Grilling with Convection Technology


When you choose a Cal Flame grill with convection technology, you take the guess work out of grilling. You will serve up a perfect meal every time.


Cal Flame offers variety with our Top Gun Convection Grill with 5 burners as well as our best-selling Convection Grills with either 5 or 4 burners.


Convection cooking is the transfer of heat through air. At Cal Flame our grills work by virtue of a powerful fan that allows you to use less energy and less time when grilling.


One of the main benefits of convection cooking is that it allows for a 25-30% reduction in cooking time. This allows you to cook larger items such as ribs and legs of lamb evenly without hot or cold spots.


Due to the rapid airflow, cuts such as prime rib are seared cooking the outside thoroughly while keeping the juices inside, for a perfect meal every time, no burning or overcooking.


Since grilling season is just around the corner, now is a perfect time to invest in a Cal Flame convection grill.