Planning your Easter Dinner With Your Cal Flame Grill

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With spring here, Passover and Easter are finally here. To make your holiday a time to remember, we are including some wonderful dinging suggestions that you can prepare on your Cal Flame grill. You can prepare theses items outdoors so that you won’t be caught in the kitchen while everyone else is enjoying your Cal Spas hot tub. These recipes will maximize your time outdoors and are sure to be a hit with your friends and family.


Start early by using our griddle tray to prepare some Blueberry pancakes or asparagus and ham crepes. Looking for something really different?  Use our pizza brick tray to make an egg and bacon pizza.


Some menu suggestions for a main course include:


Grilled Salmon

Grilled leg of lamb

Herb roasted pork tenderloin

Grilled brisket

Smoked ham

Prime rib roast


For side dishes you can opt for such healthy choices as:


Baked potatoes

Grilled corn with chive butter

Grilled eggplant

Veggie kabobs


Can’t forget dessert – how about a grilled butter pecan pound cake? Just remember to double the cooking time!

Rotisserie Cooking With Cal Flame

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When purchasing a Cal Flame grill, one of the most popular options is a rotisserie kit. But, what are the benefits of rotisserie cooking?


Grilling veterans have always known that one of the secrets to great outdoor grilling is a rotisserie. This process ensures that your meals are juicier, self basted and more evenly cooked.


When people think of rotisserie cooking they generally think of roasting a chicken or turkey, however, you can also get wonderful results for pork loin or leg of lamb. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even try cooking a pineapple for a healthy and delicious dessert.


The key to rotisserie cooking on your grill is a powerful motor. The motor makes all the difference in keeping the meat evenly cooked and the juices inside. The average cooking speed of 4-6 revolutions a minute should be perfect for most situations.


The beauty of using the rotisserie on your Cal Flame grill is that it requires less heat. Your rotisserie provides for indirect, even heating. Great news, when you purchase our new Premium Series Grill, the rotisserie is included with your purchase.


Coming soon! Cal Flame Introduces the Premium-Series 4-Burner Grill

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Just in time for the spring/summer “grilling” season Cal Flame announces their brand new Premium-Series 4-burner grill for the state of the art experience.  The Premium-Series grill offers the quality and standard features you have come to expect from a Cal Flame grill.  However, the Premium-Series will offer a Grilling Package as standard equipment. These are popular features that were previously optional and add substantial value to this product.


The Grilling Package includes such features as:


  • Grill cover


  • Rotisserie


  • Griddle


  • Smoke tray



This standard grilling package allows you to cook anything. You are limited only by your imagination. Start the day with an outdoor breakfast or brunch using the griddle to cook eggs, bacon or pancakes. Then use the rotisserie to roast chickens or game hens to juicy, mouth-watering perfection for lunch and the smoke tray to add that just smoked flavor to your steaks or chops for dinner. Who needs a kitchen when you have this grill?


The Premium Series provides four 304-guage cast stainless steel commercial grade burners which feature dedicated blowtorch ignition and control knobs. Complete your ultimate backyard cooking area by dropping your premium series grill into one of our outstanding Cal Flame pavilions. Customize to your specifications.


Cal Flame also provides a ten-year warranty on their barbecue grills which covers the structure, stainless steel burners and V-grates.


The Cal Flame Premium Series grill provides the ultimate grilling experience that will have you eating at home for every meal.


Grilling with Convection Technology


When you choose a Cal Flame grill with convection technology, you take the guess work out of grilling. You will serve up a perfect meal every time.


Cal Flame offers variety with our Top Gun Convection Grill with 5 burners as well as our best-selling Convection Grills with either 5 or 4 burners.


Convection cooking is the transfer of heat through air. At Cal Flame our grills work by virtue of a powerful fan that allows you to use less energy and less time when grilling.


One of the main benefits of convection cooking is that it allows for a 25-30% reduction in cooking time. This allows you to cook larger items such as ribs and legs of lamb evenly without hot or cold spots.


Due to the rapid airflow, cuts such as prime rib are seared cooking the outside thoroughly while keeping the juices inside, for a perfect meal every time, no burning or overcooking.


Since grilling season is just around the corner, now is a perfect time to invest in a Cal Flame convection grill.