An Easter Sunday BBQ

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Most people think of Easter Sunday as a time to gather with family and friends – indoors – around a fancy table decked with pastel linens and the good china. It’s a typical scenario that’s repeated all over the world. But if you love being outside, especially on a beautiful spring day, why not consider something a little different – like an Easter dinner that utilizes your barbecue grill? Sound strange? Well, it’s certainly not your typical Easter dinner, but there are many familiar Easter foods that can be adapted for cooking on the grill. Additionally, during a season of rebirth and new growth, cooking your Easter meal outdoors might just prompt your family to start a new tradition that’s likely to be repeated again and again!18_Friends Cal Flame MedGet recipe ideas from by clicking here.

Get Ready For Barbecue Season!

Tomorrow marks the first day of Spring which means sunshine, flowers, the birds and the bees, and allergies. But that also means it’s most wonderful time of the year: barbecue season!8534987224_ab81facfe1_o

There are several steps you can take to make sure you do not miss out on America’s favorite outdoor activity this year! Just keep on reading to find out.

Now would be a great time to thaw out your grill from Winter and conduct an annual check up. Make sure to test you unit out and see if any parts need replacement, this includes the propane tank.


If everything seems to be working great, give your grilling some loving and dry scrub your unit from the inside. That black gunk on your grill won’t make your food taste any better, it’s just burnt-on dirt. While you’re at it, clean the outside so you can show that bad boy off and be the envy of all your friends.Al-La-Cart-Deluxe-medium

Check your grills hot spots. “And how do I do that?” Well, I am glad you asked! Cover your grill grates with slices of white bread and run your grill on high. After a couple of minutes, cut the heat and turn the slices over. The more toasted slices indicate the hotter spots. Now you’ll be able to place food on your grill accordingly.

If you’re old traditional grill decided to take a leap of faith this and cannot be revived. I invite you to take a glance at Cal Flame’s extensive offering of BBQ grills. Whether you are looking for a smaller portable grill, or looking for an outdoor entertainment center, Cal Flame has got you covered!


Cal Flame also offers a variety of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits to turn your backyard into an oasis.

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BBQ Herb Garden

It is time to plant your very own BBQ Herb Garden! The weather is warming up and spring is here. If you plan to sow your seeds, now is the time. If you want to start from nursery stock, then you have a few more weeks. Planting a barbecue herb garden can be easy and fun.Sound of Music Audio Panel

If you are unsure of digging up a part of your yard for this, then plant in containers. Container gardening offers mobility, easy access and beauty, plus you get more bang for your buck. Most any kind of a container can be used for container gardening. Making sure that the container has good drainage is the most important thing. Different heights, widths and even colors can make the garden interesting. Just be aware that the smaller the container, the faster that the plants will dry out. Another thing to consider is to keep plants that share the same kind of watering, sun and soil preferences together. For instance, rosemary, thyme, sage and basil like to dry out between watering, where as parsley, chive and mint prefer more moisture.waterfront hotel restaurant outdoors phuket thailand

Start by picking a sunny spot, preferably near your grill or kitchen, so the picking is easy. Most herbs need about 6 hours of sun a day, but that means morning sun preferably. The sun during the hottest part of the day will scorch most plants and dry the containers out, so make sure that the plants are shaded during the hottest part of the day. Make sure that the soil used is high quality potting soil that has good drainage. Most herbs are happier when they are not fertilized, but if you feel you must, make sure that they have been watered first. Putting fertilizer on plants that have not been watered will burn the roots and kill the plant.

Pick plants that you find yourself cooking with the most. Basil might be a real favorite to use in the summertime with tomatoes. Rosemary might be an herb that you not only cook with, but like the look and fragrance. There are not many rules in container gardening other than mixing the plants that have common soil, water and sun preferences.Cal Flame BBQ Island with Cabana

There are perennial and annual herbs. The perennial herbs come back year after year. Perennial herbs include Mint, Rosemary, Thyme and Sage. Annuals or biennials last one to two seasons and need to be replanted each season. Annual herbs are Parsley, Dill, Cilantro and Basil. Each has its own value for cooking. Now to the herbs and what herbs you might want in your own container garden….

Read the rest of the article, and see which herbs to plant here:


Bone Suckin’ Sauce is the serious barbecue, grilling & marinating sauce for land & sea. Amplifies that Bone Suckin’ flavor! Bone Suckin’ barbecue sauce is a gluten-free, Western North Carolina tomato based sauce sweetened with honey & molasses with spices and an irresistible flavor. “Bone Suckin’ Good.” Shop Now

Bone Suckin’ Sauce is a Trademark of For’s Foods, Inc.

Use your freshly planted herbs and Bone Suckin’ Sauce on freshly grilled meats off your Cal Flame BBQ Outdoor Kitchen. Find more information about Cal Flame BBQ products at

Cal Flame Kamado Smoker Grill

10948837_417414951749894_233735330_nCal Flame BBQ is excited to announce the launch of their 21” Kamado Smoker Grill as part of a new line products being offered in 2015.

“The launch of the Kamado Smoker marks a new direction for our Cal Flame brand,” said Casey Loyd, President of Cal Flame. “We know our dealers will be impressed by its cooking ability and modern design to a classic favorite. The Cal Flame Kamado Smoker is guaranteed to be a winner among barbecue enthusiasts.”1742236_444266102392466_324367846_n

Made from heavy ceramic, the Kamado Smoker Grill allows for excellent heat retention and features a fireproof fabric seal to maintain heat within the vessel. Desired temperature can be achieved and maintained by precise control of airflow via the top and bottom vents. The Cal Flame Kamado Smoker can be used to grill, smoke and even bake your favorite dishes year‐round.

The interior layer retains the heat inside the Kamado. Heat is absorbed and refracted within the firebox located on the bottom of the smoker. Perfect for slow and cool smoking, it doesn’t require constant fire tending, unlike traditional smokers. The Kamado cooks food thoroughly without drying it out, leaving it moist with full, smoky flavor.

The Cal Flame Kamado Smoker Grill will be a stunning addition to any dealer showroom. The Kamado Grill will be available to the Cal Flame BBQ dealer network in March, and to consumers soon thereafter.Kamado Grill Enviroment

For additional information about the Kamado and other Cal Flame BBQ products, please visit