Barbecue Grilling Safety

Barbecue is an all-American tradition where family and friends gather around in the backyard to enjoy delicious right-off-the-grill hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, steak and the company of one another. Unfortunately, barbecues are the perfect recipe for accidents. Since most people are preoccupied having a good time, sometimes barbecues can result in accidents leading to a trip to the ER. Reminding ourselves of the precautions we must take in order to have a successful barbecue is always a good thing, besides who wants to be the dud that ruins dinner?Food-on-grill-1024x807

Follow these barbecue grilling safety tips to assure your barbecue is a success!

1.) Fire can be very destructive if not handled properly – in any case, have a fire extinguisher handy. Have a designated person in charge of the barbecue at all times to monitor the fire. Remember to always cook in a well ventilated area!

2.) Beware of contamination of the food you are preparing. On hot days where temperature raises above 80 degrees, you won’t to leave you meats unrefrigerated longer than an hour. Also use different utensils when handling cooked and uncooked meats to avoid cross-contamination.

3.) Know the difference between handling charcoal and a gas grill. Only handle a unit comfortably you are familiar with. Charcoal tends to produce a lot of smoke, while gas grills can have leaks. Both can be toxic and very dangerous in large amounts, this is why cooking in a ventilated area is important.

Lastly, although barbecue is synonymous with a good time, consuming large amounts of alcohol can impair your senses and limit your ability to make safe decisions. Don’t drink and grill. Cal Flame BBQ Island

Follow these steps to make your next barbecue a blast, and not a disaster.

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