5 Great Tips For Planning The Best Location | Cal Flame Luxury BBQ Kitchen

Planning the best location for your brand new Cal Flame Luxury Outdoor Kitchen is exciting, to say the least. This is the best time to build the outdoor living space of your dreams. Placing a Cal Flame outdoor kitchen on your patio will make cooking meals enjoyable for the chef and the guests. Get started by strategically planning the location. See 5 Great tips when it comes to planning the location of your new Luxury Outdoor Kitchen.

1. Safety First

Do not place your barbecue island near trees and shrubs. Be certain that your installation will meet all city and local safety codes and requirements.

2. Consider How You Will Use Your BBQ Island

Your barbecue island is mainly used for family recreation. Be sure to leave plenty of room around it for activity.

3. Ventilation and Access

If you place your barbecue island close to a wall or fence, make sure you allow room for ventilation. Also, if you have storage areas in your barbecue island, make sure they can be conveniently accessed.

4. Enclosures and Awnings

Your barbecue island is for outdoor use ONLY. You can locate your barbecue island any place where there is adequate ventilation. The size and configuration of your house and yard will determine how you should locate your barbecue island, but as a general rule, do not place it under or near windows that can be opened into your home.

Do not locate your barbecue island in an enclosed room such as a garage, shed, or breezeway or under a sealed overhead structure. You can place your barbecue island in your patio as long as there is adequate ventilation and no fire risk. We do not recommend placing your barbecue island in any enclosed area, that is, any covered area that is walled on two, three or four sides.

You can install an awning over your barbecue island, provided you make sure it is high enough to prevent damage or fire. Maintain sufficient distance to prevent overheating any overhead combustible material. We recommend you check with local inspectors and your homeowner’s association.

5. Plan for Your Environment

If you live in a region where it snows in the winter or rains frequently, place the barbecue island near a house entry. Consider adding a covered walkway from your barbecue island to your house or patio.

Keep in mind:

  • Preparing a Good Foundation
  • Electrical Requirements
  • Natural Gas Installation
  • Water and Drainage Installation
  • Getting Barbecue Island Into Yard
  • Installation After Delivery

Learn more about planning the location by going to your Cal Flame Dealer Today!