as it turns out, that’s a tricky tightrope to walk. It has excellent low input lag, and it supports AMD FreeSync, which is great. To enable FreeSync, select the 'Gaming - FreeSync' Picture Mode. As more and more video gets rendered in HDR, it’s become an important consideration for content creators too. The HP 27f is a decent budget monitor with great gaming features. It doesn't provide a very immersive gaming experience, and it isn't ideal for multitasking. It doesn't support the monitor very well, and the monitor wobbles a lot when nudged. 1920-by-1080 Full HD … OMEN 27. Be part of the most informed community and take advantage of our advanced tools to find the best product for your needs. For most people, that’s a good thing. The HP has a higher refresh rate for smoother motion and supports FreeSync for nearly tear-free gaming. Lacking a VESA mount, the monitor can’t be hung on a wall. We don't know what other differences there may be for the other sizes, and we don't know if our review is representative of these sizes. When a product is discontinued or no longer popular, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal, Canada. Buy HP 27f 27-inch 4K-UHD (3840 x 2160) Height Adjustable IPS Monitor with HDMIx2, VGA, AMD Free Sync, 300 nits - 5ZP66AA (Black) online at low price in India on Amazon.in. s.RGB Picture Mode: CustomAdobe RGB Picture Mode: Custom. If someone comes across a different type of panel or if their HP 27fw doesn't correspond to our review, let us know and we will update the review. The average person easily falls into this category. Customer Reviews — HP Full HD 27" 60Hz Monitor - Silver. From the back, its aluminum silver finish is as premium as an XPS 13. The Dell has a higher resolution, a better color gamut, and it gets brighter. Overall, it's similar to the HP 27Q, but the stand is slightly worse. However, the HP has wider viewing angles, better color accuracy, and faster response time when running at its maximum refresh rate. Enjoy your favourite games and movies on a display that does them justice. The monitor itself is well-built, but the stand does have some issues. At non-native resolutions, only 60Hz is supported. The colors aren’t anything that’ll distract you from watching movies or enjoying web content, but for high-precision work, it’s not up to snuff. You’re better off purchasing a cheaper monitor with a higher refresh rate that’s built for gaming. There are even options like the Samsung 28″ UE590, which offers a 4K resolution priced at just $370 (and it comes with a USB-C port). For gamers, it depends on what's the most important thing to you, as the G27C has a much faster refresh rate and wider VRR range. Gift Guide. Decent peak brightness, with no variation between scenes, which is great. Update 09/25/2019: There's an international variant of the 27fw, product code 4TB31AA. The HP 27f does offer FreeSync, though. If you’re an AMD gamer, FreeSync can smooth out screen tearing for a better gaming experience, and there’s little reason not to include it for potential AMD gamers. Dell’s UltraSharp U2718Q is $100 more expensive, as is the BenQ PD2700U. The HP 27f has very good vertical viewing angles. The 27F has an IPS panel, so the image remains accurate when viewed at an angle, great for quick co-op gaming sessions, or for sharing your work with a nearby coworker. Like the design, the buttons and menu system are as basic as it gets. Four buttons line the bottom right of the monitor, which give you quick access to brightness, color modes, input switching, and the main menu. It supports FreeSync over HDMI, which is great. If your office is anything like mine, taking my laptop to meetings can happen multiple times per day, and having everything docked through one cable is a huge convenience. Make sure the Hp 27F Review … There's no 3.5mm jack for connecting speakers or a headset, which is uncommon. We don't know if it performs the same, but it does have built-in speakers. The HP 27F is overall much better than the MSI Optix G27C for most uses. 27F. The HP 27F also has a slightly faster refresh rate, although it isn't a significant difference. Like with s.RGB, it is limited by the mediocre contrast ratio, so it can't produce deep, dark colors very well. But if you are willing to break out your colorimeter, it’s nice to know it’s at least possible to correct the 27f to where it needs to be. The 27fw we tested was manufactured in July 2018. It also has a fixed stand with bad ergonomics, so it is hard to place in an ideal viewing position. You won’t find much of interest beyond these controls when you dig into the menu. There are a few image adjustment options that can help when gaming, including: The controls are easy to use and provide decent tactile feedback. This tool will clearly show you the differences, Use our data and table to find the best monitor for your needs, Want to see us review a specific monitor? The other is for content creators who need both pixel count and precise color accuracy, hopefully in a package that’ll match their MacBook Pro. It has a fast response time so fast-moving objects in movies and games look good and have only slight motion blur. … The new HP 27f makes an attempt to compete, but falls short in a number of ways. The HP 27Q has a better 2560x1440 resolution, which allows you to see more fine details in games, and makes it easier to multitask.

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