how to rebuild a mountain bike wheel

Flipping and dropping the fourth set of spokes. “This site is owned and operated by River Traditions LLC, a limited liability company headquartered in Michigan, USA. It was only worth doing because I had a donor wheel and I was able to reuse the 20" spokes well enough. The rear wheel will take a little bit of extra time if you’ve decided to replace the cassette (this is the stack of gears on the rear wheel). So for an XC rider who’s into technical events, he or she may want to consider building a tighter wheel. If the rim is off to the left, tighten spokes that go to the right flange and loosen those that go to the left flange. That is not entirely correct..Placing the wheel on its side and pressing down you are causing it to pringle. Be careful if using a tire lever so you don’t nick the tube. Keep alternating sides. With the bike assembled find a safe area for a test When I built up my bike, the wheel components came in first. Replace Tube (on the bike) $8.00: Mounting a new tire: Same as above: Gluing on a Tubular Tire: $18.00 (glue included) True a Wheel: $12.00: Build a Wheel: $25.00 (Ft. or R) Rebuild a Wheel: $35.00 (Ft. or R) Repack a Rear Hub: $20.00: Rebuild a Freehub: $25.00: Repack a Front Hub: $15.00: Rebuild a Coaster Brake Hub: $25.00: Rebuild of most other type of Internal Gear Hubs 3. This is usually 6-7 Nm. When truing a wheel I often pluck each spoke and listen to the tone to find any irregularities. I got the first wheel built, and took it with me to the LBS when I picked up the rest of the parts. A quick note about tension: Typically as spoke tension rises, the wheel becomes more stiff which allows it to react more quickly. If you do a front wheel, or a MTB wheel they tend to be a lot more forgiving than a road bike's rear wheel. He even took the front wheel off his personal cross bike and did the same thing to it, prying the spokes, and pushing on it. The fourth set will have the spokes entering the other side of the flange. If the wheel is fixable–it generally looks good but has a wobble–you can expect your local bike shop to charge $20 – $30 to true it using professional equipment like a truing stand for the perfect line and roundness. Wheel building is essentially the same for front and rear wheels. Yes – you can remove all your old spokes/nipples and reuse them. In essence the spokes facing up are placed under stress, while the ones facing down are allowed to relax. 20. Once you feel like you’re done, give the wheel a once over again by compressing sets of 4 spokes and double check the state of true. He asked if I’d stress relieved it yet, I said “yeah, I squeezed all the spokes together” and he said “oh that’s not nearly enough.” he then proceed to stick a screwdriver handle in the spokes and pry them so they flexed – a lot. Grab the wheel at 3 and 9 o’clock and push down. A word of caution: When truing and using the example below, go around the entire wheel once while trying to improve the overall wheel. decided on rebuilding the bike myself after getting the shop quote from the LBS. There are the same number of steps and you’ll drop the same number of spokes at the same time for both front and rear. You can also use a spoke key or screwdriver for this task. Best Bike Trails | 11. Do not concentrate only on one spot. If you’re building a rear wheel you’ll have the hub with the cassette facing you and the rim sticker right side up. If the center of the left bend is next to a spoke that goes to the right flange, tighten that spoke a quarter turn and loosen each of the two spokes to the left 1/8 turn. The wheel will gradually get truer and truer as you go. Mountain Bike Deals, Copyright 2020 Blue Spruce Ventures LLC | Remove the old bearings. That method although may work for you is not recommeneded. Find out how to check the truth of a rim on your wheel, and how to straighten a bent wheel • MadeGood provide one of the best bicycle repair libraries on the web, and is totally free to access. Read this article about how long an MTB chains lasts. Step 2: Remove Cassette Cluster and Axle. (Read more about installing disc brakes in this article (How to Install Disc Brakes on a MTB). We’ve already made a cleaning guidefor quick and thorough scrub-downs. With the wheel on the bike and the thru axle torqued down, test the brakes. One of the results of my crash was a pringled wheel and the only real way to fix it was to replace the rim. Adjust the gear selector, this is usually a thumbscrew at the shifter located on the handle bar. (good site with info on how to measure) Rotate the wheel 45 degrees