Let’s hear it for the All-American Burger!


Along with the warmer weather comes the chance to try out our favorite recipes on the grill.

While there are many worthy recipes, we would like to take a moment to discuss that most American of All-American foods, the hamburger.

There are many variations on this time honored classic. The recipes abound. We would like to concentrate on some interesting variations you may want to try on your Cal Flame grill.

Portobello Mushroom Burgers – Add some juicy Portobello mushrooms to your burger. You can grill the Portobello’s right on the grill alongside your burger.

Red-lentil burgers with Aioli sauce – A wonderful vegetarian alternative to your usual burger recipe. There are a whole host of delicious vegetarian alternatives, but this a flavorful and tasty option.

Aloha Burgers – Why not try a little pineapple on your burger for a change of pace? Try grilling your pineapple for a sweet surprise.

Jalapeno burgers – Adding jalapenos to your burger adds that south of the border flair. To continue with this spicy theme, hot sauce makes an excellent alternative to traditional ketchup.

Chicken burgers – Chicken is a tasty, low-fat alternative to ground beef or sirloin.

Mediterranean Lamb Burgers – Lamb lends a middle-eastern touch to grilling and can be prepared ground such as you would traditional beef hamburgers. Add yogurt dip to add to the flavor.

Seasoned turkey burger – Much like chicken, turkey is a lean, low-fat alternative to your traditional ground beef burger.

Bacon-wrapped burgers – Our motto is, “bacon makes everything better!” That being said, there is almost no burger recipe imaginable that bacon can’t improve upon. Besides bacon, you can always add your favorite cheese or avocado.

We hope you enjoy these ideas for changing up your normal burger recipe as much as we enjoyed researching them! We just have one question, are you as hungry as we are?