cheers mate meaning

15. It depends where you are and what you’re doing. 1 decade ago. Definition of cheers mate If it's British English, it means "Thanks, friend! The Real Origin of Cheers. 16. You beauty. Jess. Cheers ‘Cheers’ doesn’t quite have the same meaning that it does in other counties – of course, it still means ‘celebrations’ when toasting a drink with some friends, but in British slang, it also means ‘thanks’ or ‘thank you’. New Aussie slang in your inbox. “Cheers Mate” when drinking with someone is a toast, it means “Good health to you my friend” and the correct reply would be to say, “Cheers” back. Coming from America, the only situation we ever say “cheers” is at the beginning of sharing a round of drinks. It’s a way of saying thanks, understanding, drinking, and also a way of saying hello and goodbye. This one is often heard as a quick follow-up to the word ‘Cheers’. cheers! We say CHEERS for so many different social scenario’s. We tend to say 'mate ' alot even women , for may say 'thanks mate' or 'how are you, mate' cheers, from what l have come across mostly, is a word men use it can mean ---- thanks, bye , or just plain 'cheers' when your having a drink. Chuffed Cheers. 2. Posted by Cloudesley on July 17, 2003. He used to say “cheers mate” to me over his microphone and I found it flattering. Leave this field empty if you're human: Fair dinkum words and phrases, sent once a week. Cheers is from and to everyone, regardless of sex. That is definitely NOT THE CASE in Australia. 'Cheers' meaning 2 … meaning: 1. a friendly expression said just before you drink an alcoholic drink: 2. used to mean "thank…. Hi teachers, In BE, when I need to say "goodbye" to someone I know before I leave him/her, I know that I can say "Cheers mate" if it is an informal situation. Used as a toast or valediction. For example, ‘Cheers for getting me that drink, Steve’. cheers synonyms, cheers pronunciation, cheers translation, English dictionary definition of cheers. interj. 2. Lv 5. 2 0. Mate. It's a cooler way of saying 'thank you my friend'. 1. Learn more. 2. Though I have met many an admirable drinker, none seems to be able to offer a satisfactory origin of the clinking of cups. 5) Cheers Mate – I played a game online and an American helped me do a lot of stuff (it was a game where you have to work together) and I helped him with some stuff too. Define cheers. Cheers means thank you. cheers mate translation in English - French Reverso dictionary, see also 'cheer',checkers',cheery',cheerless', examples, definition, conjugation Mate is used as a term of endearment, but also frequently used to casually ingratiate oneself with a stranger or new acquaintance. 1. Australian slang 'Cheers' meaning? Is there any equivalent in AE for "Cheers mate". ". You might refer to a waiter or fellow bar fly using the word ‘mate’. Mate is a word for someone you like.

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