Ideas for Grilling in Fall | Cal Flame


As the weather cools down, fall is the best time to grill because you are not roasting in the sun over the heat. With autumn temperatures you are able to fully indulge in your Cal Flame Luxury Backyard Kitchen with ease.


During fall, the air is crisper; therefore you will notice the smoke coming from your Cal Flame grill carries a wholesome smell. During harvest season you can expect the sweetest smells radiating as you grill.


The most popular vegetables for the fall season are squash, potatoes, chilies, garlic, eggplant, brussels sprouts, beets, onions, and cabbage. The fruits of the season are pumpkin, peaches, apples, and pears. Using these fruit and veggie options will set you up for a good ethical meal.


This is the most wonderful time of the year because you do not have to settle for hamburgers and hot dogs. This is the time of the year to slow cook meats such as pork ribs and briskets.


Cooking in a convection grill allows the heat to be consistent throughout the entire grill. You can grill meat 25% faster and more evenly using the Cal Flame Convection Grills. Using a grill also allows you to add more flavors from wood chips or the smoker box. This is something that you cannot mimic in the kitchen.


Here are ideas for grilling this fall..


Use your Cal Flame Convection Grill for Turkey- Do something different this year and impress your family.


Don’t forget to grill the apples – First, the smell will bring in a crowd. Second, they will be gone quickly because this is the season to eat sweet grilled apples and they taste so sweet!


Grill Appetizers while the main course is grilling – Squash Skewers is a unique idea that will be easy to eat for adults and the children. Add more grill vegetables in the mix for more flavor.