What Is The Best Way To Clean Stainless Steel?

Cal Flame carries a full product line with the best material you can possibly get, and that is stainless steel! However, it may seem that it is not always easy to clean. We have good news! It is easier than you think using the right cleaners and tools. Read below and use the best method to clean stainless steel:

Cleaning Products and Materials:

We recommend these products for cleaning your stainless steel:

  • Mild dish detergent such as Dawn
  • Formula 409
  • Fantastik
  • Sheila Shine (exterior ONLY)
  • WD-40 (exterior ONLY)

We have had the best success with Sheila Shine, but WD-40 works very well too. Sheila Shine is available in some hardware stores; WD-40 is widely available.

Some people have reported that using baking soda, lemon oil, olive oil, vinegar, or club soda can be effective for cleaning light soil on all stainless steel surfaces.

Avoid using these common cleaning products and materials – they will damage the surface of your stainless steel.

  • CLR
  • Lime-Away
  • Oven cleaner
  • Cleansers such as Ajax or Comet
  • Ammonia
  • Bleach
  • Chlorine
  • Steel wool pads
  • Wire brushes
  • Scrapers
  • Pumice

Do not use steel wool or wire brushes to scrub your side burner. For light soil, use a damp sponge or cloth. For heavier stains, use a Scotch-Brite scrubber or similar product.

How To Clean

  1. Clean – Thoroughly clean stains, food, and grime using a sponge or damp cloth with warm water and mild dish soap. Use Fantastik or For – mula 409 to remove heavier soil.
  2. Rinse – Thoroughly rinse all surfaces and dry them completely with a clean towel. Do not allow stainless steel to air dry.
  3. Polish- We strongly recommend that you apply a surface protectant to all exposed stainless steel surfaces.

Spray a small amount of WD-40 or Sheila Shine on a piece of paper towel and rub with the grain over the surface of the appliance. Using a clean terry cloth or paper towel, polish the appliance by rubbing with the grain until excess liquid is removed and the surface shines. It should not be oily to the touch, however, some residue is acceptable.

Some people have reported that using lemon oil products such as Old English furniture polish is effective for polishing stainless steel and pro – tecting the surface.