The Original Green Machine

Cal Flame leads the way with grills that are both Eco-friendly and pocketbook-friendly. Long before it became fashionable to burn cleanly and efficiently, Cal Flame grills have been at the forefront of green cooking. For many years, no other grill has been designed to provide healthier grilled food and a cleaner environment!

Not all stainless steel burners are created equal! Cal Flame grills feature commercial-grade cast stainless steel burners that provide a unique green grilling experience. Cast burners are far more efficient than typical steel burners and have a number of Eco-conscious features:

  • Cast burners require less energy -> less fuel -> less $$$
  • Cast burners retain heat longer due to their extra thick size
  • Less fuel means less toxins are released into food and the environment
  • Cast burners provide a cleaner and healthier eating experience
  • Cast burners heat the grill evenly
  • Cast burners cost less to run due to lower fuel requirements
  • Cast burners are not subject to burn-through like stainless steel sheet metal burners
  • Cast burners are designed to last longer than typical stainless steel burners

Each Cal Flame grill is built to the same exacting standards and with the same environmental and budget conscious outcome in mind:

Green Grilling = Good for You and the Environment!

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