repeat. If your assembling a front wheel the steps are pretty much the same except for the cassette installation steps. The shop technician did warn me that I might break some spokes though, as he had to put extreme tension on the spokes to get the wheel true. And it was a low spoke count radially laced wheel! Grab your bike multi-tool, I love my Crank Brothers M19 (Link to Amazon) it has everything to adjust derailleurs. Every bolt, every bearing, every part. the up-charge of getting every single replacement part through them vs. online is around $100. New wheel labor charge; 24-28-32-36 spokes $ 35.00 If your saving the brake rotor, tube and tire remove those from the wheel. The wheel was a 36 spoke rear 700c road bike wheel, and my main failing was in tensioning and dishing. Make sure you use a spoke prep. The easiest way to remember is under the first two, over the last. Go for a good ride then re-check your tension. You should start to feel a “chattering”. Cycle through the gears with the wheel moving. Buck and Jude – who own Vertigo bike hire – saw the … A few things to keep in mind: getting a beat up mountain wheel back to true can be a very daunting and tough task so don’t expect perfection. You can take any spoke and now fit it in the rim hole to the left of the valve hole. The entire bike stripped, cleaned, lubed, and returned to new. Usually the cassette will have a large set of gears, then one or two lose gears. Place the rim so that the sticker on it is facing upside down (front wheel only). If it’s tough to pop the last little bit of the bead on, use a tire lever. These gears fit onto a key way on the wheel hub. For lateral truing, spin the wheel in the stand and find the place on the rim that is farthest away from where most of the rim is. Excellent article. 5. The donor was a 26" MTB wheel, and the recipient was a 20" wheel for my folding bike. You don’t want to crash and ruin a riding season because of a wheel failure. Here are some of our current service department prices: Tune Up Multi-speed bike - $79.99, a complete once over for your bike, includes complete cleaning, lubrication and adjustment of the drive train, adjustment of front and rear brake, truing of both wheels, torque check of all components, general safety check and more. At this point there should be one spoke on the right of the valve hole. Many MTB tires are directional so double check that the wheel is oriented in the right direction. Company   Since then, I’ve ridden some gnarly rocky trails that nearly beat me to death (the bike is rigid) and the wheels are still perfectly true. Today I’m handing over some technical know-how to you thanks to my accident. Here’s a list of tools that you’ll need: Now we’re ready to go. A road bike wheel makes almost 500 rotations for every kilometre that is travelled. Wheelbuilding is like everything else, there’s lots of differing opinions on what is the best way to do it. Wheel building isn’t hard at all, it just takes time and patience, everyone should try it. Check out the one I use in this article: Best Value in a Mountain Bike Torque Wrench. With the gears working on the stand, it’s time for a test ride. Remove any rubber boot covering left side cones and locknuts. Looking to learn more about presta valves read: What is a Presta Valve. Loosen the spokes by turning the nipples clockwise to screw them along the spoke away from the hub.Start at the valve and work round turning each one going to that side of the hub by a set amount, half a turn is a good starting point. We’ll start by stripping your bike to the bare frame for a deep clean and inspection, then we’ll repack and rebuild it. After a recent accident on the trail that toasted both body and bike, I figured I needed to learn something from the experience. Make sure to use bike cleaner to avoid damaging any surfaces or the finish, and grease and lube all moving parts after washing. The only difference is the number of spokes per stage are different: 6 for a 24 hole, 7 for a 28 hole, 8 for a 32 hole, and 9 for a 36 hole wheel (can you spot the pattern?). Step 1: We are using a rear wheel, but the procedure is the same for a front. Turn the hub clockwise while holding the rim so that the spoke are tangent to the hub. Drop in the next set of 7 spokes into the hub and drop them in every other hole. If you do nothing else, make sure to give your bike a weekly all-over clean and wipe down. Thread a spoke nipple on and repeat this every forth spoke hole, rotating the rim and installing the remainder of the spokes. I didn’t do it all in one sitting. Video: Learn How To Ride Berms In 60 Seconds, 7 Mountain Bikes Under $3,500, Tested and Reviewed. 18. Usually these will be fine. Best MTB Gear | Scroll down for the complete list of videos. Install your discs and you’re off! I’m going to describe assembling a REAR Wheel. 6. 4. With the test ride complete, IT’S TIME TO FIND SOME SINGLE TRACK AND KEEP GRINDING! One thing I’d like to add, which I learned recently when I built my first wheelset, is a tip on stress relieving the spokes. I assembled the my rear wheel, cassette and also replaced my chain. Try to make your truing adjustments independent of one another. If you have a tension meter, shoot for tensions from about 70 – 90 kgf to a maximum of 130 kgf depending on your rim and spoke selection. To dish a wheel start by loosening all the spokes on the side you want the rim to move away from. Then re-check, true, and go for a ride. Moderately bent wheels usually need a truing stand. Make sure the rotor is facing the correct way. The picture below shows what a Portable Truing Stand looks like and links to an excellent value on Amazon. The bent has a given length, at the beginning a little bent, that gets more until the middle and then less to the end of the bent. As I am planning to build wheels, I was wondering about the differences in rim between front and back wheel? With the disc on flip the wheel and drop the cassette onto the wheel hub. but other thing is i dont have an truing stand and none of the bicycle shops in my area sell them Flip the wheel and orient the rim so that the valve hole is facing away from you. Your e-mail address is only used to send information about the activities of DIY Mountain Bike. 16. As an example, if the rim is leaning to the left and the center of the bend is between two spokes, tighten the spoke that goes to the right flange a quarter turn and loosen the spoke that goes left a quarter turn. I was able to ride the bike during the trip, but it wasn’t right. Position the hub so that the disk mount side of the hub is facing up (front wheel) and drop in the first set of 7 spokes (28 hole rim). This is the knurling on the nut interfacing with the knurl on the gear. For sample bends turning the spokes as detailed in this video can remove most of the wheel wobble. It wont be true anymore, so re-true it. Click on a bike part or tag to see related DIY video tutorials. How mountain biking saved a dying Tasmanian town – Hack … New businesses have sprung up in Derby, a lot of them centred around mountain biking and hospitality. For someone who is into endurance events and likes a “softer” riding wheel, less tension may be the way to go. Overlap the chain and mark where they meet. Video: How Wide Should Your Mountain Bike Handlebars Be? This will take out any wind-up and will set the spokes more quickly. Answer: A third to half the cost of a handbuilt wheel is in the labour. 9. 19. This task may take time but in the end will give you a wheel that is stronger and stays straighter in the long run. For normal bikes you will need the red one and for mountain bikes the black one. Thus this set will fit in the spoke hole on the opposite side of the valve hole. Laying in the key spoke and lacing in the first set. Yes, most times a bent mountain bike wheel can be fixed. Now stress relieve it again. After each time around the wheel, relieve the stress by squeezing the set of four spokes as mentioned before. It’s easy to get chain lube on your hands then transfer it to the brake disc if your playing with a greasy cassette. Install the spokes loosely at this point – you should have a wheel that looks like the one below. The first thing you need to know is whether you’re building a 24, 28, 32, or 36 hole wheel, the process is the same. Now, put it back in the truing stand. You’re now ready to start feeding the third set of spokes. Just remember from now on you are always skipping three holes when you add the next spoke. The damage to my bike … Find your nearest bike repair shop. Bicycle Repair Guides - Video Tutorials. Please use a torque wrench playing with brakes rotors and calipers. Factory Wheels We Service: (When getting a quote make sure to have the year, make and model of your wheel(s) Mavic Campagnolo Fulcrum Easton VeloMax Stans No Tubes Bontrager (non paired spoke) DT Swiss. Continue to repeat the stress relieving/trueing process untill the wheel doesn’t go out of true from pushing on it. At this point the wheel is assembled. This will be where you break the chain. Partially install your tire, leaving one side of the bead open for the tube to be installed.

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